Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Break Brick

Kids were off school today for Easter Break, though I didn't see them much because they were busy playing with their cousins down the street.  I snuck off for a bit while they were gone and knocked out 35 min on the trainer (per the Tour training plan) and then a 5K run to the bank (and back) to make a deposit.  This is my first brick workout in AGES.  I'm ashamed how I've been putting them off - might make the duathlon in two weeks kind of interesting.  This finished out all of the "Spatula" events except a 10K walk.  Fingers crossed I win something.

Wrapped up my day watching my daughter open her birthday gifts - a new bow from her dad (purple) and gift certificates from me.  Tomorrow we are also going shopping and getting mom/daughter pedicures.   And then Saturday is her birthday party with her friends.  Not a bad way to celebrate being nine.  Hard to believe - doesn't seem that long ago that I was bring her home and cuddling with her curled up in a ball on my chest.

The weather is warming up - almost got hot on my run.  So my husband said he'd put my new tire on my bike tomorrow morning so I can try to squeeze in my 40 miles on the road (per the Tour plan) sometime over the holiday weekend.  I'm kind of dreading hitting the hills and wind again.  And with no netflix, etc to distract me.  Time to toughen up!

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 245.3 miles
Running = 71.1 miles


  1. Maybe mount a screen on your bike for Netflix on those outdoor rides? Probably a bad idea, right? Though it would cut down the wind...