Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two late...

Ouch!  Too old for partying late into the night - even if I didn't drink.  As yesterday's post indicated, I wasn't feeling wonderful yesterday morning so I choose to pass on any alcohol at the class reunion party and afterparty.  But I found out that the old addage of "It's not late until it's 2:00 and then it's too late" held true.  Had a great time with friends.  I didn't get in the pool with the other bra and panty clad folks so couldn't count it as today's "swim workout".  And then to get up and drag out to school open house and then spend part of the day in the sun walking around the state fair...ugh!  Tired!!  And headache to boot - even without alcohol.  Feet/legs hurting too.  Will be nice to slip into bed tonight.

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