Saturday, July 7, 2012

Proud Momma!

Sorry I've been MIA.  I'm fighting a bit of a mental funk and ended up kind of "tapering" a week or so early.  Once I got to WI, my sis kicked me in the butt and took me on a super hot 3 mi run on Friday morning and we did some casual swimming in her lake Thur and Fri. 

Then we went to packet pickup and a swim clinic on Friday evening.  We thought the clinic was just a practice swim, but we had to sit around listening to a lady talk about tri strategy that I wasn't interested in (and it was SO hot - just wanted in the water).  But I did the swim course and it took longer and was harder than it should have been.  Guess that is my payback for skipping swims this last month.  I fought fog in the goggles (almost turned the wrong way) and heavy lake vegetation.  It wasn't pretty - but I finished the practice in about 13 min.  I should have done it in closer to 11-12.  Oh well - last year it took me nearly 15 min so I'll take the improvement. 

But this proud mom watched her kids in their races this morning.  They rocked their 2nd triathlon.  My daughter came out of the water towards the back (she tried to swim it, but most of the kids were really just running through the water). 

Blonde in shirt and shorts on left is my girl! 
She actually made up some of her poor swim time on the run out of the water!
I was worried that she wouldn't be able to come back from being so far behind, but she had a solid T1 (she chose to wear water shoes the whole way so only had to pull on her helmet). 

She had a great bike and another solid transition to start the run in a close 2nd place! 

But the leader faded and walked part of the run and my daughter kicked it into gear and finished FIRST!!  She was hurting and cried a little at the end with some pain in her calves.  I think the water shoes were the culprit, but I know that the saved time probably secured the hardware.  Check it out!

My son was up a little later.  He came out of the water last of the 11 year olds and was looking a bit defeated, but made up a place or two in T1. 

He pedaled hard on the bike, but it was a longer race than last year and he hasn't spent much time on his biking. 

But soon T2 was behind him and he was heading out for his 1/2 mi run stronger than what he was last year.  He's been working on his running with dad and you could tell.  He didn't stop to walk that I saw and played leap frog with a girl.  But when he poured it on for the finishing kick, she couldn't answer back.  He finished strong and I was so proud. 


I'm not sure of his place though it was towards the back of the pack (hey buddy - momma knows how that is), but last year he was nearly hyperventilating and took a long time to recover.  This year, he was sweating and breathing hard, but seemed happy and recovered quickly.  I know he has to feel good about how strong he did.

 My four year old nephew also finished first in his group.  His brother (age 7) somehow ended up in the wrong group and raced the shorter 6 year old distance so was basically DQ'd. 

Tomorrow is my race.  My sis, her father-in-law, her brother-in-law and wife, her cousin-in-law (husband's cousin) and wife and son are all doing it with us.  My goal is to beat the 76 year old.  Last year he beat me by 34 min.  Ugh.  It is a sprint distance (1/4 mi swim, 16 mi bike, 3.1 mi run).  Last year it took me (with transitions) 2:43.  This year, I'm shooting for the 2 hour mark.  I weigh 30 lbs less and have a better bike.  Weather forecast indicates a break from the heat and I'm in an earlier wave than last year (so not finishing so late).  The run sucked it out of me last year with the sun beating down on me.  Last year I had not yet biked 16 miles when I did the race and was hurting when I got off the bike.  This year, I have hardly ridden less than 16 mi during any workout and a few times recently nearly doubled that.  Last year I did not run ANY of the run leg.  This year, I'm hoping to run at least half of it.  Fingers crossed that I can step it up and git'r done.


  1. Absolute awesomeness! My kids did their first triathlon a few years ago and are looking forward to racing again this summer. Looks like you may have a young Chrissie Wellington on your hands.

  2. What a great family experience - enjoy the race tomorrow!

  3. That's incredible!! Of course you are proud.

  4. I hope they keep their interest.
    Triathlon is such a great sport and something you can do for a long time

  5. That is awesome! Your daughter looks FAST in the run pic! Congrats to you son for being in much better shape this year.

    Well, belated good luck since I just got to your post after your race :-). Look forward to your race report.

  6. I hope you had a great race, it's amazing that your kiddos are already triathletes!

  7. Oh, congratulations to your kids!! I know you have to be so proud of them. :) Looking forward to reading how YOUR race went!

  8. Wow, how awesome is that. You have so much to be proud of.