Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Per the Plan

Seriously considered blowing off my planned workout after another long day of work yesterday.  But at 9 PM, I finally drug my butt off the couch and got to work.  The Tour De Cure training plan called for a moderate 40 min spin.  I jumped on the trainer and watched some streaming Netflix for 45 min of cranking it out.  That is about 10.1 miles = easy enough to count as a "Spatula" 10K.

Today wasn't as productive work wise.  No good reason, just tough to get my head in the right space.  I had a completely frustrating attempt at purchasing a gift for my daughter's 9th birthday (tomorrow).  Settled on a gift certificate towards her heart's desire (a Vera Bradley something or another - ugh - who is this child that suddenly is all about the label?).  She has Brownies tonight, but the kids are off school the next three days for Easter break. 

Tomorrow I need to do another workout - trainer time per the Tour plan.  But I also need to squeeze in a run - at least a 5K to finish out my "Spatula" races.  I have a duathlon on 4/6 that I fear I am unprepared for having done NO bricks of late.  And somewhere in the day, I need to put my Supermom cape back on and whip up some cupcakes (or at the very least - head to the grocery store and buy some).  Good times.

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 237.4 miles
Running = 68.0 miles


  1. Way to get in that workout! I haven't been on my bike since that 60 miler. Sigh.

  2. If I tried to start a work out a 9pm, I'd fall asleep. Then once I got going, I'd never go to sleep after. Way to get it done!

  3. I'm with Kate and Keith, nice job getting on the trainer at 9 pm! That's determination!

  4. Don't know how you train at the end of the day, I just can't do that.

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