Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homecoming 5K + Bank 5K = 10K!

So this week totally got away from me.  I had quite a bit of work to do so that was part of it.  It remained pretty windy with rain coming in to the mix too.  But mostly I just wasn't getting out there to get it done.  Thursday I totally had the opportunity around lunchtime, but just put it off and put it off until it was too late.  I lucked out that my daughter's basketball practice was at the YMCA that evening though.  I saw another mom do a quick warmup on the short track that goes around the basketball courts (1/16 mi) so I went up to join her, but she'd already left to hit the elliptical.  I did about a half mile and then went to find her and did a couple miles on the elliptical while watching the Cardinals game.  She had to leave to get her other kids so I went back down to watch the end of practice, but I'll put it in the "partial win" column.  I'll only count the 0.5 mi of track running towards my running goal though.  I'm not sure the elliptical counts.

Friday was an early release day so I didn't get much of anything done because kids had to be picked up at 1 PM so the teachers could have the rest of the afternoon to work on grade cards which come out next week.  They are off part of next week for parent/teacher conferences too.  Ugh.  Then we headed out to the homecoming parade in the evening.    My mother-in-law went with us and I convinced my daughter to go spend the night with her so I could have the morning free to head out to the Helias Foundation Homecoming 5K. 

So technically, this isn't MY homecoming.  I went to the public high school here in Jefferson City, but my husband went to the Catholic high school as will my children.  The foundation helps support the high school and its activities which in turn helps keep the tuition as reasonable as possible (still about what I paid for college in the 90's, but I try to think of it as less than I paid for daycare when my kids were infants).  Since my son will start there in 3 more years, I figure I have a vested interest in supporting the foundation and it was a good excuse to get a few running miles ticked off my goal. 

Since the race didn't start until 9:00, I slept in a bit and then got dressed and read the paper before going over to register and get ready to go.  I saw a ton of people I knew (some from our parish and some others including one family that we used to go to daycare with - their 11 year old finished in 22 min!).  It was fun to chat with everyone before the race and before long it was time to take off.  We started in front of the high school (oh, and so nice to be able to use the school bathrooms instead of port-o-potties!) and then went east on Swifts to Jefferson to Stadium (up a hill that doesn't look so long/steep in a car) to Southwest and back to Swifts to loop again, but then finished on the track.  I held on to Julie from our parish (a little older, but a very consistent runner) for the first mile and I was pleased with that, but she dropped me on the hill.  I tried not to walk too much, but it was hard.  I think I might have PR'd.  I will have to wait for the official time, but I saw 34:17 as I was almost at the finish and I think my PR is in the 35's. 

Had half a chocolate chip muffin afterwards, but it was too rich so I tossed the rest and had a little grape juice and a bottle of water.  Visited with more people I knew and then headed home.  I was toying with the idea of running to the Walmart branch of our bank because I had two big checks that needed to be deposited.  My son said I should definitely do it and I had time before I had told my daughter I'd pick her up from grandma's (half block from our house and on the way back).  So I put my music on and headed back out.  My hip flexors protested a bit, but the sunny and cool morning was really ideal for a run.  I made decent time there, got a cup of water from their Culligan cooler while I did my deposits and then did ok getting back.  Got to my mother-in-law's as they were heading out to lunch.  My son joined them and I am catching up here.

Now I need to face the giant pile of laundry and get cleaned up myself while my husband is at work and the farm and before we head out to dinner and the football game tonight.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to hit the road in the afternoon for a bike ride with Walter and whoever else he conned into joining us.  He mentioned a "Heartbreak Hill" so I hope my granny gear can handle it.  Then it will be time to come home and see if the Cardinals can come back from last night's loss and put the NLCS behind them.  Fingers crossed.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000  (have got to get to the pool this week!)
Bike: 661.3 mi / 1000 (going to struggle to hit this goal)
Run: 287.9 mi / 350 (am not feeling worried about this one - hope it is still a "stretch" goal)


  1. Football is a sort of culture as well in the States, especially college ball.

    I have often thought that the person who figures out how to deal with laundry will make a killing in the triathlete market alone.

  2. Sounds like you are busy as ever. Do you have a bike trainer? If not, you can use the 1000 mile goal as your excuse :-)

    1. I've actually been shopping for one. I'm going to ride outside as long as I can though.

  3. That is a LOT going on! And you're still getting workouts in! Awesome :) And congrats on the (probable) PR!!!!