Thursday, August 4, 2011

7 AM Bike Ride

Night before last, I stayed up later than usual talking to my husband about this, that and the other.  Something we do very rarely and I enjoy - but I didn't get quite enough sleep that night so I slept hard last night and felt kind of hung over this morning (with no alcohol involved).  But I thought of SUAR and rolled out of bed just before 7 (a benefit of being self-employed) to go for an hour bike ride.  In all my training for Pewaukee, I never rode more than 45 min and I wasn't sure what I would have to add to get closer to an hour so I just added some "stubs" off my "regular" route.

Things to note - 7:00 to 7:30 AM must be shift change for nearly all of the industrial belt along Algoa Road.  My normally low traffic road consisted of LOTS of cars this morning.  Oops.  Scholastic, Inc. has a giant distribution center; Missouri National Guard and SEMA, MO State Prison, and others are all along or near my route.  Thankfully, everyone slowed down near me and swung wide when able (yep - no bike lanes here).  I'll remember that 6 AM or 8 AM allows for much less traffic as it was nearly dead as I rode the final 15 min.

Also note, we've had record high temps lately (108° is NOT normal for us even mid-summer).  And the humidity has been stifling.  But this morning it was in the low 80s!  And with CLOUDS!  YAY!  Until those clouds got DARK!  I made up my mind if I saw lightening I would shorten up and ride like hell to get home, but I never did and even finished before the first drops fell.

To my "normal" route which is mostly flat with one Cat 5 hill (according to map my ride), I added a "stub" up to the entrance ramp from the Hwy 50 interchange (a hill there), a "stub" up the side street by Fabick that I didn't realize dead ended right behind them, a "stub" up the other end of Algoa Road to ABP's far driveway (another little hill), a "stub" up the road by Command Web (including a short uncomfortable run on gravel down to the lift station that proves that even though I ride a mountain bike - I do NOT enjoy using it as such), a "stub" up Shamrock to the quarry entrance, my usual loop around Scholastic and back home (with my usual "stub" up Wakoda Woods).  Mapped my ride at home and it came out just short of 11 miles.  Man I ride slow (10 mph give or take)!

A good sweaty workout.  I had a Nature Valley Trail Mix bar before leaving and some water along the way and more water when I got home along with a couple bites of peach.  I just don't feel like eating in the morning.  Something I'll have to work on if I do longer rides.  Now to find some time for a swim in the next day or so.  Wish the CMC training opportunities weren't 45-60 miles away, but maybe I'll just need to suck it up and go.

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