Saturday, August 6, 2011

Continued inspiration...

So Beth over at Shut Up and Run posted the most awesome email that she received from a friend the other day.  I totally think it is something we all should read daily and twice before a race.  The link for the post is here.

And then Jason over at Cook Train Eat Race posted about a wonderful tweet from tri hero Chrissie Wellington about leaving regret-filled "what ifs" behind and focusing on the "what ifs" that can propel us to dream bigger than our current circumstances.  Another that should be part of our regular read rotation.  The link for the post is here.  I loved this.  All of the tough times we have been through and hard choices we've made brought us to THIS.  The here and now.

And as I mentioned the other day, Mark over at tridadoffive posted a manifesto of inspiration the other day that I want to record for rereading as needed for inspiration.  The link to that post can be found here.

We all have to find our inspiration.  And reflect on it when our spirits our struggling. 

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