Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two days, two workouts - Hell Yeah!!

Tuesday morning I recommitted myself to training.  I was still not "feeling the love", but trying to "fake it, til I made it".  Then with a new goal, I decided it was time to get with it.  Texted Stacy and asked about a run.  Never heard back.  Called - didn't hear back.  Checked phone just before going out on my own and had a missed call (must have been while changing clothes).  She said she'd go with me if I waited.  So at our usual 8:30 PM start time (not ideal, but so much nicer to go with someone), we headed out towards Walmart.  When I go with her it is a little over 5K (like 3.3 mi) because she makes me do the hill behind the store whereas when I run to go to the bank, I go in the front of the store and skip the hill.  So check off another 3.3 miles towards my goal of 350.

Then today was supposed to be the warmest of the week and with highs the next couple of days in the 50's so I decided I'd better get my butt on the bike.  I had invited a friend, but never heard back.  Is my texting working?  Oh well - on my own is ok too.  I dawdled a little longer than I planned and left just a minute or so after six.  I rode out to Taos and on through to the Hwy M/Hwy Y intersection before turning around because I was burning the last of the daylight.  I passed the bank clock about 10 min to 7 and it said it was still 72°, but my knees felt cool (wore shorts).  I'm thinking it was colder than that, but forgot to check my home thermometer when I came in.  Was too anxious to map it because I didn't know how far it was.  Turns out it was 17.1.  I was kind of bummed because I felt like I pushed the pace a fair bit, but I guess with the hills (a couple monsters and some rollers) slowed me down (though I screamed back down them which I figured would average out).  It took 1:15.  I couldn't have ridden any longer.  The bike light was glowing on the pavement pretty good by the last mile or two.  I really need to leave closer to five if I am going to go very far (not to mention that the sun will set earlier each day).  Not a lot of traffic even through town so that was nice.  Had to yell at two dogs that weren't tied up, but such is life.

So my new YTD totals:
Swim: 13,200 yds / 25,000 (trying to figure out if I can get to the pool on Friday)
Bike: 637.3 mi / 1000
Run: 262.2 mi / 350 (meeting Susan on the Katy tomorrow after my haircut - yay!)

Absolutely promise to use up the last 3 pics on the disposable camera and drop it off to get developed tomorrow!


  1. Yeah, seriously...some of us are waiting for your Prison Break race report! :)

    Nice job on the bike. I'm regularly disappointed by my pace anymore.

  2. You're getting it done! Great job!

  3. Great re-start! Pace is totally overrated.

  4. Really, a disposable camera? I'll ignore going there as you are gettin' it done but after this goal is met you must do something about that.

  5. Goals are essential to success in our sport, well in my opinion it is

  6. Way to go two for two! Sucks we are losing daylight at a pretty fast rate.

    Weird, but we are back on each others blog rolls.