Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slightly hungover bike ride

Yesterday was my 16th wedding anniversary.  We went out to dinner and then met up with some of my husband's high school friends (and current friends).  This weekend is his 20th high school reunion and a few folks went out for drinks last night to kick off the weekend (sad how few, but we had fun).  I only had two drinks.  But I haven't been drinking through most of my training since April.  So yep, was a little cotton mouthed and headache afflicted this morning.  I waffled a little, but finally drug myself out of the house for a short ride.  I did my "usual" 45 minutes route, but did one part of it "backwards" to try to mix it up.  I wasn't really feeling it.  I was tired and just wanted to get through it.  I did and actually felt a little better by the time I got home (minus some nagging knee pain I've had).  Still need to drink some water and shake off the rest of the headache while I take my daughter to TWO birthday parties today before I have to come home and shower/change for the reunion afternoon/evening (mass, school tour, happy hour, dinner and dance).

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