Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crazy Busy Week/Weekend

I may or may not be an overachiever:

  • Monday = Up before dawn, make lunches, find dress clothes that fit my skinnier body, bust a move to drive the hour to Osage Beach for conference breakfast (who thought 7 AM on a Mon was a good idea), spend all day at conference, bust move back to town to pick up daughter and take her to first volleyball "game" (no score was kept), then grab late dinner and pick up son from judo lesson and then home to regroup for the next crazy day.
  • Tuesday = Up just slightly before dawn, make lunches, decide to wear same suit different blouse to deal with lack of business clothes, back to the lake, all day at conference (including presentation and panel discussion being one of four panelists), drinks with colleagues, grab Arbys on way back, back home to regroup for next day.
  • Wednesday = Slept in until 6:10 AM, make lunches, back home to shower, up to Columbia to finish proposal on big street job and make copies, deliver proposal in Centralia, back to Jeff City by about 1:30, run around to shop for birthday gifts for daughter, pick up produce box from Stacy, home to wrap said bday gifts, out to dinner (pizza - ugh) for daughter's bday where she opened gifts, then to volleyball practice, then out to ice cream with daughter's friend whose parents were meeting with the guy they are buying a house from, then back home for girls to play until friend picked up and I shoved everyone towards bed.
  • Thursday = Slept in until 6:20 AM, make lunches, back home to clean up and find another "business" outfit (repeated one blouse since different people), catch up on blogs instead of prepping for meeting, fly by seat of pants at meeting with client at 11 (only 11 miles out of town - not bad), back home to continue procrastinating and then pick up children and get through homework, etc.  Ate a light dinner and drug myself out the door for a run (hallelujah - thank God for small miracles).  Took the bank deposit by foot again - 5k better than nothing.  Wasn't feeling it!  Crashed into bed.
  • Friday = Up at crack of dawn again, make lunches, find yet another business outfit (really need to go shopping to fit my new size 12 frame), drop kids at school at 7:08 and bust a move to St. Louis (Chesterfield) for all day seminar on various stormwater/erosion control products (did win a $25 gift card door prize at least), deliver 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to friend in St. Charles (which I didn't realize wasn't really on the way), sat on I-70 for 20-30 min trying to leave town, roll in at 6:55 PM and change and throw my stuff together to leave (after discussing a school incident with my son and one of the science baby chickens with my husband) and head out to the Girl Scout lock in (stopping by Walmart on the way to get a new air mattress because of course the 10 year old one has a slow leak).  Spend night (notice this doesn't equal "sleep") at kids' school with a plethora of giggly girls.
  • Saturday = After minimal sleep due to snoring mom (not me) and noisy air mattresses on tile floors, we got up at 6:10 and ate breakfast (or not as the case may be) and packed up to leave by about 8:00.  Caught up on blogs while my phone charged and then ran out to get goodie bags stuff, craft stuff and groceries for a birthday party we are hosting at 3:30 PM.  It is now 1:15 and the cakes/cupcakes are baked.  The watermelon that she said she wanted with dinner is cut up.  She got all the crafty stuff set out.  Thinking it is time for nap.  Too bad the weather is perfect for a bike ride.  I'm not sure my patience will last on the minimal sleep though.  Better bag the bike for tomorrow.  Oh, except that tomorrow we'll have 15 people for lunch (family birthday gathering).  Ugh - will have to shop for that after church tomorrow as I didn't have my act together to get it done today.
Anyone else need to learn to say "no" more?  I tucked my "supermom" cape into my dirty t-shirt.  Time to at least get showered so I don't stink when the four 2nd grade girls show up to invade my house for the remainder of the day.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Duathlon Practice

After a crazy week at work and a couple of seriously lazy (read "no workout" though lots of "work") nights/days, the beautiful weather told me it was time to kick some ass this afternoon.  I put on sunscreen, sunglasses, my tri top and tri shorts (haven't worn them since last summer and was curious how they would fit with about 25 lbs less of me), my new Asics (with new speed laces) and decided to try out the idea of run, bike, run. 

On April 7th, I'm going to do my first duathlon.  Of course I figured if I was going to pay the money I might as well do the "long course" which really isn't that long in the scheme of things - 1.5 mi run, 15 mi bike and 3 mi run.  They serve pizza from my favorite college hangout at the end so all should be good. 

I haven't done a brick in close to six months (maybe longer?) and figured I should see how sucky it might be now that I'm a little more of a "runner" (ok, "jogger").  I set up a bit of a transition while my husband was preparing to mow.  Then he hopped on the tractor and I turned on my music and went for a short run.  Came back in 13:15.  When I mapped it later, turned out it was 1.23 miles.  Wahoo - that is a solid pace for me - under 11 min/mile.  Even though I had gone to the bathroom right before I changed clothes, I felt like I had to pee the entire time I was running.  So I did a super quick pee stop, shoe change and helmet fastening to head out on the bike (T1 = 1:45!).

Out to the Militia interchange, loop Scholastic, back to interchange, another Scholastic loop, back to intersection and back home via Wakoda - 58 minutes for what was later mapped as 13.67 miles!  Another solid pace for me!!  Yay!  Got back as my husband was closing up the garage from putting away the lawn equipment and was thinking about my watch, him closing the door, whether or not I wanted to get some water - yeah, everything except the fact that my feet were clipped in.  And tired legs aren't as interested in the little twist it takes to clip out!  But just before I face-planted, I got my foot out.  Doh!  With the excitement, I forgot to look at my watch after changing back to running shoes and taking off down the street.  T2 time = ??

Because the du run course is uphill in the back half, I thought heading down to Wavco and back would give me the hill experience on tired legs.  I was hurting and hot at this point though and found my new speed laces were really too tight.  Oops.  Will have to adjust for some swelling.  I was NOT having a good time.  I walked some and ran some and even stopped to try to adjust the shoes a little.  Finally decided to just power through and get home.  I wasn't going that far.  Got back in about 20 minutes for what was later mapped at 1.67 mi (with a long hill on the back half).  I was actually pretty ecstatic to see a pace around 12 min/mi considering that used to be about my top speed and I knew I had not had a great 2nd run.

Things I learned today:
  • It is a good idea to try out gear before race day. - speed laces need adjustment and tri shorts fit differently on my 166 lb body than they did on my 190 lb body and the tri top rides up a little.
  • Had no chafing with my tri shorts last year, but I need some glide on my inner thighs now (this may be due to the change of body size or the change of saddle).
  • I'm stronger and faster than I think I am. 
  • Bricks are less sucky when you don't go too far.
  • I'm going to do just fine at the duathlon - Shakespeares Pizza here I come!!
All in all, it was a little over an hour and half workout and a great confidence booster for the du.  I'm a little sore, but only "good workout" sore - not injury sore.  Will try to get in a couple more workouts this week (schedule willing) and then taper a bit for next week.  Off to a conference super early in the morning so I'd better hit the sack (especially given my 2 AM bedtime after a great girls night out last night).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bank Run + More on Canoodling

First of all, I was apparently really tired when I wrote that post the other morning.  I didn't remember even typing about my extra-curricular activities with my husband.  I didn't realize I had put "canoodling" until I started getting comments about it.  I had to go back and re-read what I had posted.  And then, I totally laughed that no one managed to zing me for calling the post "Another Quickie" with talk of canoodling.  Geez - totally missed opportunity.  Oh, and I have no idea, but am guessing it doesn't have significant calorie burn to count as a workout.  And, no, there are no canoes involved.

So I had the work day from hell yesterday.  Super crazy deadline!  But I got it done (and can't wait to bill them for it).  However, I didn't manage to eat much all day and I was STARVING when I came home.  That pear and a few granola nut clusters I had packed for my breakfast (plus an evil Mountain Dew) just didn't cut it for an all day CAD-drafting-fest. 

My daughter's religion class homework this week was to do a family dinner where she planned the menu, helped prepare the food and decorated/set the table.  So we had chosen Thursday night to complete this because it was the only night we didn't have other obligations this week.  She selected "salad and chicken" for the menu - which meant "frozen fried chicken strips".  Good enough.  She helped me make a couple of really great salads for her parents and then cut up some favorite veggies for her and her brother (they didn't want salad - just carrots, celery and tomatoes).  We tossed the chicken in the oven and she got busy "decorating" with little love notes to each of us - so sweet!  Given my aforementioned crazy (and hungry) day, I devoured everything (tossing two small strips cut up on my salad which was awesome).  I also had a big glass of water to wash it all down.

By the time we cleaned up dinner, it was well after six.  Our bank branch (in Walmart) closes at 7 on weeknights and we had three checks to deposit.  So I decided to run (literally) this errand.  As I've mentioned before, it is about 1.5 miles each way to Walmart.  I got to the bank in about 16 minutes and back in about 17.  The sucky part was that having just consumed the vast majority of my day's calories only minutes before leaving, I got severe stomach cramps along the way and had to slow and walk it off.  I got a drink of water at the bank (as I was sweating profusely) and regretted that immediately when I resumed running.  So not crazy fast, but not bad considering.  Entire errand took 39 min.  Love it when I can take care of more than one thing at a time.

Got everyone tucked in after a nice hot shower with my husband.  There may or may not have been more canoodling.  Too bad I tossed and turned all night and feel a little like death on a cracker tonight.  The boys headed off to Bennett Springs on a camping/fishing/hiking trip with Boy Scouts (my son's first "big" campout since his recent crossover from Cub Scouts).  It has been raining all week so I pray it isn't a total disaster.  It also turned off a bit cool which might be better than sleeping in the warm temps we've had lately.  Me and the girl went to Pizza Slut for cheesey breadsticks and salad tonight (no pizza due to Lent). 

Now she is snuggling in on the couch for whatever Disney or Nick show strikes her and I'm catching up here.  I have some more work to do so I might try to dig into that.  But I might just go to sleep too.  Weather should be bikable tomorrow.  Will see if the girl wants to hang with grandma while I get that done.  I'm kind of sore from pushing my pace a little last night.  Should bust out the foam roller before I hit the sack.  Need to rest up for a girls night out tomorrow night (daughter going to sleepover)!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Quickie

After a really stressful day, followed by a quick stop at the grocery store while my daughter did her volleyball practice, I really wasn't feeling a workout.  But when Stacy showed up, I drug myself off the couch and threw on my workout capris for some KenpoX.  I'm glad I got my sweat on, but I never really got "into" it.  Took a shower and did some canoodling with my husband before finally getting to sleep.  Another crazy day on tap with an insane deadline, so I'd better get the lunches made and get ready to face it. 

P.S.  I'll try to look into Dailymile or similar for workout tracking, but for now the blog serves this purpose.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just for the record

I like to be able to keep track of all workouts.  After a full day of trying to get stuff done (including taxes - gee fun), all I have in me is a quick post.  Stacy came over.  We "Just Danced" and did AbRipperX.  About an hour's worth altogether.  Have been kind of bailing on core work lately so it was a good night to git'r done with the rain.  Just wanted to get it posted for my own records.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Solid Bike Ride

The weather remains crazy warm, but this afternoon was a little cloudier and breezy (but still warm) so I took off on my bike while my dear husband and son mowed the grass for the first time.  As I type this, I think they have now snuck off to the pond to go fishing (I heard our ATV fire up).  Crazy weather for St. Pat's weekend for sure.

Just couldn't face more Scholastic loops like I've been doing so I decided to push myself on the new bike and head out towards the next town over.  I did my usual up and over the Militia interchange and then headed out Algoa/Hwy J/Hwy M through Taos to the intersection with Y and back.  On the way back, I went to make the turn from J to Algoa (short, steep grade) and dropped the chain.  I started panicking because I was in the middle of the road (blind curve) and having trouble getting clipped out and due to the steep grade I basically wasn't moving and started to fall.  Several curse words later, I was on the side of the road and getting my chain fixed no problem.  But it left me a little shaky.  But just after this spot is a seriously sweet (read: LONG) downhill.  Ahhh....wind in my face felt good!

I'd been out for well over an hour and decided I'd just swing behind Scholastic on the way home and skip my usual loop-de-loop.  There was a fair bit of traffic on M, but Algoa was quiet as usual for a Sunday. All in all, it was 18.6 miles according to MapMyRide.  I did it in 1:32 - no crazy speed, but hanging in there.

Got back home and my son wanted me to hop off the bike and walk with him back to Wakoda to return a dog that had wandered to our house that we know lives down there.  So I switched to tennis shoes and went with him for the mile-ish round trip walk.  It reminded me that I need to do some brick workouts the next couple of weeks to prep for the duathlon. 

Hope there is a touch of this weather where you are today.  How was your weekend workout(s)?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck of the Irish 5K

Got my girl up this morning in time to head out to her 3rd ever 5K.  She will be 8 the week after next, but she was pumped to go.  We ran into a ton of folks she knew and she was ready to rock this race.  I didn't hold any preconceived notions because she tends not to pace well and the course had a few nasty hills.  She took off with her cousins (11 next week) and stuck with him for about a half mile (he was going fast).  I never lost sight of them, but they were ahead of me a ways. 

Sure enough, on the 2nd good hill I saw her grab her side and wave him on looking for me.  I caught up to her and she was super upset.  Panicky even.  Couldn't catch her breath with an awful side stitch.  Then we had tears which was followed by complaining about choking on her snot.  Lovely.  I felt like an awful mom, but I really was just trying to talk her down as I knew she could do it.  I was losing patience when finally she managed to shake the negative self talk and run little bits and pieces with me just before the turn around.

Then I'd say things like "How about we run just to that power pole up there?" and she'd get there and say "That wasn't that far, let's go to the next one!"  So why in the hell couldn't she get to THIS mental place a mile ago?  Ugh!  But I took what I could get.  I just wished we could have skipped the drama.  Once she knew the finish line was close (about 3 blocks away), she took off from me in a full sprint.  That girl is FAST!  I couldn't catch up to her and she ended up finishing ahead of me. 

They were reading off times as we came in, but I didn't catch it exactly.  I think they said 39:something which would be a PR for me - LOL.  It will only be because I was trying to catch her at the end.  They haven't posted the results yet, but I know I could have run more than I did (especially the middle mile).  I think I'll find a nice flat race in April to do alone to get a solid feel for what my "non-kid" PR should be.  My running has come a long way this winter and I'd like to have a more accurate measure of it.  But even with all the drama, I'm glad I shared my run with my daughter today.  I was proud of her for sticking it out.

That speedy nephew of mine?  He rocked a 28:11!!  Took third in the 10 and under age group.  AWESOME!!  I'm so proud of him, but he didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal.  Not sure if he could have placed had his birthday been a week sooner.  LOL  The 11-15 had some speedsters.  My goal is to break 30 min.  I know I can do it if I keep working at it.  Probably just in time to see my kids get too fast for me. 

It was super warm and humid.  The rain rolled in and it stormed hard after we got home.  Then this evening we headed up to school for the annual chili supper/art show/music program.  Sat through 2nd and 5th grade songs and looked at the art projects in between.  Dinner would've been much better had we not needed the a/c on in the cafeteria.  Got a nice long sleeve t-shirt (cotton) with the 5K - not that you could stand to wear it today.  The youth shirts didn't make it in so I have to pick up my daughter's at the Y on Tuesday.

EDIT:  Official Results Are In -  Daughter finished in 40:04 for 8th out of 13 in the 10 and under girls age group.  I came in just behind her at 40:14 for 46/57 in the 30-39 women's runners.  A PR by 1 min 35 sec even with my daughter's drama and a course with some hills (previous PR at Pie Run was on a FLAT course). 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Long Run

I have to give Susan some credit here.  I didn't really want to go on a "long run" today.  Yes, the weather was awesome (blue skies, sunshine, no crazy wind, and spring temps).  But my sinuses were fighting to unclog from a fitful night of sleep after I took some meds this morning.  I brought water with me so that wouldn't be an excuse and told her I'd suck it up the best I could.

Before long, we'd walked and jogged and talked our way to the 4.2 mile turn around point on the Katy Trail next to the river.  She snapped a pic of me and then we walked and jogged our way back.  The pain didn't set in as early as the last time we had done this out and back (when it was an accidental long run), but I was still feeling it as the parking lot finally came in sight.  We stretched a bit and shared a nice juicy orange that had come in my co-op produce box this morning and then we headed out on our separate ways.  I'm glad I went even though it was a tough 8.4 miles. 

I foam rolled when I got home and drank some more water plus a light lunch.  Today is early release at school and I have to pick up the kids in about an hour so I think I'll bag the hot shower until after that.  I'm sure the kids will want to head outside to play as it couldn't be a nicer day!

Goofy grin at the halfway point.  Pretty MO River in background.

Monday, March 12, 2012

MMNW Win + 4 miles

Got up in the dark this morning.  Man, the first few days of time change are a bitch!  But I got on the scale and started my week with a minor bright spot - Monday Morning Naked Weight = 169.2!!  Yay!!  I finally broke out of the 170's.  Now to just stay out.  Boo - 170's!

Tonight, Stacy and I hooked up for a run in the (still 69° at 8:30 PM) warm weather.  We did the Walmart 5K+ route (all the way to the end of the street) plus passed my house and went down to the Wakoda intersection and back.  I mapped it and it was just over 4 miles.  Yay.  I'm fighting some nasty sinus crap that is most likely allergies from all the blooming trees and flowers turned into sinus infection.  But since it isn't really in my chest, I thought the run was ok.  I felt a bit wore out, but some of that is the time change still too.  Stacy says she is proud of how much better I'm doing than a few months ago when I asked to walk most of it.  Not sure if I'll ever be as smoking fast as her, but I hope to never be last again (or at least not by as much LOL).

Tomorrow is a "long run" with Susan.  Not sure how much I'll be up for after tonight and this sinus junk, but the weather is supposed to be AWESOME so we're going right after we drop off the kiddos.  Yay again!  Looking forward to the St. Pat's 5K this weekend with my daughter.  Not likely to PR with the nearly 8 year old, but who knows.  She is pretty fast!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Virtually an Ironman?

OK, so it isn't like Mike Reilly will be screaming out my name any time soon.  But I did just spend the last four weeks completing the iron distance triathlon and for that I'm extremely proud and very grateful to Jason of Cook, Train, Eat, Race.  He's been pretty quiet on his blog about the event so I hope he had good participation in this virtual event where for a modest donation to "Shape Up America" you could "compete" for prizes.   And maybe I earn a little extra luck by going over the distance a smidgen.

Today, I finished knocking it out after lunch.  I got on my new bike and headed out for a few hills and a fair bit of flats in the industrial area near my house.  I got in 11.3 miles for a one-week total of 66.4 miles (nothing like a deadline for motivation, eh?) and a four week total of 112.9 on the bike.  Then I headed to the Y to knock out 1000 yards for a four week total of 2.59 miles in the pool.  The Vegas trip had rounded out my three week run/walk total to 34.5 miles so I did no running this last week and am looking forward to having a better blend of the three disciplines in the coming week.  Already scheduled a run with Susan for Tue. :)

Still a very long way from being a real Ironman, but this event was a fantastic way of getting out of my own way and kickstarting my training for the upcoming season. 

Final Totals for CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.59/2.4
Bike: 112.9/112
Run: 34.5/26.2 
Off to send everything to Jason!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost there...

Wednesday night into Thursday morning, we had about a 40° temperature drop with pouring rain and more wind.  So yesterday became a rest day as I just wasn't feeling like fighting it and the forecast was for warmer temps today.  The sun came out, the wind died down some and I clipped in for another adventure in sucking it up.  I cranked out 17.8 miles in 1:27 - no super speed found with the new bike, but not bad as I added the hills back in with four climbs that kicked my butt.   And it is still faster than with the mountain bike even if by a little bit. 

I'm going to finish the CTER 140.6 this weekend.  I'm really glad it gave me a kick start on the bike for this season as I had been slacking over the winter as I focused more on the running.  I just need to catch a quick pool workout and a reasonable bike ride and I'll be able to send all my stats to Jason.  I'm curious to find out more about who all did this virtual event and what they took away from it. 

Regardless, I was happy to make a donation to his chosen charity "Shape Up America" and encourage others to support him as he continues to fundraise for them.  I'm glad that I've finding my way out of obesity and on to a healthier life.  This week I've seen scale numbers that are less than anything I've seen in my 30's and even the latter half of my 20's.  Just have to control myself at the fish fry tonight and get in a couple of good workouts this weekend.  Yay!

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 101.6/112
Run: 34.5/26.2 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kid at Christmas

Like a child who receives a new toy and wants everyone to see it and ooh/ahh and play with it incessantly - I couldn't resist a second ride after dinner tonight.  It was still against the dastardly wind and starting to get kind of dim at the end.  So after I showed my husband how I clip in and out (disappointed he didn't ooh and ahh), I took off for another 6.3 miles.  I wanted to go further, but I didn't have my lights (their on the mountain bike) and I had minimal reflectivity.  I did take a water bottle this time.  Yay me!  Felt like I pedaled hard, but my speed was actually a tad slower (though still faster than on my mountain bike).

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 83.8/112
Run: 34.5/26.2 

Quick "First" Ride

After a few quick errands this morning, I hit the road to Columbia.  Stopped in and checked with the surveyors on a project and then went to the LBS just after it opened.  I loaded up a big ole' shopping bag with new shoes, cleats, helmet, flat kit, extra tube and two ankle strap reflector things.  WITH the 10%discount it was still over $200 - ouch!  But I figure I shouldn't have to buy much else (for biking) for a while.  And the guy who helped me also put my bike on a trainer and gave me basic lessons on clipping in and out (which I got to practice several times - yay).  He also gave me a few thoughts on my fit (though he said I was pretty close already). 

I finished just in time to meet my friend Georganne for lunch.  We had a nice visit, meal, catchup bull session (about both business and personal stuff).  Then I busted a move back to Jeff City in time to go for another crazy ass windy ride.  I managed to clip in, ride, clip out twice (just to see if I could), ride and clip out at the end (almost fell the last time as I wasn't paying enough attention trying to look at my watch to see how long it took me and open the garage door at the same time - oops).  Knocked out 7.7 miles in 36 min give or take so I slightly improved my average speed (though I didn't do the hills in the middle of the ride like I normally do, but was fighting the insane 20 mph winds).  I did totally space taking water and was super thirsty when I got back!

Might go again depending on what homework needs to be supervised.  But I was ecstatic about my "first" ride with all my gear.  I'll try to snap a pic soon, but here are the two big purchases (photos lifted from Bontrager site):

New Shoes

New Helmet

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 77.5/112
Run: 34.5/26.2 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Windy Ride w/ My Boy

Weather warmed up considerably today, but like many times over this mild winter (if you can even call it that) - it got WINDY!  Yuck!  I had a super busy day and was just changing my clothes to go ride when the kids got home.  Son decided to go with since it was nice-ish out.  But we fought the freaking wind the whole way!  We went to the National Guard and back and added one little stub up Wakoda for 5.3 miles.  Not really my plan, but time was limited so it had to do.  Then it was time to fight the crowd at McTeacher night (what a disaster), then hit the grocery store while the girl was at Brownies and then home to get everything else done that had been put off for the evening.  Fingers crossed for more riding tomorrow.  Really don't want to DNF my first virtual long distance tri.

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 69.8112
Run: 34.5/26.2

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Day w/ Dancing & Abs

I had the usual morning antics with getting two kids to school near 7:30 AM (returning to school with a missed lunchbox - grr), off to Columbia to get ready for a meeting that I thought was at 9:00, but no one showed - one person thought it was at 11 and another thought it was on Tue.  Ugh - but managed to catch up on some pending projects (fingers crossed) with the surveyors and a structural engineer friend.  Rescheduled meeting for tomorrow.  Spent some quality time in the LBS looking at cycling shoes, helmets, trainers, flat kits, clothes, etc.  It will be an expensive trip the next time I go (though I'll postpone the trainer).  I picked out a lot, but didn't have my bike with me to verify everything. 

Checked that I was not in charge of kid pickup and dropped some books at the library.  Got home just as they were pulling in the driveway.  Got everyone started on homework, took two client calls and moved another potential project forward.  Cooked dinner (but didn't have time to eat) and headed out to take son to Judo (Parks and Rec - pretty low end, but worth a shot).  Ran some errands while he was there and then picked him up to shuttle to Boy Scouts (didn't realize when signing up for Judo that this would be a conflict because he hadn't crossed over yet). 

Got home and shuffled him through shower and dinner in time for Stacy to come over.  I was pretty tired and sore from yesterday's bike ride so we decided to Just Dance it out for a bit (broke a sweat though) and then do AbRipperX.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm so fingers crossed I can get the bike stuff sorted out and try to crank out some more miles.  I'm fearing not being able to finish the 112 miles.  Takes so freaking long when you are as slow as me.  Unfortunately, tomorrow will also be super busy with two dr appts in the morning, client meeting at 11, checking in with the surveyor on a project that I need topo on asap and getting back to supervise homework before Brownies and McTeacher night (great - thanks for encouraging fundraising for the school with crap food!).  Hate these busy weeks!

Oh, almost forgot - MMNW was 170.4 - a new record low!  Yay!  Better get some rest for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time in Old Saddle

Closing in on the last week of the CTER 140.6 and I'm struggling to get in the bike mileage.  Even with yesterday's road bike purchase, I took my trusty old mountain bike out today when the weather warmed up into the 50's and was relatively sunny (that is, until I got about 2 miles down the road and here came the clouds and wind - ugh).  Today was all about knocking out some mileage.  I did a few hills along the way, but mostly hit the flat-ish stuff around the Scholastic complex.  Frustrating how slow it goes.  It took me 1 hr 45 min to do 18 miles (that included 4 real hills).  I know I was getting tired and sore along the way, but it is still kind of frustrating.

So here are the new CTER 140.6 totals (with a week to go - ack! - knew that bike mileage was going to be tough):

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 64.5/112
Run: 34.5/26.2

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New (to me) Bike

I've been drooling over road and tri bike porn for a while.  But today I took the plunge.  It was pretty easy as a guy in my tri club put on the list serve that he was selling his Cannondale.  Apparently, he bought it from the club VP a year ago, but it really was too small for him and he was trying to decide if he really wanted to get into road biking (had been a mountain bike guy).  Apparently, its first owner was more my size so this all worked out for me.  While it may not be the end all-be all, it was well within my budget leaving me plenty of room for everything else.  And I liked that it was blue.

You can see he had the seat post jacked all the way up and the handle bars twisted up so I'll have to play with fit once Mr. Allen Wrench (aka my husband) comes home.  I will probably have to spring for a proper fit by a trained pro at a later date.  I also have absolutely no gear to address potential flats so I need to make a minor investment there (not so much of a worry on my knobby mountain bike tires when I mostly go on roads).  I also need the appropriate footwear for these:
Yep, it is time to enter the world of "clipping in" with hopefully minimal face planting.  I may splurge on a new helmet too given I am sure my current helmet is older than both of my children.  Then there is the need to find a very reasonable trainer to put it on when weather isn't cooperative.  And, of course, a carrier for my car so I don't have to listen to the husband grumble when I want to take the truck to haul it around.  But once I get everything all figured out, I'm looking forward to time on this:


Book Review x 2

On the plane to Vegas, I managed to get over half way through a new book and some trouble adjusting to the time change allowed me to also finish said book.  It was a pretty easy read and an interesting story.  The book was "The Long Run".  It is the story of Matt Long - a NYC firefighter that while riding his bike to work during a transportation worker strike was hit by a 20 ton bus and severely injured when impaled by his bike's seat.  Given about a 5% chance of surviving with incredible blood loss, his family was prepared to lose one of their many members that night just before Christmas. 

But Matt fought and fought to recover.  With very skilled doctors and tons of committed family and friends, he managed over the next few years to go from near death to returning to the sport of running (albeit never again as fast) and triathlon.  I liked this book for much of the same reasons I liked the other books I've read about relatively regular guys who've been through medical trauma and found their way through sport.  I did not particularly enjoy some of the graphic references to his injuries, but I do understand they were necessary to fully understand all of the barriers to his recovery.  But overall, the book reminds us that with incredible determination and some grace from the good Lord above, the human body and spirit can be incredibly resilient.

I also recently finished "You Are an Ironman".  I had seen some other reviews of this book that were less than favorable and had put it off, but I actually enjoyed this book for the most part.  It basically follows a handful of first time age groupers going after those infamous words of Mike Reilly at IMAZ.  From how and why they signed up through their challenges throughout training and their experiences on race day.  It is not a training book.  It is simply a story that exemplifies why and how many of us get hooked on this crazy sport.  While I understood why the author did this, I found it sometimes hard to follow as he jumped between characters.  It was reading multiple story lines along the same time line, but often I had to stop and think about which character he was talking about and their individual story within the larger story.  I found each story inspirational in its own way - much like I find many of the stories I read on blogs.  I can see how it would be more inspirational to someone who hasn't been on the IM journey though.

I got both of these books from the library in Columbia.  I was not sent these books to review.  Just sharing my experiences with them. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Back...

Hey everyone!  I'm back home now and trying to catch up from being gone since Sunday.  The trip was decent though I was a little disappointed in the weather (umm...warmer in Missouri??? plus crazy wind!!) and the conference was just ok (whereas I had had higher expectations).  My presentations went well and were well received from the comments I got.  I did get out a little bit for some fun.  Happy hour Mon night in a hospitality suite, Tues night listening to a small Irish band play in a pub with one of the guys from my chapter, and Mystere on Wed night. 

But the biggest news is that my weight held pretty well even with the crazy food they served us every day at the conference.  This, of course, was due to the crazy amount of walking and little bit of running I did while out there.  First, my daughter called me Monday morning before school to complain about the way Grandma does everything.  The problem is that with the time difference, it was 4:30 AM for me.  I couldn't go back to sleep so about 5:15 I got dressed and headed downstairs.  Found out the "fitness center" didn't open until six and since I assumed it would be "warm", I decided to run outside.  It was mid-40's so not awful, but not "warm" either.  I ran from the Gold Coast hotel down to the strip and up past Treasure Island and then back.  I pretended it was the RnR Vegas Marathon since it was still dark, but most of the casinos were lit.  I was mildly surprised to see plenty of people and cars out.  The sun was just starting to come up when I got back.  I mapped it last night when I got home and found I covered about 3.8 miles. 

After cleaning up, I headed (in high heels - ouch) from the Gold Coast to the Rio where the conference was being held.  Front door to front door is about 0.4 mi, but the conference center is about another 0.25 mi towards the back of the property.  The first day I walked this inside (Tue it was sunny and slightly warmer so I walked around the parking lots to the back of the conference center).  Plus, of course, there was tons of walking around to find the right rooms for the seminars, etc.  And then back to my hotel at the end of the day (while schlepping my very heavy computer and other crap along).  Blister on right heel from pretty shoes, but we'll say that was another 1.3 miles for the day.

Tuesday, I was smarter by wearing my running shoes to walk to the Rio (and back), carrying my dress shoes.  There was even more walking around inside the exhibit hall (all afternoon), but I won't count that.  Then, I changed back at my hotel and met my friend back at the Rio to share a cab to Mandalay Bay to go listen to music so tack on another 0.4 for that (though he made me take the taxi back to my hotel when we returned as it was 1 AM).  So we'll say the official total for Tue was 1.7. 

Wednesday was another hike to and from the Rio = 1.3 (completely skipped the pretty shoes this day!).  But when the conference was all done at 6 PM and I couldn't get anyone interested in going out, I decided to try to catch a show.  So I walked to the strip (Bill's) to a Tix4Tonight spot and picked up a ticket to Mystere.  Then I strolled up the strip, but missed the closer bridge to go across to TI (the one I planned on taking was closed on the east side for construction) and had to walk further up and double back.  Then after Mystere, I walked back to Bill's and took the shuttle the mile and some change back to the Gold Coast.  I mapped it the best I could and came up with another 3.1 mi for the evening for a total of 4.4 for Wed.

Thur morning, I wanted to head back to the strip to pick up a couple souvenirs for the kids.  I had seen a couple of things the night before, but the shuttle didn't start running until 9 and I figured I'd get there sooner by walking (although it was about a wash).  I did take the shuttle back from Bill's, but even then still covered 2.3 miles.  I won't count all the walking in the airport (though my gate was a hike and a half away from security) or through the hotels and casinos (just crazy how much walking you do).  But in four days, I'll officially call it 13.5 miles.  Holy half marathon! 

I did stop by the "fitness center" Thur morning, but there was only one recumbant bike (no regular bike) and an old man had just got on it.  So now it is time to kick it in gear on the bike.  Too bad the cooler weather followed me home.  I missed a bunch of 60's/70's while I was gone and now the high for today is mid-40's.  I have a lot of miles to cover in the next week and some change.

CTER 140.6:

Swim: 2.02/2.4
Bike: 46.5/112
Run: 34.5/26.2

Finished another book on the plane that will be due for a review plus I think I skipped one I read after Marathon Woman so I will catch up on that next week.  Now to go skim and see what I missed on everyone else's blogs.