Thursday, October 4, 2012

FINALLY! PICTURES!! Epic Mud Run 2012

Yeah, yeah - I know I've been promising these for a month.  I snapped off the final three shots on the disposable waterproof camera and spent half the afternoon trying to find a place to do one-hour film development and put them on a CD for me (only two places apparently still do that here).  I have lots of pics so I'll break it up and give you something to look forward to.  I'm working on a proper race report for Prison Break.  But also, I've since gotten some pics from the Ultramax Flicker page that will be fun to share. So starting off with Epic Mud Run pics (and lots of them):

Free Race Start Corral Pic from Ultramax Sports
I'm in the back on the left (green shirt)
People were throwing "color" here.

My left arm and my husband in the start corral
Running up this muddy/wet hill was hard - forgive the fingertip. 

Free Race pic on the "Fire Hose" hill
Free race pic on the "Fire Hose" hill

Fairly early (still have the "color" on my cheeks); wade through mud/water pit and then climb over that hill.
Key was to have the rope between your legs as you used your hands to pull yourself up.

Husband going over an obstacle on what was otherwise mostly a "run" portion of the event.  I think some used to have signs that said to go under, but we went over most of them as the instructions weren't there.

Made this pic XL because it was the BEST part of the whole Epic Mud Run.  Husband (and I) just FLEW down this slide.  You were going so fast that you had no choice but to land in the big mud/water pit at the bottom. 

Husband captured me climbing down into the section of single track/ditch we had to go through. 
I love that I look like I am having fun!

Husband getting ready to go under the obstacle in what I think is the mud/icewater pit.  There was just enough room that you didn't have to put your face in the water if you didn't want, but the back of your head was in it.

Camera lens is getting pretty fuzzy here, but me going over one of the wall obstacles in another section of "run".

I'm sliding down the last obstacle and spinning around to take a pic of hubbie coming after me.  This landed in a big swimming pool thing which was a nice way to get the worst of the dirt off.

Better pic of the last obstacle with our friends almost to the bottom.

My favorite of the free race pics - this is where my husband ran into me on the last slide

Didn't expect to go under in the final pool, but apparently my
husband was expecting it because check out him holding his breath. 
I had a great time at this event.  So did my husband who is already talking about doing it next year.  I hope we can recruit some other friends to do it with us and try to get in the same wave.  Maybe we can even do matching bright colored shirts :)

Today was a three-peat.  Susan and I went out to the Katy Trail.  We didn't intend to do such a long run (if you can even call it that - we did a lot of walking/talking).  But we covered 7.1 miles!  It was a beautiful morning and couldn't ask for a better partner.  Trees were pretty on the bluffs - hard to see, but I tried to get a couple pics (last of the disposable camera and all):

And I'm even wearing my Mud Run tech T

Swim: 13,200 yds / 25,000
Bike: 637.3 mi / 1000
Run: 269.3 mi / 350
Stayed tuned for the Prison Break race report tomorrow!


  1. Great job on the long run, and your mud run pictures look like it was a BLAST. That slip'n' slide was HUGE! Looking forward to the PB post. :)

  2. That looks like so much fun, especially the sliding!

  3. Loved all the pics! Those slides look HUGE! Really cool that you have pics of going down them with your husband. Looks like you had a really great time.