Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My New Goal - Thanks Kovas!

If you have read anything on this blog in the last several months (believe me - I just reread a fair bit of it), you will have noticed that I just haven't had that drive to train.  It seems like it disappeared in the spring when it should have been going into hyper-mode.  But this morning I was inspired to set a new goal to keep me going at least through the end of this year.  It will likely fit well with doing the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (hoping Amanda at Run to the Finish does this again).

I was reading Kovas's post found here about him working to meet the goals of running 1000 miles and biking 1000 miles in 2012.  And I laughed at Bob's suggestion that he should include swimming that mileage too.  But it got me to wondering how far I've actually gone this year.  I track most of my workouts right here on my blog so it just took sitting down and skimming through posts to add up the numbers.  What I found was that I had ran way more than someone who claims not to be a runner should have and I have seriously been going longer and longer on my bike.  I've been a bit of a pool slacker, but what better than a little self challenge to get that back on track?

So here are my current YTD (as of 10/2/12) stats the best I can come up with:

SWIM:  13,200 yards (give or take - several workouts the laps weren't counted so I used some averages based on how long I said that I was in the pool)

BIKE : 620.2 miles (what was most impressive to me was how few of these rides were under 15 miles when last year my LONGEST ride was about that)

RUN: 258.9 miles (I ran very few of these solo which is probably what made a big difference, but I was blown away by the number of times I drug my ass out the door to get this done)

MISC WORKOUTS: 27 (P90X DVDs, Just Dance, AbRipperX, Pole Class) - Winter sometimes requires indoor workouts and when Stacy and I want to sweat, this works for us in a pinch.

Earlier this year, I did the Iron distance over the course of four weeks.  Kovas says there are 14 weeks left.  So I did some averaging and rounding to pretty numbers and came up with a new goal.  Anyone who knows me knows that this Type A gal really needs a goal.  My new goal (drumroll please) is to finish the year with the following stats:

SWIM: 25,000 yards (averaging just 843/week - I usually do a min of 1000 each trip to the pool so I just need to make it once/week and I'll exceed this goal, but no slacking and skipping.  Funny though - it is only 14.2 miles total.  Can't imagine trying to swim 1000 miles - ouch!)

BIKE: 1000 miles (averaging just over 27 mi/week - it shouldn't be hard to do two short or one long workout each week to get to this - plus it would be cool if I could do the same amount of total biking as Kovas!  Maybe we can keep each other honest.)

RUN: 350 miles (averaging just over 10K/week - one long or two short runs each week should be doable.  Plus there are a lot of 5Ks this time of year so I may just race to train.)

MISC WORKOUTS:  Unless weather becomes an issue, I don't plan to spend a lot of time on these.  But I know my core and some of my stabilizer muscles could use some work so my goal is to get in 13 more of these - about one/week - I like round numbers though so my end goal is 40.

Well within my capabilities, but enough of a stretch to get me off the couch on the days that I'd rather not go.  I may try to front load some of the bike time given the fact that Nov and Dec may start getting dicey as far as weather, but otherwise I'll aim for the weekly averages.  Yay - so happy to have a plan of attack!  I can feel the mental funk cloud lifting already. 


  1. You are killing those goals. You'll meet them in no time at all. I love that you are running, biking, swimming, and doing other workouts. Much better rounded than I. Great job!

  2. These are great goals and very reachable! I track all my workouts at Beginnertriathlete.com, it helps knowing how far you go. At the end of the year I like to total all my miles and see how far across the US I would have made it. I know that is geeky, but kinda cool at the same time!

  3. Awesome. Glad you have that carrot dangling in front of you. Whatever it takes, right? Good luck getting there!

  4. Great idea for motivation! I find myself often motivated more by "silly" things than "real" things. For example, an online challenge to run (or walk) 100 miles in October spurs me on more than the ridiculously long trail race I'm training for.

    Good luck!

  5. Just came here from Super Kate's blog. I love goals like these. Good luck with them. It makes me want to go tally up my miles.

  6. I have no idea how you keep dropping from my blog roll. I'll add you yet again. Anyway, nice goals! Like James, I log on BT. It keeps track of everything and allows me to generate cool graphs. I know lots of people use daily mile to log workouts with good results.

    You should totally come over the the 12 hour run. Go to patrick-trailanderror.blogspot.com and go back a couple posts. For some reason my iPad isnt letting me paste the link in your comment. Let me know if you can't find it.

  7. Ok, I can't add you and my blog isn't in your reading list either. I have no idea what's going on. Guess I'll just swing by when I see your comments on our mutual blogger friend's posts...