Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friendly Sweating

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is nothing better than working out with a friend to make the time fly by.  I've been told and have heartily agreed how lucky I am to have a few friends that are willing to get their bodies sweaty while we chat about the craziness that is life with elementary school kids.  Today it was Susan's turn.  Since the weather hadn't warmed up enough to melt the snow from yesterday, we met at the Y right after dropping off the kiddos at school.  I beat her by a few minutes and got a nice little warmup on the stationary bike (1 mi). 

But Susan had some stress to work out and wanted to run so we hit the treadmills.  It worked out really well because we could each do our own pace (which for me is a little slower though I pushed it a few times).  I was pretty sweaty after our 3 miles.  We hit the bikes for a little while and I did 3.5 more there.  I had hoped to get more bike time in, but it is so much more fun to work out with someone else that I'll take what I can get. 

I woke up in the night pretty stiff from the pool workout.  I'm hoping that this morning's sweat will help loosen everything up.  I might face a little foam roller pain before my shower here in a minute to continue to work out the kinks. 

So two days into the CTER Virtual 140.6:

Swim = 0.97/2.4 (good start!)
Bike = 4.5/112 (yes, I will need to figure out how to crank out more)
Run = 3/26.2 (not too bad!)


  1. great way to kick off your 140.6 :)

  2. Great job! You are getting all the workouts done!

  3. And so it begins...how much time do you have for the race?

  4. Nothing beats a little foam roller pain to let you know you are working hard!

  5. Nice job! And, I think sometimes it is perfectly fine to change things up to have a workout buddy. :) It is nice to do it together.