Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Morning Run - Shorts Issue

Yesterday got away from me as we spent some time visiting friends and family - and then I finish a total brain candy book which used up the rest of the day.  It was hot and humid so a run wasn't all that appealing anyway.  Usually it is July before we get the 90° at 9 PM kind of weather.  Ugh.  So I decided I would go this morning before the kids got up.  Staying up to read the next brain candy book made getting up a little less fun.  But I knew it would be better than waiting for the sun to convince me otherwise.

I hit the pavement about 7:15 and, thanks to some rain last night, it was 66° (although humid).  I barely got down the sidewalk by our house and I had to turn around.  I had worn the black shorts my sister got me last summer for my birthday once over the weekend, but apparently not while active.  As I jogged to the back of our property, they inched their way down and nearly fell off!  Oops - I knew they were too big, but I thought there was enough elastic to hold on to my hips.  So I backtracked and did a quick change to my tri shorts.  Note to self - need smaller shorts.  I wore capris, tights and track pants all winter that were close to the same size, but for the last several months I have been relying on drawstrings in them to keep them on.  Oops - a hazard of losing weight I suppose, but I need to get that fixed soon as my tri shorts are the only shorts I have to wear now.

So back out the door and down the sidewalk I went.  I had loaded some new music as I was starting to be annoyed with the predictability of my playlist.  I still dislike running for the most part so it helps to have the distraction.  All told, I covered a smidge over 3 miles.  It took about 40-45 min with the shorts change.  But it is nice to have it over with.

Tonight will be full with two extra boys (nephews) coming to spend the night with my son for a belated birthday get together.  We didn't have enough room to include them in his "friend" get together the Saturday before.  I'm sure there won't be as much sleeping as I'd like, but they are good kids and have a lot of fun together.  They are basically the same age (one 2 mo older and one 7 mo younger than mine).  They will be burning up the Wii playing video games or watching a movie on Netflix.  The hubbie is going to make ham steak for dinner per the boy's request.  I guess I'll figure out side dishes today.  Better get some work done too.  I'm behind on a few things.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another brick in the bag

After a few lazy days with the kids to start out the summer (though I did a fair bit of work, but no workout), I decided I wasn't going to be ready for a triathlon in early July if I kept that up.  I did take a couple of walks with the family, but generally this morning was my first sweatfest since Tue.  It has gotten pretty hot the last few days so I decided to go early.  Up, eat a little something, dressed, and out the door before 7 AM.  Rode for about an hour and covered a little over 13 mi (Algoa to Taos, down Liberty, loop Scholastic and home).  Quick potty break and put bike away in order to get going on a short run.  Just down to the end of the sidewalk and back (with the big Wavco hill in there for good measure) and knocked out just under 2 mi.  I really don't like running.  I still walk an awful lot, but I got it done (before 8:30 and it was already 85° and humid). 

We're planning on going down to the river (Osage) with some friends later in the weekend (probably tomorrow) so I'll have to see if I can do my own version of the "endless pool" there (swimming against current).  Have a great Memorial Day everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Run of School Year

Well, today at 1 PM I picked up the kids as they said goodbye to their school for the summer.  Despite 4th quarter's downward trend in grades, the boy (who also turned 11 today) will be passed on to 6th grade though he didn't make honor roll this quarter due to a D in Science.  Oops.  Of course, my sweet girl will be a 3rd grader come August (though is now if you ask her).  She needs to work on math facts over the summer, but had a great report card too.  Both will be home with me off and on all summer and I'm still a bit stumped on how I'm going to manage that and continue to get any work done.  I'm assuming bribery will be involved (plus a couple day camps and Boy Scout sleepaway camp).

But in our last moments of school freedom from our kids, Susan and I went for a little run.  I ran an errand after dropoff and she rode to work (downtown) with her husband so she could add some mileage on.  I met her back at school and ran to her house which was around 3.5 miles for me and probably 5.5 or so for her.  The weather was beautiful and we sat on her deck drinking our water before she drove me back to pick up my car.  Life is good.

Still need to wrap a few things for the boy's birthday and go pick up one more gift and a card when I go to the bank.  Tonight, he decided we're going to Pizza Haus for dinner (local fave).  Will be nice to get to bed early after a late ballgame last night kept us up past all bedtimes. 

Welcome summer - please don't let me wish you away.  Let me remember that it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate a fun last day of school with sodas as big as your head:

We measured and the sodas were bigger than their heads!
Two on left are officially mine, boy on right is neighbor that we share rides with,
but despite his stature is 3 weeks older than my girl.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gravel = Bad, Friends = Good

Well, first let Patrick's gloating begin.  Last week he said that once you start doing bike rides > 25 mi, it is nothing to start doing 30-50.  So when I saw on Facebook that the illustrious Team Virtus was going out for a training ride for their upcoming Dirty Kanza (200 miles), and that Superkate was going to come to Jefferson City to join them - I couldn't resist.  I Facebooked them and asked if I might be able to join in on the fun.  I warned them of my slow mountain bike speed, but they said it would be ok. 

I was a tiny bit scared by the route (MapMyRide Link).  It was longer than I'd ever gone before (34+ miles), it was looped (so not much option for shortening it) and it had a pretty good percent of GRAVEL!  Never mind the THREE Cat 5 climbs (plus at least a few others that were rather steep, but shorter.  But I was all in - we should all do things that scare us a little, right?

Sunday morning, I got up about six (couldn't really sleep for the excitement/dread anyway) and ate a little something to get the colon moving.  Got dressed and made sure I had everything.  I had loaded my mountain bike in the car the night before so that was good to go.  I headed out a little early to make sure I could get the tire back on my bike (has to come off to get it in the backseat) and to not have anyone waiting on me.  It wasn't long until Luke in the Team Virtus van and Superkate pulled up at the same time with Adam not far behind.  Introductions made and water bottles loaded and we left.  Unfortunately, I only have one bottle cage on my mountain bike, but they all said they had more than enough to share with me. 

We headed out and even before we were off the nice packed gravel and flat terrain of the Katy Trail, I thought about calling my husband to come get me or turning around and going home.  Here is a pic Luke took towards the beginning of me and Adam (Adam's banana in bike bag made for some good FB funnies):

But I sucked it up and hung in there.  The first Cat5 climb was on pavement and, although I made it very slowly to the top, I didn't get off to walk my bike.  I can't say the same for the 2nd and 3rd hills.  Gravel SUCKS!  It is harder for me to get out of the saddle and pedal standing up on my mountain bike with nobby tires and regular pedals w/ running shoes.  On one of the particularly nasty climbs, there was some thicker gravel at the bottom and I lost speed before I really even started climbing.  So I walked about 2/3 of it, but when the steepness subsided some, I managed to get back on and pedal the rest of it.  About the same with the 2nd.  Here is a shot Kate took after she stopped behind a tree to pee and the boys got a bite to eat while waiting for me to catch up:

Towards the 3/4 mark, a climb that wasn't long enough to be "categorized" kicked my ass.  I think I was starting to bonk as I had only eaten a granola bar and one bottle of fluid (that was half Powerade and half water).  I couldn't get moving up that stupid gravel and then even when I started to walk the bike up, I couldn't catch my breath and was hyperventilating.  It was ugly.  At the top of the hill, momma Kate and daddy Luke were concerned.  He donated a bottle of water and a Honey Stinger waffle to the cause (both were awesome).  I felt a little better and mostly just wanted to keep going to try to get it over with.  We weren't too far (I didn't think) from some backwoods pavement and I thought if I could just get off the freakin' gravel for a while, I'd be ok.

It was mostly "rollers" from there - both on gravel and on pavement.  Here are some of the pavement ones that when I was so tired, just weren't that fun:
Photo Credit: SuperKate who must have taken this WHILE riding way ahead of me
Luke had to ride ahead to get to work (man he is fast), but Adam and I led Kate back to the start.  I had a couple more hills that weren't fun, but I got through them.  I think in total, I walked 3 or 4.  I decided that I'm not really a "gravel" rider.  Of all the things that hurt, it was my hands and arms that bothered me the most.  I'm sure some padded gloves would help, but maybe just sticking to pavement too.  Not only are the gravel hills harder to climb, but the gravel downhills (and we had plenty of fun on them) were scary as shit!  Felt like the bike was going to come out from under me at any moment leaving me skidding (fast) across the painful gravel.  I don't foresee becoming a permanent fixture with Team Virtus anytime soon, but they are fun to hang around with and I hope to ride some shorter less painful routes sometime soon.

We went just under 35 miles in a little over 4 hours.  Nothing to be impressed with pace-wise, but given the terrain, the freakin' gravel, etc - it is, what it is.  We got back to the parking lot and visited a bit.  Then Kate took off to do some more gravel (though flat on the Katy Trail).  Part of me wanted to go with her, but I was pretty physically done and had my family waiting for me at home.  Here is a shot of both of us at the end that she took:

I got home and cleaned up my bike with a wipedown that was needed after all the dust.  Then I showered - oh, heavenly shower.  Tried to read the paper and dozed off and on for a while.  Then the usual mom duties kicked in and the day was over before I knew it.  Thankfully, today's mom duties include chaperoning field day all day.  The good news is that my station is the roller rink so nothing too strenuous and all in a/c.

Long time since I've updated this and it wasn't too bad this morning - MMNW was 165.2.  This is close to wear I had hoped to be at the end of the "off season", but not 2 months later.  Unfortunately, I've been bouncing around between 165-168 for the last 2 months.  I know I need to dial the diet in and hopefully I can do that in the next couple of weeks as the kids and I kick off our summer.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breezy Brick

Admittedly, I've been blowing off brick workouts since the duathlon in April.  I needed to suck it up and get this done even if not a terribly long one.  So today, after I took my girl to piano and then out to help her dad with a project and before taking four 11 year old boys to see "The Avengers" and eat Mexican for my son's pre-birthday, I headed out on a bike ride close to home.  I did 10 miles in about 46 min which wasn't bad considering it was 90° and breezy (though not insanely humid).  Followed it up with just under 2 miles in about 26 min (nothing impressive pace-wise, but I wasn't feeling it so I was glad to just get it done).  I couldn't decide if the breeze was nice (making it less hot) or mean (having to pedal against it). 

Been enjoying a few min of IronmanLive at IMTX.  The pros never cease to amaze me.  I was excited to see that a local gal that is debuting as a pro today (Jackie Pearce) finished the first 56 mi on the bike in 10th place.  Yay!  Go Jackie!  I also checked to see how Jason and a few other bloggers are doing.  Can't wait to read all the race reports! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching Up

Monday was a rest day after the long bike ride on Sunday.  Tuesday I struck out getting Susan to run with me because of her numerous errands.  I never drug myself out to get it done.

Since it was so nice after school, my friend Tania wanted to take the kids on a bike ride.  My husband and put away my mountain bike (under the stairs in the basement) and I knew the ride would be pretty short so I just went on my road bike.  FAIL!  I was standing (as in still) at an intersection trying to account for the four children while Tania stopped to talk to a neighbor and somehow lost my balance and fell to the other side (standing on left foot and fell to the right which was still clipped in).  All I can say (that isn't profane) is OUCH!!  My elbow looked like I'd run it across a cheese grater and then whacked it on something really hard, my shoulder has a pretty good abrasion and is super sore and I got some minor scrapes on my leg, a bruise on my hip and on pelvis from catching the seat in my crotch. 

I felt like an utter dork!!  Trying not to freak out my daughter who was standing there I tried to shake it off, but holy freakin' hell I was not feeling ok.  Then my son says he's dropped his chain and can't get it back on.  So I had him bring it to me and told him to hold my bike while I fixed his.  Got it back on and just as I was wiping my hands, he was jacking around showing one of the other kids how light my road bike is and was somehow bouncing it on the ground (ACK!) and knocked the chain off of it!  I was beyond annoyed with him as it jammed the chain between two pieces of metal and I finally got it yanked back up and put back into place.  Needless to say, we headed home.  I was severely covered (as in black hands) in grease and the entire right side of my body hurt - all for a one freakin' mile bike ride with the kids. 

Later, I was busy leading a Brownie troop learning all about "Water Everywhere".  On the way home, I struck out with Stacy who was busy at a son's ballgame and couldn't come to run.  So the one mile bike ride was all I got on Tue.  I woke up pretty sore and felt kind of beat up on Wed morning, but there was no way I wanted another week to go by without a swim.  I also hoped it would help loosen everything up to get out moving.  Oh, and I got the new swimsuit from Swimoutlet.com, but I totally struck out on using measurements to try to figure out sizing.  Very depressing. 

So after a morning of doing some work for a surveyor friend, I headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods to see about plunking down the cash for a good swimsuit.  It was the most demoralizing half hour of my life.  It was like the last year of fitness and weight loss hadn't happened.  I tried on the next size up from what I had ordered - nope.  Even though the little size conversion chart on the tag indicated it should be more than big enough.  Tried another size up and it was close, but I still wasn't loving it and I decided that I didn't need to spend $50 on something I didn't really like.  I can go to Walmart and spend $10 on something like that.  I fucking hate swimsuits.  What is it Dicks?  Do you really think everyone who swims for fitness is a size 0?  Ugh - I tried on the biggest one that they had and I still felt like a total cow - too tight in the hips, but saggy in the bust.  Not all fat chicks have boobs you nincompoops!  So I left and put on my baggy, worn out Walmart suit from last year to get into the pool at the ARC.

Now remember that nasty conference call with the pavement....um...yeah...my arm/shoulder/leg was NOT happy about the swimming. But I needed to get it done so I just sucked it up.  I tried to hum, pray, count or do whatever to get the 35-40 min to pass.  I couldn't keep count so I'm guessing at the yardage.  Maybe someday I'll get a sweet watch like Kepa that can count for me.  But I got it done and headed home. 

Hubbie was mowing grass and I chilled out for a bit before taking daughter to softball practice, standing around, coming home and making the kids dinner.  Took my son on a walk with a little running here and there.  We just went around the neighborhood.  And after I got everyone run through the shower and headed towards bed, Stacy came over for a late run (our husbands were at the same Knights of Columbus meeting so we didn't get going until close to nine).  We did a pretty short route for us, but it was nice to catch up with her a bit and get some more running in.  Between the two outings, it was 4.61 mi so not bad at all including a couple big hills.

This morning I totally enjoyed a cut/color/express pedicure.  My gray hair was getting on my nerves (I only have one spot and as it grows out, it looks totally goofy).  It will be nice to rock my pink toenails at the pool next week (probably with kids in tow).  Today is bank deposit day so if I can face it with all the soreness (that I now seem to have all over my body, not just the right side), I will do a Walmart 5K and get that dropped off [EDIT: Got this errand RAN/jogged/walked before picking up kids from school!].  It is sunny and warm and the kids are out of school come Tue at 1.  I should enjoy the peace and quiet while I can.  Might even drop the $10-$15 for a new swimsuit that I don't love, but at least isn't completely too big and worn out.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Kind of Mother's Day

So the way didn't really go according to plan.  Wed I was totally tired after the long bike ride Sun and then longish run/walk on Tue so I took another rest day.  Thursday I just was lazy - another rest day.  Friday I woke up to the most awful pinching pain in my neck and shoulder.  Could hardly move my right arm or turn my head.  Not sure what the heck I did there, but nothing seemed to help.  Hot shower, ibuprofen, massage, rest, etc - nothing.  I barely slept Fri night.  Saturday wasn't much better and I was pretty short with everyone after the lack of sleep.  Decided for Mother's Day to be my kind of day - we needed to hit mass on Sat night.

So here is MY kind of Mother's Day:
  • Halfway decent night of sleep
  • 25.11 mi bike ride across town and back (another length PR - though slightly overdressed as in my mind 50° seemed cool, but jacket wasn't needed)
  • Greeted with flowers, cards, gifts and breakfast when I got home
  • Hot shower after breakfast
  • Chillaxing around the house all day
Life is good!  Happy Mother's Day! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunny Day on Greenway

While my legs had been feeling the long Sunday bike ride, I did do some foam rolling (and resting) yesterday so I could face a run today.  But I had still hoped Susan wasn't up for a "long" run (jog/walk).  So much for my wish to puss out - she wanted to do the point to point on the greenway we had talked about a while back.  We dropped one car at Dunklin trailhead and then drove together to County Park Lake (6.5 miles away on the Greenway Trail per MapMyRide).  The sun was out and shining, but the light breeze was pretty cool and the temps were in the mild mid-70's (plus we had shade in parts of the trail).  Really couldn't ask for a nicer day.  We did a lot of visiting (as usual) and the pace was pretty crazy slow, but we knocked out the miles. 

We ran into another friend of ours out on the trail on her bike (with little girl in bike seat).  She said hi to Susan when she passed us the first time and neither of us recognized her with her bike helmet on and zipping by us.  Then she said hi again as she passed us just before we got back to the Dunklin trailhead and we figured it out is was one of the twins I went to high school/college with that has kids at our school.  Neither of us caught which one though (and I still didn't really get a look - just recognized her voice).  I said hello and asked if she was enjoying her holiday (Harry Truman's birthday for you non-Missourians or folks that don't work for the state and would never get a crazy holiday like this).  She came over and chatted for a few min and we finally figured out it was Natalie.  She said the little one wanted to cut the ride short.  Isn't that the way it goes when you have to take a kid along.  Lots of people out today because it was so pretty.

We drove back to Susan's van and split an orange that I brought and a couple pieces of watermelon she brought and then decided to head down to the Brick House Deli for lunch (reuben sandwich and side salad - YUM!).  I ran a couple errands and then headed home.  Read a few blogs and then mapped the jog/walk and entered it into MapMyRide to finish the gold challenge for the RnR coupon.  If I get the nerve up to enter the RnR St. Louis half in the fall - I can do it for $10 off!  Yay!  Wish I liked running more.  LOL  Early release today so kids are already home and wrapping up homework.  Better go supervise!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy Weekend (Bike Ride)

Saturday was filled with some the usual busy stuff - piano lesson, laundry and more laundry.  My daughter also had her first piano recital (though a low key affair).  I enjoyed listening to the older students who played some nice pieces.  Later in the afternoon/evening, we went to our neighbors' for a birthday party/bbq for their 1 year old son.  I snuck off later to hit the store and then bake a cake for my daughter's party today.

Got up early this morning and was on the road before 6:30 AM.  The air was cool-ish at 70°, but when it later got well into the 90's I was thankful for going early!  I headed east and dropped my chain on a big hill less than 3 miles in.  Grr...Had a bit of a time getting it back on.  Back on the bike and huffed up the next hill, then on towards and around the Capitol and out to the fairgrounds where I turned around and headed back.  Made it up the big hill by the national cemetery (first time ever!) and also up Doehla (steep ass hill just before home - never before either).  I was starting to wish the ride was over and soon enough it was.  YAY!!!  For a total T.i.t.S. of 1 hr 56 min (well, including the chain fiasco at the beginning) and 23.3 miles - my longest ride ever!  Go me!!  Though the thought of adding a long swim and long run plus a few more miles on the bike seemed a bit far fetched.

And back in time for everyone at home to just be rolling out of bed.  I got cleaned up and went right to work on icing my daughter's cake, making fruit salad and green salad, sending dh to the grocery store and getting myself organized for the day.  Before long we were doing hair and getting our dress clothes on for the pictures and hubbub of her first communion.  Thankfully, mass went fairly smooth even with over 40 kids taking their first communion (and all the extended families there).  By 4 PM, we were eating fresh Lee's chicken and biscuits and all the sides we'd prepared followed by a few gifts and cake.  It was hot, but the kids played outside and had a great time.  Dh and I went for a walk after everything was pretty much cleaned up. 

Now it is time to face another week.  Last volleyball game, first softball practice, boy scouts, etc.  Pretty much par for the course.  Will leave you with a pic of my sweet angel all dressed up and ready to go:
Dress was new, but the veil is what I wore when I married her dad. 
They grow up so fast **sniff**

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to the Pool

Because I told Christi to hold me accountable on this, I HAD to go to the pool today.  You see tomorrow I won't go to Columbia (town where I swim) because I have my last "read to 2nd graders" at 12:20.  Kind of screws up the day, but I only got to do it a few other times this year and I know it is important to the kids.  Then Saturday my daughter has piano lesson in the morning and her first piano recital in the afternoon.  Sunday is her first communion (and I still need to prep for that!).  So if I wanted to make it to the pool, today was the day.

Filled up the passes on my ARC card (25 for $82 with my coupon) and slipped into my wretchedly too large swimsuit (from last year - 3 sizes ago! - totally need to order that Speedo) and jumped in.  Forty minutes later, I got out feeling like I had definitely worked out, but not dying or anything.  I was averaging about 2:30/100 (way too much stopping at the wall) so I'm guessing around 1500-1600 yards (didn't really count).  Now that I'm sitting her thinking about it, I do feel it in my arms a little and my abs are pretty sore from last night along with some bammy soreness (butt/hamstring). 

Need to get back on the bike in the next couple of days.  We'll see how tomorrow pans out for that. 

In totally tri-unrelated news, this morning I woke up to an overdrawn checking account because I had put in the wrong date on the online bill pay and sent the mortgage 2 weeks early.  Fees = $56 = FAIL!  Even worse was the fact there was more than enough money in the money market account, but the bills come out of our checking account.  The good news is that my husband didn't yell at me and we decided together to just pay the freakin' house off (we'd been discussing it for a while).  So as of 9:30 this morning - I own this sucker free and clear = WIN!.  Called the bank and since our accounts are with their sister bank, they could just take the money directly from the account and do it right then.  How about that?!  Debt free!  No more worrying about when the bill pay takes it out of the account.  Even called the insurance company and tax collector to send us those bills (since the escrow came off the principal at payoff apparently).  One less thing to worry about.  Nice - I tangled with TWO clients this week about getting paid!  Oh the joys of self-employment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

200th Post!

Guess I should throw a little confetti in the air or something, but it was really just a run of the mill day and this will be a relatively run of the mill post about a somewhat sucky evening run.  But ---blows party horn---ta da!  This is post #200!

Finally got an invoice out on a client that I fear isn't going to pay me, but I needed to at least send it.  The good news is that I didn't have quite as much time as I thought in it when the deal on the land fell through due to haz waste on the site.  Bad news is I still busted my butt to meet tight deadlines and will likely not see the $$$. Spent the rest of the day laying out sewer laterals for a mobile home park.  Good times.  Got home about 4 and ate lunch (oops - kind of late).  Took daughter to volleyball practice (yay, last one - too bad softball starts next week) and then out for ice cream with the team (cone could count as dinner?).  While out and about, Stacy called and said she'd be by a little after 8:30 to work out.

We ran our usual route (though added to the bridge at the bottom of the hill) to make it 4.01 mi.  Yay!  But as heavy as my legs felt yesterday, they felt worse tonight and I was having to walk more than I'd like.  Luckily, Stacy pushes me to run more.  When we got back, we got some water and then did AbRipperX.  OK - so maybe I did more like half of it - 150ish of the moves instead of 300+.  LOL  I'll have to look, but it has been a while since we did abs and I've definitely got to add them back in to my routine.  Oh, and P.S. - I'm now under 3 mi from finishing the Rock-n-Roll challenge marathon on Map My Ride.  That coupon code for the half in October is as good as mine! :)  Now to get the guts up to sign up.

My sis emailed me today that we are just over 9 weeks out from Pewaukee (WI) sprint tri and asked what training plan I was going to follow.  Part of me wants to say "Matty O's No-Plan Plan" - LOL.  But I do think I need to get something figured out so that another six weeks doesn't go by without me going to the pool or something ignorant like that.  This year it won't be about "just finishing" - I'd really like to shave serious time off last year! Weighing 25 lbs or so less shouldn't hurt!  Plus my new sweet ride and the running over the winter should help a lot.  Just need to do more (especially bricks - ugh).  Could I beat sis this year?  Probably not - I might nudge her out on the bike (she just went for her first ride of the season today!), but she'll smoke me on the run (she's been going 3x/week).  My run is stinky weak.  Oh well, she's 4 years older so not in my age group anyway! :)

Today I also started seriously contemplating doing a charity bike ride in early June.  Actually, I've been toying with it for a while.  It is the Tour De Cure with the American Diabetes Association (lost my dad to the disease).  I'd have less than a month to do my fundraising and I can't decide if I want to do the 30 mile ride (which is a bit of a stretch goal) or the 50 (which would be a BHAG = Big Hairy Ass Goal).  I think the furthest I've gone is 19 so far.  Though that is without a break and this is a supported ride so I could take some breaks.  And it is about 2.5 hours away which always adds to the logistics.  Hmmm....the things I will think about in my sleep tonight. 

Back to the pool tomorrow.  Can't let Christi over at Pedestrian Runner show me up this week.  Shaved my legs, etc so I should be good to go.  Though truthfully, my suit is really getting baggy and I need to invest in a new one.  I've got my eye on a sweet Speedo from Swim Outlet.  Not the one with funny butterflies that was Steve in a Speedo's funny photo today.  Nighty night blogger friends.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Greenway 10K+ Plus Deep Thoughts

Couple of things to cover today, but first and foremost was my run with Susan.  Her day off allowed for some errand running and a meetup on the greenway trail.  We couldn't hit the Katy as it rained all night, but the rain pretty much stopped by the time I took kids to school so all was a "go" for the run.  My legs felt kind of heavy and I wasn't much into it.  Plus I tend to slow down to allow for more chatting.  But I went further with her than I'd go without her so regardless of the 14+ min/mile pace, we knocked out over 10K (6.65 mi).  I actually thought it was a bit more, but that must have been from the big hills in the middle (the rest is along a creek which makes it pretty flat).  Really should have carried water with us as I was super thirsty when we got back.  Finished a water bottle and then several glasses of water at our lunch spot (Arris's Bistro - yummy gyro).

Something came up over the weekend that I have been ruminating on.  As all the neighbors were out and about with the garage sales and the nice weather, I got several compliments on my weight loss.  While I realize that losing 47ish (varies a little) pounds does make a difference in my appearance, I hardly think it makes me "unrecognizable".  I also don't believe it makes me "skinny" or "fit".  I am "skinnier" and "fitter".  But sometimes it is hard to take these compliments when I still feel like I have such a long way to go.  I mean seriously - my BMI is still 26.2 - the US Dept of Health still considers me "overweight".  I'd have to drop about 7 lbs to be at the top of the "normal" weight range.  Yes, it used to be 33.4 = obese.  I know it was important to drop this number for so many reasons. 

But I also know  that even though I've achieved some cool things in finishing some events that a year ago seemed so incredulous that my husband told me to drop out of them, I'm still slow.  I'm faster than I was, but I still bring up the rear of almost anything I do.  I'm ok with that (most of the time - still a bit demoralizing), but I have so many BHAGs to accomplish yet that sometimes the compliments rub me a bit the wrong way.  Admittedly, I think I also have a hard time with it because I used to actually be THIN - underweight even as a kid/teen.  My BMI when I met my husband at age 18 = 17.2! 

Some of you that have gone from "fat to fit" - I'd love your perspective on how you handled the transition.  I find it a bit unnerving.  I still try to remember my manners though and just say "thank you" when receiving the compliments.