Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wanting more??

Yesterday was beautiful - warmish and sunny.  Too bad I spent half the day driving and the other half of the daylight hours with a client.  Always good to work, but I was bummed to let such a nice day get away from me (especially with Susan off work too).  I got home only about 20 min before dark and stiff/exhausted from driving straight back from KC.  Ended up a vegetable on the couch.

Today was a bright sunny day.  It started a little rough as I hadn't realized my husband set the alarm for my normal 6:20 wake time so he could be up and out of the house early.  Ugh.  He wasn't in bed when it went off (often moves to the couch when his back is bothering him) so I had to get up and wake him up.  Grr...I was annoyed even further by the fact he intended to be gone all day leaving me stuck on mom duty AGAIN.  It is great that he is helping a friend wire his new house, but I felt kind of stranded.

Got a crap ton of laundry done and took the girl to piano lessons this morning (and shamefully admitted she'd only practiced once after another crazy week - need to get that better organized).  Worked on an assignment my marketing guru friend gave me for a while and picked up a crap ton of girl scout cookies (99 boxes) and monitored at least part of their delivery.  Spent some time visiting with a friend at one dropoff (oops).  Before I knew it, the day was nearly over and no husband in sight with dinner still to fix (sloppy joes). 

He finally got home after it was pitch black out, but I didn't want yet another day/night to get by me without a workout so I figured a short run along the sidewalk was better than nothing.  I also added the 1st Wakoda to make sure I got at least a couple miles in (the entire sidewalk is slightly less than a mile one way).  In total, it was 2.58 miles (according to MapMyRide) and I did it in 31:34 min.  That is a good pace for me! 

The other cool part?  I ran (aka jogged) from my house to the end of the sidewalk (about 0.95 mi) - NO walking!  Yay!  It is generally flat on a ridge and some downhill (with one steep downhill which is actually hard to go too fast down without your legs hurting), but still - I haven't run this far at once before I don't think.  Maybe my husband is right (shhh...don't tell him) - I haven't been pushing enough.  I tried to do some running back, but returning up the big hill was rough.  Did what I could.

Once I got back home, I found myself actually kind of wishing my route was longer.  I felt like I had some in the tank to give, but the darkness (and late hour) was really limiting and I didn't feel like I had it in me to do reloop the whole route.  I found it a little odd that I was wanting more.  Maybe I don't think running sucks as much any more.  Wouldn't that be cool?

Slowly chipping away at the 140.6:

Swim = 0.97/2.4
Bike = 16.5/112
Run = 5.58/26.2

I'm going to have to get back to the dreaded stationary bike at the Y (regardless of how accurate the stupid thing is) and do some more miles or I'm never going to finish the bike.


  1. Wow, life really got in your way. At least you tried to squeeze in a few miles. Everything counts towards your goal. Is there a time limit?

  2. Way to get out there in the dark and get a nice run in! The bike takes forever on virtual races during trainer season.

  3. Nice job on the run! I'm firmly of the belief that if you can run 5 minutes, you can keep going. It's mostly in the head.