Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cold Morning w/ Great Friend

I feared that Susan would want to bail, but I guess she needed the "therapy" as much as I did because she agreed to suck it up when we woke up to temps in the teens and go for a long run anyway.  At least it wasn't snowing  It slowly climbed into the 20's as we met at the Katy Trail to do our "usual" route.  I was anxious to get going to keep from getting cold.  I tend to take off a bit too fast, but Susan kept me reigned in.  We talked about my mil issues, my busy life and her busy life.  We walked when we had to and ran when we could.  She had a lunch date with her husband so we had to pick up the pace at the end to get back.  I came home to leftovers.  We forgot to take a pic at the river overlook (our usual spot) so we agreed it was fine to do it at the end by the sign for the historical marker:

Our turn around is at a Lewis and Clark Historical Marker -
4.2 miles out and 4.2 miles back = 8.4 miles
When I got home, I wanted to count this for one of my "Spatula" races.  I signed up for more than one (though I don't truthfully remember which ones).  We'll call this one the 10K (plus a little).  I didn't really watch the time, but we tend to be pretty slow.  Probably around 13-14 min/mile - too much talking.  Let's call it 84 minutes give or take for the 10K since it was probably around 2 hours for the 8.4 miles.  Thankfully, the virtual race winners are selected randomly and not on time.  I took a few pics for the  photo contest using my camera timer too:

Running with Spatulas - post 10K+

Thank you for all your kind words regarding my mother-in-law.  It is especially hard because we have been dealing with this stuff when most of our friends are still relying on their parents to help them and have no clue about taking care of ailing loved ones yet.  I suppose I'll appreciate it when this stage of life is behind us about the time they all enter it.  As my wonderful grandmother used to tell me, "This too, shall pass." 

For my Tour de Cure training plan, I still need to knock out 30 min on the trainer tonight.  I'll probably do that after kiddos go to bed (and my TV shows are over).  Should be able to count that as the 10K bike "race".  I'm closing in on my initial fundraising goal for the ride.  If I can get another $40 by April 1, I'll get to wear the special jersey.  Yay!  Donate HERE if you would like to help.  thank you to all of my blogger friends who have already donated!  You guys are awesome!

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 192.3 miles
Running = 68.0 miles


  1. Holy Cow! So much on the go!

  2. Mom, wife, Runner with Spatulas, Tour de Cure racer, you are one busy woman - kudos for doing it all.

  3. WOW! you are amazing :) Thanks for participating!!! I'm excited about all the people :) GREAT photos

  4. Haha! Spatula Race. I missed the sign up so I guess I will have to do it next year. I haven't done a virtual race yet.

  5. Haaa Running with Spatulas!!! Awesome!!

  6. Great photo! It's always nice when your running friend keeps you to your plan : )

    I'm sorry about your Mother in Law, and I know exactly what you mean about having to take care of your parents too soon. My father in law had a stroke last year that now requires 24 hour care. It has affected our family immensely.

    Thanks for the good wishes over my job! My hub's job is going well, so I'm thankful that this part of our lives is getting back on track. : )

  7. Way to get out there and knock off a long run in the cold. That memes mental toughness yet is relaxing with a sense of accomplishment all at the same that. That plus talking with a friend sounds like just what you needed.