Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another great trip!

Work is cranking away at an insane pace lately.  As a self-employed person, this is both good and bad.  No one to take the load off of me (sole proprietor w/ no employees), but good to know that I'll be able to send out some juicy bills soon.  And most are municipal clients that generally pay without a lot of fuss or delay.  Yay.  But I'm definitely meeting myself coming and going.  Having just returned late Sunday afternoon from Omaha, I spent Monday catching up a little at home and heading to the CPA to get my taxes done.  Also stopped in at the Y and registered for the Luck of the Irish 5k and finally went online and registered for my April du and May tri.  Early on Tuesday, I turned around and headed to Kansas City.

Spent all morning through lunch with one client, then all afternoon with another, then to Walmart to get a phone charger (we had one die in a drawer accident) and some ibuprofen for my wicked headache, then to the hotel to meet my friend Mary, then to another hotel because the first one was crappier than she had thought, then out to dinner at Applebees, to Party City to pick up stuff for daughter's bday party later this month, to Kohls to do some shopping (pretty stuff for me!) and back to hotel to crash after a gabfest.  It totally just worked out that she could meet up with me on this trip before she leaves for a fantastic vacation out in Vegas and Red Rocks.  It was super great to catch up with her!

Got up early this morning, gabbed a bit more and headed to fitness center.  I hogged the only treadmill while she did the recumbant bike.  More gabbing made the time go by quickly.  I knocked out 3.7 miles and then gave her the treadmill while I ran up to shower.  We had a nice hot breakfast (Holiday Inn Express Liberty- big kudos) and then talked for about 15 min before I had to pack up and leave.  Another three hour meeting and I was back burning up the highway.  I realized about Blue Springs (far eastern suburb of KC metro) that I was never going to be back in time for kid pickup so I called in reinforcements (neighbor). 

I had seen a post on our tri club listserv last night for a nearly new bike rack for $75 (Saris Bones 2).  I was stoked as I had been watching Ebay for a deal on one.  I'm tired of stuffing my bike in my back seat!  I texted the lady and scored!  As I was coming back into town, she said she was coming to Jeff City for errands and could meet me.  Double score as she lives about 25 min away from me.  So I stopped at the ATM and then met her in the grocery store parking lot to pick up my purchase.  Yay!!  It took me a bit to figure out how to hook it all up, but it looks like it will be just what I need.

Nice touch that it fits over my spoiler!
Dinner, emails, parent meeting for archery team, two loads of laundry, supervising finishing of homework, research parking code nightmare for another client, etc, etc.  I'm totally pooped and looking forward to bedtime.  Tomorrow is another busy day plus housework and volleyball practice in the evening.  Friday is another busy day and my first court testimony as an expert witness.  If I'm done early enough, I'd like to hit the pool.  The weekend can't come soon enough!

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 203.5 miles
Running = 67.3 miles


  1. Good buy on the rack..
    I lucked out on mine..
    Arnie and I went to IMSG in '10 and needed one to haul our bikes to the lake where T1 was... Arnie bought it and gave it to me...

  2. You are certainly a busy woman. Its nice that you found some time to workout. Good luck with all your contracts.

  3. Sounds like things are really going your way - way to work it all in!

  4. $75 for that rack is a steal, nice grab

  5. Nice rack! Wait, am I allowed to say that? :)

  6. Great deal for sure!!!! I think we need one too. The kids are getting older and want to bring their bikes - it would be tons of fun!!!!

  7. Nice score on the bike rack! I love my Saris bike rack. I got tired of stuffing my bike in the back seat too.

    Sounds like life is crazy busy in a good way.