Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finally the Weekend!

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger....right?  Let's just say it is a darned good thing that we had a pretty quiet weekend planned. 

Thursday was another crazy day of work.  Left mid-afternoon in order to get home and started on the housework by 4:00.  Last minute cancellation of volleyball practice was a welcome respite from my hectic day. 

But while digging through my bag, I found a copy of the training plan for the Tour de Cure.  I had a minor freak out when I realized the that 12th week of the training plan didn't include the event itself (ie. no taper).  So really, it is a 13 week training plan with the idea that you would probably do a couple easy spins that last week just to keep fresh for your century on the weekend.  Ack - that meant that I needed to do week one this past week!  How can the event be closing in so quickly?!  I need to get busy on my fundraising too though I sent out some emails to friends this week.  Read about why I am riding to stop diabetes and donate HERE.

The good news is that the first week only required a 20 min easy spin, a strength/core workout and a 25 mile ride.  I had already planned on a trainer workout on Thursday night so after we finished dinner, I jumped on and did 46 minutes which is approximately 10.3 miles.  The strength/core workout was going to have to be punted though.

Friday was another busy day.  Spent the morning preparing and before long it was time to testify.  Thankfully, my testimony lasted less than an hour and even with some waiting around I was out of there by 2:15.  I drove over to the pool only to remember it doesn't open until 3.  After a little dawdling, I went in to get changed and waited for the door to the pool to be unlocked.  Jumped in and knocked out 2000 yards - hell yeah!  Came home and went out with my family for salad and breadsticks. 

Joined in on some discussion about a gravel ride this morning with the Team Virtus guys who are busy training for Dirty Kanza.  The mileage was going to be about the same so I thought I'd join in.   I got the new bike rack on the car and laid out clothes and crossed my fingers that the warming trend would continue.  Unfortunately, they wanted to leave at the ass crack of dawn so I needed to get to bed early.

Enter my husband telling me he wanted to get a new phone.  He has finally entered the current millenium.  His old phone only called people.  It could take pictures, but with no data or texting plan - there wasn't much point.  While we were at the store, I told them my phone wouldn't update to the new Android version and wouldn't connect to my computer.  The guy tried to help me by supposedly backing everything up to a microSD card, but he only backed up my texts.  I lost ALL of my contacts, all of my apps, all of calendar entries, etc.  Oh my dear Lord - what a freaking disaster.  I spent a long time trying to retrieve some of my contacts through my old texts and figuring out how to fix the computer connection problems (install new drivers).

Needless to say, I got to bed late.  Ugh!!  Dragged my butt out of bed at 5:30 and it was pouring rain.  But indicated it was supposed to be over by 6:15 (the time we were to meet).  So I loaded up and headed out.  But the rain just got harder and it was windy as hell and it was COLD!  We discussed it, ogled the Monster bike that Robby had borrowed and goofed around until 7.  We finally called it as a washout as the trail was going to be a sloppy mess and even worse for me on my knobby tires.  Luke took a funny pic as we all wondered where Bob was (though I blinked and started laughing).
Where's Bob?
Later in the day, the sun came out and it warmed up a fair bit.  I got on my mountain bike and knocked out 10.75 miles with a couple loops around Scholastic.  Truthfully, it totally sucked - I had forgotten how yucky the wind can be.  And the sun was warm and I felt a little overdressed.  I did manage to listen to a little music on my phone - one plus of getting it fixed since I've been having to bum music from my boy.  Also felt like I need to adjust the saddle as it felt too far forward which caused some tweaking in my hips..  Came home and mapped my ride so I could see how much longer I needed to go on the trainer to get in my 25 miles.  Then got going while watching a little Netflix and the beginning of a movie.  Actually ended with 26.5 total.  Yay! 

I'm kind of feeling it tonight.  I'll need to do some kind of shake out run tomorrow.  Just found out we have a cake and ice cream for my niece's 10th birthday at 2, but that leaves most of the day to squeeze in 30-45 minutes of running. 

So that is the update on my crazy life and how I've managed to sneak in some workouts.  Now I need to go put the sheets back on my daughter's bed (were in my last load of a ton of laundry) so she can get to bed and be ready for mass an hour early tomorrow.  Happy Daylight Savings!  Yay for more light in the evening!

Swimming = 7800 yds = 4.4 mi
Biking = 240.3 miles
Running = 67.3 miles


  1. Way to get the miles in with all that going on!

  2. Too bad the ride didn't work out, but nice job getting in your miles anyway!

  3. Sorry the guy lost all your stuff on your phone. Basically, on an Android, using your gmail account, it should not lose your contacts because it should sync with your gmail acct which "should" be holding your contacts on the cloud. Also, in the settings you can set the phone to backup your stuff, so that when you get a new phone or you reset your current phone you can do a restore. I have done this several times for friends and myself when getting a new phone. I don't lose anything. Don't rely on the SD card for saving apps and contacts. Not all apps can be saved to the SD card and contacts are normally saved on the cloud (gmail acct). Ok, sorry, I know this is not about running and stuff, but I am a software engineer so I can kinda get led astray by tech junk.

    1. Thanks Kepa - Apparently under my old Android operating system, it didn't give me the option to save my contacts to my Google acct - just phone or SD card and at the time I didn't have card so I just saved it to the phone. Now when I go to add a contact it gives me that option (b/c one up side of the stupid wipeout was a reinstall with the newer version). So this shouldn't happen to me again. Just a little stupidity on my part and a lot on the part of the Radio Shack guy who acted like he knew it all when in fact he didn't. He said my calendar was synched too and I lost ALL of my appts. Some will be easier to recreate than others. Thankfully I remembered seeing a haircut and dr appt for this coming Thur before it was wiped. And I appreciate the techy stuff too sometimes. Just not this stuff. Ask me about stormwater runoff and I can go on all day. :)