Monday, August 4, 2014

Moving right along

Bonus points to anyone who read that post title and thought  of a song from the original Muppet movie. Love Me some Fozzie bear and Kermit.

7/24: Ran 3 miles.  Last day of tennis lessons for daughter.  Cool weather made for a nice outing on Greenway.

Friday rest.

7/26: ran 4 miles.  To Caseys and back. Hot and muggy and just before getting in car for family vacation.  Hiked with family after dinner. 

7/27: spent day in canoe and went for hike after dinner - calling it cross training.

7/28: kids got up early to go trout fishing with dad.  I did another hike with a couple spots of trail running.  Bennett spring state park too pretty for a rest day. "Rested" in truck on way home.

7/29:  3 miles

7/30: 3 miles

7/31: almost blew it off.  Left at 10:45 pm. Did best run pace so far.  Go figure.  3 miles.  Got home in time to register before next price hike.  It is done. 

8/1: rest

8/2: friend Emily just finished c25k and offered to hit katy trail for my 5 miles with me.  There was a fair amount of walking for both of us.  Ended up with 5.4. Then long day working at benefit fundraiser for friend.

8/3: blew off cross training workout.

8/4: got on bike for cross training makeup - 12 miles. Brutal day of school supply and school clothes shopping.  Walked a couple brisk miles in the evening with husband.

8/5: 4 miles with Stacy before work. Way more walking than there should have been.

Getting it done!