Sunday, August 21, 2011

What the...bonk!

It was an ugly workout.  I got up - after a not so great night of sleep, but a lovely early morning with my husband..ahem...and went back and forth on whether I could get in a somewhat "long" bike ride before needing to shower for church (and yes, I use "long" loosely).  My husband called from the shower as I stood there waffling "You going for a ride?"  Um, yeah, I guess.  Time was tight and I made the mistake of not really eating anything.  Grabbed a water bottle and headed out.  It wasn't crazy hot, but fairly humid.  I brought my phone in case I got desparate to make it home.

Headed towards downtown, hoping I could make it to the Capitol and back in an hour.  As I climbed the first murderous hill, I realized that wasn't going to happen.  Then I thought, well maybe just the library (few blocks closer).  After another couple of hills kicked me in my non-existant nuts, I convinced myself I'd turn around at the 25 min mark with some hope of getting back to the house in time to shower.  I was disheartened to watch two joggers (and yes, Adam at "I Am Boring" they really were "jogging" - just above a shuffle) beat me up a double hill.  Argh!

The problem?  This ride was basically hill repeats!  I could barely catch my breath before another hill was kicking my ass.  Ahh...coast downhill....holy crap....don't know if I can make it back up the next one!  I was suffering physically and mentally.  Sad because I've done this ride as part of a MUCH longer ride before.  But I got in just under 7 miles of hurt (walking up parts of two hills - shameful!).  Would breakfast have made it better?  Would going an hour sooner have helped?  Hard to say.  Probably wasn't officially a "bonk", but I was NOT having any fun.  And as it got later in the morning, I feared people I know driving by and seeing me in what can only be described as a humongous FAIL.  Got home, drug my ass in the door and 30 min later drug it to church. 

Spent the first few minutes in church praying...thanking God that I had gotten through this morning even if it wasn't pretty...thanking Him that I have a body that is able to do what it can do...and praying to make my knees stop hurting.  Maybe I should have tried a Hail Mary or Our Father on the bike!


  1. Hi. Just got here from SUAR's blog, where I left a bit of a rant in the comments about your comment. An encouraging rant, I hope. Rides like that are brutal at the time, but they make you tougher, mentally and physically. Hang in there!

  2. My email is buried in my profile. Glad you liked my comments. I was very fortunate to have lots of encouragement and support, and very few negative comments, but that's not the case for everyone.