Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Warm Temps = WIND

In order for Mother Nature to provide 60° in the end of February in Missouri, she has to BLOW it in.  Oh well, still always better to be outside on the bike than staring at the walls of the Y.  I left home and headed to the interchange, then did loops around Scholastic and up to the interchange twice and then came home.  I was a little disappointed to see that it was only 15.1 miles after it took me damn near 90 min.  But such is life - and wind.  It was coming out of the west and my route is mostly east/west and I could really feel it.  Still good to chip away at the 112 I'm trying to finish by 3/10.  

My body is feeling the extra load though.  I had trouble falling asleep last night due to some soreness and woke up a few times feeling tight all over.  Hope I can sleep better tonight.   Almost time to go pick up the kiddos and I'm sure they'll want some outdoor time too. 

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 0.97/2.4
Bike: 46.5/112
Run: 15.15/26.2


  1. Nice to have the weather warm up for an outdoor ride even if it was windy. As much as I don't care to ride in the wind, I know it makes me a stronger rider. I wouldn't worry to much about the distance. The way I see it is you got 90 minutes of training in the wind.

    Hey, your closing in our your goals!

  2. The wind is a building block for better riding. Just remember that when you are riding in the wind. That is the thought I use when I ride.