Monday, March 25, 2013

Long Trainer Ride on Snowy Sunday

I never got around to my 2nd short trainer ride on Thursday night and punted on Friday too.  Saturday I was too busy with my supermom duties making pies for the chili supper at school and a crisp for home and muffins with some more leftover apples (per daughter's request and then she promptly turned her nose up at them).  The whole evening was shot with the music performance, art show and chili supper plus 7 PM mass (which was long with Palm Sunday reading of the Passion). 

So as I got out of bed early yesterday (Sunday) to a driving snowstorm, I jumped right into my tights and headed down to the garage for 35 miles. 
My deck on Sunday after my trainer ride -
this snow mostly fell between 6:30 AM and noon

My poor daffodils nearly buried in the snow - Spring my ass!

Front yard with the snow still coming down and blowing like crazy
The laptop wouldn't play my Netflix DVD (some security issue?) and wouldn't connect to the internet (the wireless card shot craps a year or two ago and the plug in receiver has now joined it).  In desparation for something to watch, I grabbed my daughter's High School Musical DVD and got it playing.  FINALLY got on the trainer and started pedaling away.  I've actually found that musicals aren't too bad to work out to and those Disney ones have some catchy tunes.  I watched the movie all the way through once and then skipped through and did some more songs afterwards to get the final miles in. 

And for continued fun with the "Spatula" races, I got my son to catch a few pics of me on the trainer with my spatulas.  I'm using this long ride for my "30K Any Way".  Praying the snow melts soon enough for me to get a run in at some point.  Long day of work today.  Another planned for tomorrow, but will probably do a 10K "Spatula" spin tomorrow night.
Riding with Spatulas - Yes, my pain cave isn't much to look at
Check out my Spatula "aerobars"
35 miles on trainer - a Spatula victory!

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 227.3 miles
Running = 68.0 miles

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  1. Love the spatula aero bars! You should get a prize for most unique use of Spatulas for sure :-).