Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Basketball Brick

As usual - life can't ever go according to plan.  Some kind of major equipment failure at the water treatment plant in town left about 75% of Jeff City without water (thankfully, not our house) and they called off school at 11 AM.  I was planning on working while the kids were in school and sneaking in a swim before coming back to town.  Thankfully, a neighbor brought them home, but I didn't want to leave them unattended for too long lest the all out war begin.  So I headed home.

Then had to take my daughter to a Scout thing and then to basketball practice.  Here is where I did luck out.  Basketball practice is at 7:30 for an hour at the YMCA.  We signed in that we were there for practice, but no one looked twice when I (a non-member) snuck off to do a workout while the Superdad that is our coach took on 8 girls (with other parents there to help so no worries of me shirking my duties). 

I started with a 0.5 mi warmup on the insanely short track (1/14 mi per loop at this facility).  Then I went and found a stationary bike to knock out 6.3 miles on.  I remember having this issue during CTER's Ironman last year - not really knowing what "level" to put the bike on to try to mimic riding outdoors.  I put it on a "random" workout averaging between "Level 7" and "Level 10" (out of possible 25?).  I felt like I pedaled hard, sweated a lot and had a decently elevated heartrate so it was annoying for the machine to tell me I was averaging 11-12 mph and that it took me over 30 min to get in the miles.  I really prefer outdoor riding!

Went back to the track so I could watch the end of basketball practice (track is above the courts) and knocked out another 1.5 miles before they were huddled up for their end of practice "Go Angles!"  Our schedule continues to be completely fubar'd by school crap going on this week so who knows what I'll be able to get to tomorrow or Thur, but at least I know there is another hour set aside at the YMCA on Friday afternoon when we have another practice!

I saw all sorts of pics this weekend of my friends' kids going off to homecoming and it occurred to me how soon my son will be in high school (3 years) and so quickly behind him his sister (another 3 after that) and I know I will *BLINK* and they will be off to live their own lives.  So while being a mom makes being an athlete a bit more of a challenge - I will really try not to wish these years away and be so thankful that they are with me every day.  Had a friend post on FB yesterday a video with what I think needs to be my new parenting mantra: "The days are long, but the years are short!" 

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 685.6 mi / 1000
Run: 289.9 mi / 350


  1. Way to get those workouts in! I'm reminded every day that our kids are growing up and will one day move on.

  2. I love reading how you always find a way to get workouts in, you are such a busy person!

    The team name is the Angles? That is a weird team name! :)

    1. LOL - typo! ANGELS is their team name. They are Catholic school girls - not mathletes.

  3. Our kids sound about the same age and I have been thinking about that quite a bit lately too. Six years left with my son at home--can't stand it!

    Hoping you have a smoother next couple of days!