Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday...with Redemption?

Ended up spending most of the morning on a job site with a young contractor who apparently had never laid out grade stakes before (and couldn't seem to calculate percent grade anyway).  This small project has turned into kind of a pain in my ass and I hope it is over soon. 

Susan did a solo run to burn off some steam before a meeting at the hospital, but agreed to a short bike at the Y with me after lunch.  We both got interrupted by phone calls and were "that" girl that was trying to not stop a workout, but take care of a work call while riding.  Oops.  She only did about half my ride with me which helped the boredom factor of indoor cycling.  My music helped me power through the rest.  Got in 15 miles.

But the weather has warmed a bit and I wanted to get outside too.  Unfortunately, mom duty that included supervision of homework and piano practice (lately my daughter wants me to sit with her while she does it) precluded the ride.  That and the fact the kids talked their dad into "kids eat free" at Pizza Slut.  So yet again, I had a big salad and a lot of greasy sauce covered dough that was horrible for me and sat in my gut heavy.  When will I learn?  Definitely a FAT Tuesday.  Hopefully I can get some redemption on the scale with Ash Wednesday's "fast" and some more exercise.  I dashed off from dinner to take the girl (and one of her friends whose parents got to go watch MU get beat by KState again) to Brownies which ran long. 

Stacy called and decided we should get in a run before bed.  We did the same 3.51 miles we did on Feb 1st according to MapMyRide.  It was cooler tonight (low 40's), but less windy which was nice.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the warmest of the week so I'm holding out hope to get some outdoor bike time in.  Shaved my legs tonight on the off chance I can get motivated to swim tomorrow too.

Running update on finishing the CTER 140.6 (by March 10):

Swim: 0.97/2.4
Bike:  31.5/112
Run: 15.15/26.2

Happy Engineers Week!  Erin go Bragh!

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