Sunday, October 21, 2012

Powering Through

I may have overestimated my abilities yesterday.  By the time I sat on the cold metal bleachers (well - not that cold, it was nice at the game), I was stiffening up pretty good.  The hike up and over the hill at the stadium back to the car made me wince a little.  By the time I was in bed trying to sleep, I was really regretting the extra running.  Every time I'd change positions, the various spots of soreness were fussing at me.  It made for a bit of a long night.

The boys headed to the gun range to sight in rifles for deer season so we (the girls) slept in and hung out with the newspaper and such this morning.  We went to mass when they got back and then out to pick up some pumpkins and gourds for our fall decor.  Struck out at our usual patch so just went to the grocery store.  The down side of 11:30 mass is that half the day is gone before you even really get started.

Came home and really wanted to take a nap, but there wasn't time.  I laid down for about 10 min, but was afraid of sleeping for too long so I got up and dressed for my bike ride and assembled my water bottles before loading my bike into my car.  I got out to Summit Plaza about 2:45 and waited until almost 3 before Bruce showed up.  We waited a little longer and Walter, Brie, Eric and another lady that Bruce and Walter work with showed up.  So we started a little late. 

Then Brie led us astray at a Y intersection.  I wasn't sure of the route, but wondered if it had been wrong.  No biggie - we decided to double back.  After we were back on the road we had meant to take, Eric's tire blew.  The cloud cover was coming back in and it was a bit windy (not as bad as last week though).  I visited with Brie while the other guys got the tire changed.  But then we got going again and flew down the hill to Hwy 94.  Traffic was heavier than usual so we stuck pretty close together and powered through towards Hwy 54.  No one was too keen about getting on the highway, but we got back onto the side roads pretty quickly.  The hill by the winery was kicking my ass and by the top I was totally sure I was not doing another loop.  Bruce needed to get home too and by the time we bailed, I think the motivation to go further was draining from the group. 

We had planned on doing two - 11 mile loops, but with the backtracking on the first, it ended up being closer to one - 18 mi loop.  I got home in time to put everything away, shower and sit down for a bit before my husband put dinner on the table.  It wasn't very fun, but I powered through and got it done.  Not quite the 22 I was shooting for, but all in all - I'll take it.  I just hope that sleeping comes a little easier tonight and I can get my butt to the pool tomorrow.  Will take some ibuprofen in a little bit with hopes of it kicking in about bedtime.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 679.3 mi / 1000
Run: 287.9 mi / 350


  1. Great ride! I hope you can get some sleep tonight!

  2. Powering through, indeed! Way to get up from the nap and get the ride in :)