Sunday, March 10, 2013

It could be worse...

Woke up to steady rain.  We had slept in somewhat intentionally and it was too late to go to our usual 8:30 mass.  Apparently, almost everyone had that issue with the time change as I saw a lot of 8:30 "regulars" at 10:00 mass.  Husband grilled us hamburgers for a nice big lunch, I sorted through some papers and headed to the grocery store.  By the time I got back and put everything away (including my stash of 49 cent sandwich bread), it was just minutes before we had to go to my niece's birthday party. 

We hung out with the family and ate gooey butter cake and oreo dessert and ice cream.  I think I gained 5 lbs.  The sun had come out for a bit and I was stoked as we walked home (across the street).  I texted Susan to see if she could join me for a run, but she was working (call weekend).  Then I texted Stacy and she called and said she was on the other side of town and the clouds were DARK.  Darn it!  With the dawdling, I was slowly losing my window to run.

About the time I walked out the door, the wind was picking up, the temperature dropping and the sprinkling ensued.  My husband was just getting back from a walk and thought I was nuts, but I assured him that after the SHITR, I really could never again use crappy weather as an excuse not to go for a short run.  I managed a much better pace than usual given I didn't want to be out too long in the now much steadier rain.  Just ran about 1.8 miles - nothing to write home about, but a nice shake out from yesterday's biking.

So the moral of the story is that it can always be worse - just reflect back to that crazy night in January whenever in doubt.

Swimming = 7800 yds = 4.4 mi
Biking = 240.3 miles
Running = 69.1 miles


  1. Way to get it done! Yep, if you can run in SHITR conditions, you are bad ass and have no excuses. Wasn't quite SHITR conditions but I had the choice of napping or running the trails in the rain and 50 degrees and got the run done. 30 degrees and I would have napped so I'm not quite as badass as you :-).

  2. i used the weather somewhat, then Laima shamed me and ran later. Ouch.

  3. Whatever it takes to motivate, right? Glad you got it in.

  4. Never fails that on a cloudy day, I will get rained on, but it makes me like a dedicated runner when I am out there in the rain, and I am sure the people in their cars are thinking "what a dork". Way to get it in!