Monday, February 20, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Sunday ended up pretty lazy.  Mass, breakfast with my family (bacon baby!), afternoon nap, 2 mile walk with husband, leftovers for dinner.  I'm going to count the 2 miles with my husband towards my 26.2, but I am becoming more and more convinced that it isn't the swim or the run miles that are going to kill me, but the stupid bike. 

Monday Morning Naked Weight (MMNW which I think I've forgotten to record for a while) = 172.4 lbs down slightly, but I've been bouncing around the low 170's for several weeks and know that I haven't been eating cleanly enough to really break out of this weight rut.  Stacy told me today she would like to split a weekly produce food co-op basket with me she was getting.  It is like $50 worth of produce for $25 (give or take) and I'd pay half.  Sounds like the good Lord is nudging me towards some healthier eating!

Spent most of today on a shopping trip (down to the Osage Beach Factory Outlets near Lake of the Ozarks) with my friend Tania and my daughter.  She was mostly looking for children's clothes.  We struck out on finding new school pants for the girl, but got her a cute tank and a skirt at Children's Place for next to nothing (like $8 total), a pair of Gap jeans for my boy (who wears men's clothes) for under $9 plus a cute Gap jean jacket for my girl for $12 and best of all - cool gear at the Nike outlet (40% off clearance prices oh yeah!).  We got a cute running shirt and dry fit capris for my girl and two compression bras ($12/ea!) for me plus a new running jacket.  Yee Haw!!  I love bargains!

Tried out one bra and the jacket tonight.  They are pretty SWEET!  Stacy and I did a little over a 4 mile run (Walmart 5K plus down to the intersection the other way and back).  It was super windy, but high 40's even at 8:45.  I ran more of it than I usually do.  I realized my biggest issue when I run with friends is talking.  I can't talk and run!  I shut up more on the way out and managed to run (aka jog) more.  She pushes the pace too which makes it even harder, but she is good for me to get better.

Weather channel shows warmer weather the next two days so I'm going to cross my fingers that I can get some bike time in outdoors.  I have to meet a client in the morning and am trying to figure out when I can get together with Susan for our Tuesday workout (and if I can convince her to do some biking).  Not to mention I have a crapload of work to do for my presentations next week.  Ugh - really should have dug into that this weekend. 

Chipping away at the CTER 140.6 - (trying to finish by March 10):

Swim: 0.97 / 2.4
Bike: 16.5 / 112
Run: 11.64 / 26.2

Happy Engineers Week!


  1. Healthier eating rocks. Do it. You won't be sorry :)

  2. Knock out the run and swim and then get the bike done, that's what I'd do.

  3. Yeah... +1 with what Patrick said. Do you have a trainer? You can probably knock out some additional time with it.

  4. I love me some sale prices. Looks like you scored!