Monday, June 23, 2014

MMNW + More Motivation?

Well if having to report my MMNW as 173.4 isn't enough motivation for me to reign in my diet then I don't know what is.  Geez - I'm up over 10 pounds from this time last year.  WTF!  Late last year and earlier this year I was the most active (and the most consistently so) that I've ever been and the weight slowly crept on.  I know some of it is less than stellar diet habits that definitely rear their ugly head when I am under stress (life, work, etc).  But my only other guess is that I think I give myself a little extra slack in that department when I burn a lot of calories in workouts (or at least think I do).  So I suspect it was a little combination of those factors and some general laziness that contributed to it.  I'm still way healthier than I have been in the past, but I could stand at least a 10-20 pound weight loss without most people around me even noticing and 30 isn't really out of the realm of what the total loss should be.  Ugh!  Such a daunting task!

For me dieting (both the weight loss kind and the general healthy eating lifestyle kind) has always taken a certain amount of mental energy.  And in the last few months, I've just simply been a little short of that.  I know what to and what not to eat.  I know that if I plan out my meals on paper ahead of time I eat better more consistently.  I know that logging what I eat helps me control the urge to reach up in the cabinet for things that aren't so good for me.  I know that for solid weight loss like I am looking at that I am going to have to create a real calorie deficit (not just the imaginary one I have in my head).  I know that I drink too many calories (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  I know that I don't control portions as good as I should.  But for some reason, even though I've done so in the past (and been relatively successful at it), I can't seem to get myself motivated to put all this wonderful knowledge into action.

So what to do? Some days it is simply "do the best I can".  But I've relied on that too much lately and the scale shows that isn't really working.  Just needed to carve out the time and make a plan and then execute the plan.

In the meantime, Monday was not a "win". I sat in the car listening to a book on cd during my daughter's softball practice.  Should have gone for a run like last week.  Last night was slightly better.  Went to healthplex and lifted weights and walked a little.   Decided I would rather walk outside so we did our usual 2 miles at home.  Then today I stopped by Stephens Lake on the way home and put in about a half mile.  Annoyed that my garmin seemed to be shorting my distance in open water swim mode.  Must leave my left arm underwater too long.

So onward I push towards not completely sucking at the show me games in July. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Popping In - Motivation?

Today I read a nice post from fellow Blogger Joe of Rock Star Tri.  He discussed how often a blog is part of our own motivation.  I agree and for me in the past it has been part of my accountability - I don't want to write down that I ate crap or gained weight or skipped a workout.  I want to celebrate my "wins" - whether that be just getting out there and getting it done or stretching myself in a new distance or a new race.  But often, as with many of us, life sometimes gets in the way.  Blogging is just one of those things that falls by the wayside when things get crazy.  The good news is that everything has been relatively positive  for me - busy with work, busy with kids, busy with other family and friend obligations.  The bad news is that sometimes those blessings are double edged swords - business is good, but lots of work means lots of hours to get it done; children active in sports that keep them healthy means chauffer hat on a lot to practices and games and meets and tournaments; and so it goes.

My workout streak continued until March 28th (from Thanksgiving day).  I had to get a lot of work done that day and then leave early to take my kids to the Missouri State Archery Tournament as both our elementary and middle school teams qualified based on previous tournament scores (proud mom!)  It was down at the Lake of the Ozarks and by the time we got home, I just didn't have it in me to squeak out a workout.  I'm ok with that.  But I'm not OK with the fact that I really did struggle after breaking the streak to maintain my consistency in the months since.

I did treat myself a bit by purchasing a brand new cross bike - a Specialized Tricross.  I got it at the LBS (Red Wheel).  It has a little bit of an odd gearing - a triple that kinda makes noise in the lower and upper gears.  I even took it back to the store to see if something was broken!  And while I was hoping to do some gravel grinding with it (maybe try to keep up with Kate, Luke, Bob, etc), my first several rides were on the road.  But I got grumbles from my husband when I failed to take it out very often in the first months of ownership.  So my first try off-pavement was a relatively easy Katy Trail ride to Hartsburg and back to JC and then on home (and past it a little for a solid 30 miles).  This last weekend I met part of a goal from last year to ride a chunk of the Katy Trail - from JC to Hermann (and then back to Rhineland for 50 miles).  My friend Pranavi kept me company and made the miles as enjoyable as could be.

I still occasionally get out for what Susan and I call our "therapy runs" - where there may be more talking and walking than speedwork, but we come away with having offloaded the worries of our day or week.  And we go with the idea that miles are miles and sometimes the nurturing of our souls and our friendship is more important than the pace.  God bless her!

Spring pretty much came and went without me so much as signing up for a race (since St. Pats).  I was fighting a little bit of a hip issue and bailed on the Maxtrax Duathlon.  Skipped the Cedar Cross (Sapling) because I went to watch my daughter at Little Olympics track meet (she ran the 400 and a relay).  I bagged the Trizou sprint because I hadn't been the pool in ages.  I'm sure there were some other 5Ks and the like that came and went without an entry from me.  Motivation waned as I struggled to juggle it all.  Lately I feel like there is a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel with work, etc.  Daughter is down to just one sport (softball), Scouts is on summer hiatus (except summer camp in a couple weeks) and a couple big trips are behind me.

Oh, what trips you say?  Yeah, I spent Mother's Day weekend taking my son to the National Archery Tournament in Louisville, KY.  We took off after school on Thursday and drove to a dinner stop in IL (just east of St. Louis) and then on to a hotel in Indiana stopping a bit short of the final destination, but not driving too long in the dark.  The next morning we drove the rest of the way, went to Megacavern and did Megaquest ropes course/mini zipline (geez, what a workout!), ate at Wendys and headed over to the tournament.  My son didn't shoot his best round, but it was amazing to see all these young archers in one place.  The next morning we toured the Louisville Slugger museum and headed back home. 

The other trip was a big birthday treat for my daughter's 10th birthday.  She had never been on a plane so I booked us 2 tickets to Chicago (for after school was out as she wanted to get perfect attendance).  It was a bit of a "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"-type trip, but overall my daughter was a total trooper and a fantastic travel buddy.  We saw great art, went out on the ledge at the Willis (Sears) Tower, looked at all the cool things at the Field Museum, enjoyed a day with my sister at the Museum of Science and Industry (and some shopping on the Magnificent Mile), petted the sting rays and looked at all the fun aquatic animals at the Shedd Aquarium, did a 4.5 mile kayak of the Chicago River on an architectural tour (in a tandem kayak with my daughter doing every bit of her share of the paddling like a freaking rock star!), ate tons of amazing food and walked all over.  Of course, daughter got to swim in the hotel pools and such (always funny how big of a deal that can be to kids!).

So much going in life - building amazing memories, making a little coin and staying somewhat active.  I've gone to the Healthplex here and there and done a little strength training, but not nearly as much as the weather got nicer.  I walk somewhat regularly with my tall drink of water husband when time doesn't allow for much else.  But he has been bugging me to do the Show Me State Games triathlon (in 4 weeks!) - and for the first time in a couple years I'm a little nervous about finishing.  The swim really kicked my ass last year.  A recent run in the heat of the evening during daughter's softball practice reminded me how bad you can feel when not heat acclimated.  So I'm probably going to do it (I mean  it is 30 min away and $25!), but I had better get in the freaking pool or lake!

I've put on a handful of pounds and I need to spend some time soon focusing on diet in the coming months and try to peel it back off.  All in good time.  Maybe some accountability here on the blog will be just the motivation needed to get back with healthier habits and more consistency on the exercise front.  If you want, stay on this journey with me.  If not, I still appreciate the opportunity to share my journey with others who might someday look back at this post and realize it is ok to stumble and get back to it.

Will post this for whoever might be out there with an interest.  Be back soon with some great pictures and more adventures.  Take care and God Bless!