Saturday, August 6, 2011

14+ Miles into 15 Mile ride

Apparently, the universe thought I needed a mini-brick workout this morning.  As I was coming up the last hill of a very long bike ride (for newbie me), I dropped the chain as I tried to shift.  Yes, I know I should know how to fix that.  Yes, I'll figure it out for next time.  But I was pretty mentally and physically spent and within a mile of home so I walked the rest of the way to the top of the hill and coasted down part of the last couple of blocks home until I couldn't coast anymore and then walked until I could coast into the garage at home.  Such is life.  At least I wasn't 7+ miles from home.

Backing up, I got up at 6:00, out the door by about 6:10 (with fanny pack that has a little cash, emergency contact info, granola bar and phone).  I rode the opposite direction of my "normal" route (into town).  This route had a lot of rolling hills (very par for the course in Jeff City).  From my house, through downtown past the Capitol, out Main to Hwy 179 (stopping at Breaktime on Dix to get a Gatorade; almost hit by minivan making left turn from 179 to Industrial), down Industrial and McCarty and made it all the way back to SMCCC when I dropped the chain.  Kind of hit the wall going up the hill by the City Cemetery and had to get off and push it the rest of the way.  Irritated about that, but it is what it is.

A good workout (ie. very sweaty).  It was a little cloudy on the way out which was nice.  Got very lightly sprinkled on a little over half way (on Industrial).  Sun started to come out and was wishing I had my sunglasses a little bit, but it never got insanely hot before I got home.  So that was a plus!  Guess I'm going to see if the boy and I can fix my chain before I bother with a shower.

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