Sunday, February 12, 2012

Redemption of Lazy Sunday

Totally caved and ate more than one plate at the banquet last night.  Thankfully, the plates were pretty small and I just got a couple spoonfuls of my favorite things on the second one (and resisted most of the dessert table).  We all slept in a bit this morning since we went to the mass for scouts last night at 7 (and the boy went to the first half of the scout lock in).  But truthfully, it was after 3 when my husband came back from the two or three things he did today when finally got completely out of my jammies and robe.  Oops.  Oh, and there was a recliner nap in there too.

But my daughter wanted to go to the Y and my husband wanted my son to go with us (apparently he consumed a week's worth of calories over the evening between the banquet and pizza at the lockin).  So we all dressed and headed out.  No tennis courts available when we got there and the basketball courts were being used for a middle school club team volleyball practice and some elementary school basketball games.  So we took to the little track that goes around the two basketball courts (14 laps = mile).  The short distance makes it kind of tedious, but it wasn't too bad walking with my son (my daughter ran part of it and rested part of it).  We enjoyed half watching what was going on below.  Probably walked (with a couple laps of jogging) about 2.5-3 miles.  Then a tennis court was available so we spent another 45 min or so hitting some balls around (2 kids vs mom).  We got some movement and made up for a bit of our day of laziness.

Then Stacy came over about 8:45 and we did KenpoX for an hour.  It was sweating pretty good.  It isn't as crazy hard as some of the other stuff, but a good way to burn off a few more of the weekend's calories.

Tomorrow starts my month-long attempt to complete 140.6 miles.  I started figuring it up and I think the "run" will be the easiest as I could walk a mile every day and easily knock out the 26.2 (though I am going to try to do as much of it as a "run" as possible).  I've been seriously slacking on getting to the pool and I'm excited that this is going to "make" me get it done.  I'm planning on heading there tomorrow.  The biking is going to be hardest because I don't have the gear to do it indoors at home and will have to hit the Y to get in the mileage - and man it is a lot of mileage. 

Better get to bed.  Lunch making time in just 7 hours and lots to get done tomorrow. 


  1. Is your 140.6 attempt part of a program or virtual event? Sounds cool.

    1. I'm doing this event:

      I have been doing relatively ok at getting some amount of exercise on a regular basis, but not so much getting tri-specific training. So I hope this is the kick in the pants I need to get some bike and swim fitness back in the game.

  2. Have a great time doing your virtual tri. You will rock it!