Monday, August 22, 2011

Bike Ride with DD (aka "Better than nothing")

My dear daughter (dd) was lazing on the couch in front of the boob tube hoping the neighbor boy would hurry up and finish dinner and come out and play.  Then she calls out that his folks had closed the garage doors.  This is usually their sign that they are not coming out to play.  She was kind of bummed.  So I suggested we go for a short bike ride.  She said ok, but wanted me to ride too - that was kind of my plan anyway so all good (a lot of times I walk while she rides ahead). 

She said she wanted to ride to "Aunt Alvina's old house" (around the corner from us - recently moved away, but it was a landmark to her).  We did.  Then she said "and Anna's house" and I mixed up which Anna as we have two friends near her age in the area - one slightly farther than the other.  So we take off towards the other one and she said, "Well that isn't the one I meant, but ok - let's go!"  On the way is her grandma's house (mother-in-law) so we stopped in and topped off the water bottle and said hello for a minute.  Then we went about a quarter block down to the other Anna's house and I sat on the porch and visited with my friend (Anna's mom) while the girls played for a bit.  It started getting dark and I have yet to buy blinkies for our bikes so we headed off and it got dark FAST!  Oops - bad mommy!

Out of curiosity, I "Mapped My Ride" and it was 2.7 miles - way to go sweet seven-year-old girl!  Not a really tough workout, but....better than nothing! 

Heading to Columbia tomorrow.  I want to touch base with my work friends up there and then hit the indoor pool (all our outdoor ones are stupidly closed for the season - darned college bound lifeguards!) for the first time in a month or more.  No real "plan", but I should be able to do 1000 yards or a bit more.  Also want to stop by the running store (we don't have one in my town) and pick up a few items as a belated bday gift for my sis who still has a tri on this year's calendar.  Might peruse for my own wish list.  This year Santa will bring me at least a few items from there.  Been almost 2 weeks since I swam.  I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

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  1. So cool to go for a ride with your girl! I'll bet mine would like it...but then what to do with the two troublemaker boys and the bothersome toddler?

    Hope the swim is indeed painless :)