Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Run (Jog/Walk)

After lazing on the couch for a few hours after church/breakfast with the family, I decided it was a shame to waste a nice afternoon.  It was relatively sunny (for winter in MO that tends to be more gray than blue skies) and warmish (43° when I started).  Yoga pants, Prison Break tech tee, and new jacket with ear band and gloves (which were ditched by the end of the first mile) seemed to work pretty good.  Got a little warm in the jacket - long sleeve jersey might have been enough for all but the first mile.  When the wind picked up in the latter half, the jacket was nice.

I tried to start out strong.  I tried to find a "running" pace that I could sustain without any walking past the Moreau River bridge (first 1.3 miles).  I pretty much found it, but slowed to walk a little to stuff my gloves/headband into my pockets just after this (though pic from on the way back):

Moreau River looking upstream from Algoa Road bridge
(just upstream of confluence with Missouri River)

Made it to the National Guard (Ike Skelton training center just a shade under 2.5 miles from home) in 28:30 (11:26 min/mile).  I was pretty happy with this though I was starting to feel some strain from the camber of the road and being super careful of how I landed on my left ankle (still a tad sore from the fall a couple weeks ago - especially if I turn funny). 

The wind had picked up in the river bottom (or maybe just in general) and the first half of this out & back is mostly downhill or flat (making the return more uphill).  In fact, in the last 3/4 mile I get to go up this hill that I have sometimes referred to as "the Wavco hill" for which this blog was named.  It starts by the HQ for Wavco Construction with a long, though less steep, hill and then steepens to this:

How come pictures never convey steepness of hills worth a piss?
I would have liked to get back in the same amount of time, but I didn't have it in me.  It took me about 34 min to get back or 13:39 min/mile.  I did stop and take the two quick pics and did a fair bit more walking.  Overall, my pace is still so much better than a year ago so I'll stick with my summary of the year as "Progress".
Not going to hit most of my goals for the year, but I still thinking having the numbers was helpful and fun to see how close I could get.  I know there were a few times it got me out the door when I would have rather stayed on the couch (like today).
Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 848.2 mi / 1000
Run: 339.0 mi / 350

HBBC Points: 5 points
Days until Tour De Cure: 153 (FYI - if you want an end of the year charitable contribution deduction, feel free to visit my donation page.  No worries if you aren't able to donate right now - I'll be hitting you up again in 2013!)

Gossip Girl Workout

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  After a day of sitting through a basketball tournament my daughter was playing in, it was time to eat some dinner (with veggies even!) and let the family take off to meet some friends while I got in a workout on the trainer.  I drug a TV tray in, fiddled with the laptop until it finally connected to the wifi through the concrete ceiling of the garage and jumped on the trainer to settle in for a couple of episodes of my current Netflix addiction "Gossip Girl" (I'm on season 3). 

Time still drug on a little, but not nearly as bad overall.  Plus, when there was still part of an episode left after the hour was up, I continued on for another 20 minutes with a slightly easier spin.  I picked up the pace a bit during a Lady Gaga song that was in the show.  I also varied the cadence and tension some - by scene (or three or four) just to mix it up.  I was feeling it a little just above my knees after a while.  Will probably need to get a fitting done if I am going to ride larger volumes, but I need to have some other work done on the bike this winter so I'll probably combine those errands.

I took my shower and rubbed some Biofreeze on my legs and settled back in my fuzzy robe with another episode (ok, or three).  Time to get to bed now so I can get up for mass in the morning.  I'm expecting more of these workouts to come. 

Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 848.2 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 154

HBBC Points: 5.7 points

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mind Numbing

I'm really not sure whether riding the trainer is doing more for training my body or my mind.  Because holy hell - is it boring!  I need to figure out a way to set my laptop up next to the bike so that my ear buds will stretch far enough.  I didn't spend a ton of money on my trainer and it is a bit loud so I think the ear buds will be necessary.  I think an old school wooden TV tray that I have will do the trick, but I didn't think of it in my early morning haze today.

Backing up a little:  Christmas day turned gray and cold and windy.  I was busy from the time I got up until nearly dark with gift opening, 8 AM mass, food prep, family lunch/gift opening, family visiting, etc.  I had full intention of doing the virtual 5K, but as it got later - my motivation waned.  My husband said he was going to go for a walk before it got dark and I decided to go with him.  My sis-in-law joined us.  Man it was cold.  Wished I had on my running tights under my jeans.  But it was great to get out and move - even if just a tad over 2 miles at a brisk walk.  So much for a 5K.  Time with family is so important.  Did spend quite a bit of time after we got back cleaning up the mess from having 7 adults and 8 children in our house all day.  We kept the meal simple with soup, chili, hot dogs (for kids) and mini-sandwiches.  I did get a few veggies in since I had talked my father-in-law into bringing a veggie tray.  Still way overate though - my gut wasn't right all night.

Yesterday I tried to get up and moving pretty early as I am way behind on a project that needs to bid early next month.  I went to the office and got to work on the specifications.  I spent most of the day on it, but lost motivation late afternoon and started surfing blogs.  Oops.  I did work on another project that a contractor had called on for a bit.  But it got late on me fast and I headed home for dinner (having skipped lunch and was totally starving).  A couple bowls of leftover chili and my tank was topped off, but I still had stuff to do around the house and then chilled out with Netflix.  Should have worked out.

Got up early this morning and jumped on the trainer by 6:30.  I drank a bottle of water while on it and listened to music.  I spent an hour talking myself out of cutting it short.  I played with resistance some and cadence some and tried to distract myself with the music and thinking about what all I need to do today.  But in the end, I was super glad when my watch said my hour was up.  Got showered up and sent my husband off with my daughter for an early basketball practice.  She is in a tournament this weekend and I nearly spaced that her practice was at 8:30 this morning.  It is hard for me to grasp that it is Thursday already!  Decided to stay home and work for a bit (surfing the blogs first of course - LOL).  Need to get a couple invoices pulled together so I'd better get at it. 

Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 830.9 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 156

HBBC Points: 4.3 points

Monday, December 24, 2012

First Trainer Ride (etc)

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  I've had a busy week as I'm sure most of us have.  My crazy procrastination is getting the better of me as my last package from Amazon is stuck somewhere between Lenexa, KS and Jefferson City, MO (though UPS is still showing a delivery of this afternoon).  But I did spend most of an afternoon/early evening getting everything else wrapped.  I baked cookies with my daughter (3 economy tubes of dough - I just wasn't into mixing them all up).  I gave myself a break and didn't fret over the cards not ordered or sent.  I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that Christmas is tomorrow and whatever will be, will be.

Didn't get a workout in on Wednesday, but had planned to run with Susan on Thursday.  That got nixed because of a storm that included high winds and "wintery mix" (snow/sleet/rain).  Not fun.  I had all good intentions of doing some kind of indoor workout, but I punted.  Friday, the weather was nicer, but I traded the time I could have danced around the ice patches for watching my kids' Christmas assembly.  When the kindergarteners sang a song about Happy Birthday to Jesus, I teared up for all the families who don't have their precious, innocent children with them this Christmas.  I ran a few more Christmas errands and then headed to pick up the kids (early release).

But Saturday, my daughter had basketball practice at a school across town (St. Joe).  Her regular season is over, but they are combining with another team for a tournament next weekend.  They were going to have 1.5 hours to get to know the other girls and practice with the higher rim height (the tournament is at schools without adjustable heights).  Thankfully, Memorial Park is across the street from the school and it has a nice paved trail.  I had arranged to meet Susan for a run there, but she bailed that morning because it was her son's birthday and she needed to do some errands to prep for the party. 

The City web site says the park has 1.1 miles of trail, but that must include some of the little "spurs" because the loop we took measures out on the GIS more like 0.6.  Anyway, I talked one of the other moms into joining me for a long walk.  We got in about 3.6 miles with a lot of visiting that made the time fly by.  Then we walked back over to get the girls and go home.  It wasn't what I'd call a super cardio workout, but it was better than sitting on my butt and with my ankle still feeling sore, probably a good move.  I only had pain one time and it was when I came home and torqued it a bit taking off my shoes. 

Sunday was so busy with church, baking, visiting some family friends, etc - that there was really no time for a workout.  I guess I could have done squats while cutting out my cookies, but I didn't.  So I got up this morning before anything else could get in the way and knocked out my first trainer (bike) ride.  My husband set my trainer up in our downstairs garage which was pretty chilly (it was 20° outside, but probably about 40° or so in the garage).  I wore a long sleeve shirt and tights.  I liked the warmth on my legs, but think I'll go with short sleeves next time.  I never did get dripping wet, but I dabbed my face with my sleeve a few times.  I kept the resistence about the same, but varied the cadence some.  I listened to music, but think I'll try movies on the laptop next time.  I was really watching the clock.  I don't have a way to measure "distance" on the trainer, but since I average 13 mph on most rides, I'll go with 60 minutes = 13 miles.  Ankle felt good most of the time save unclipping (OUCH).  Having some issues with numbness in my toes while riding that I'm not sure the cause.  Any thoughts?  Cleat position?  Bike shoe fit? Hmm....

Really want to do the Christmas virtual 5K tomorrow like I did last year.  We'll see if the ankle is up for it.  I bought a cheap brace the other day.  I'll see if that helps.  Weather is supposed to turn crappy though.

MMNW = 161.0 (no luck keeping the loss from the flu with all these goodies around, but happy that it hasn't gone higher). 

Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 817.9 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 159

HBBC Points: 4.3 points today + 3.6 for Saturday

Merry Christmas to one and all! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tight on Time (SUAS)

I got up early enough this morning to shave all the appropriate things in order to hit the pool this afternoon.  But I got hung up a little at the office helping the surveyor fix an easement description (I really should have drawn the easement centered on the sewer instead of offset by 2').  I was really tight on time and briefly thought about skipping my workout, but decided to suck it up and swim (SUAS).  I decided that I would knock out 1000 yards come hell or high water. 

I fought my way across town, ran into the ARC, stripped and put on my suit in record speed and headed to the lap lanes.  I did 20 laps (1000 yards) in about 25 minutes (yes, I know I am slow), jumped right back out, dressed while still basically dripping wet and dashed out the door in order to get home with 6 minutes to spare in leaving to take my daughter to her piano lesson.  Speed limits may or may not have been violated.

I felt a twinge in my ankle the first lap or so, but that quickly subsided (though I probably didn't kick as hard after that).  Will have to continue low impact exercise this week.  Crossing my fingers I can take a short bike ride tomorrow afternoon.  Temps aren't supposed to be all that bad, but 50% chance of rain.  Luck be on my side!

Swim: 15,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 165

HBBC Points: 2.5 points

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dangers of Trails

The alternate title to this post is "Best Laid Plans".  The weekend didn't really go as planned.  I helped my son work concessions for Scouts at the basketball games on Saturday morning for 3 hours.  Walter bailed on our afternoon bike ride because of 30-40 mph wind gusts.  It also didn't seem to warm up quite as expected (though there was a touch of laziness as I ran through five loads of laundry while sitting watching Netflix on my laptop).  Band concert was fine on Saturday night followed by pizza date with my boy. 

But Facebook discussions between the Team Virtus folks looked like I might be able to have some fun running the trails out at Binder Park on Sunday morning.  Then I realized I had to do mom duty of shuttling the boy to/from church to serve at 8:30 mass.  Oops.  Oh well, Kate was getting up early to drive in from IL and join Bob and Lukas for some miles so I thought I'd try to catch the tail end - maybe the last hour or so.  I hadn't run out there since the Kicks in the Sticks on my birthday in August. 

It had rained a little bit and the rocks and mud were a little slick.  I called just as they were starting the yellow trail (probably about half way through 13.7 miles).  Bob had peeled off after 9 or so.  They were running it counter-clockwise so I told them I would park near the start of the trail and go clockwise until I met up with them.  About 5-10 minutes of carefully making my way (mostly walking) along the trail, I heard Kate and Lukas talking.  I cut through the woods and caught up only to find poor Kage looking like she was in serious pain (hip issue).  She decided to hobble back slowly while I ran along with Lukas. 

It was all I could do to keep up with him even though he wasn't doing a blistering pace.  To some extent, the unsure footing of trail running is a blessing because the pace is naturally slower.  I tried to watch where he put his feet.  We chatted a little and ran to just the sound of my heavy breathing the rest of the time.  A couple miles in, I rolled my left ankle and went down HARD!  It was on a section of trail that runs right next to the lake, but thankfully I didn't fall into the water.  I tried to suck it up and get right back up, but I was hurting.  I walked it off for a couple minutes and then tried to ease into a slow jog and finished up the last half mile or so.

When we came out of the woods and could see Kate gimping across the causeway, I decided I would not run the next 3+ miles back to their cars (over hill and dale), but offer to walk Kate back to my car and drive her over to hers.  She went up to where they had stashed some Gatorade at the park entrance and then turned around and slowly gimped back to my car.  She could barely walk and was knocking out a 44 min mile pace at the end.  It was rough to watch.

We sat in the car and chatted until Lukas showed up.  We cheered him in and Kate got ready to head home.  She mentioned needing to find a Walgreens so I told her to follow me that there was one that was pretty close.  Once there, I verified she knew where she was and how to get back on the highway to get headed out of town and then went on home myself.   I ended up running for about an hour, so I'm going to go with a guess of 3 miles. It might have been a pinch more.  Failed to take any pictures even though my phone was in my pocket.

As I washed the mud off my hands at home (having gotten pretty dirty on the fall), I found a pretty good bruise on my arm.  Here is what it looked like today:

And my ankle really started throbbing.  It isn't as colorful, but a little swollen.  I stayed off of it most of the rest of the day, but I woke up this morning feeling sore in all sorts of odd places.  The ankle is still very sore so I don't think I will be running much this week.  Will have to see if the weather cooperates for a bike ride or if it is finally time to set up the trainer.  Or maybe I can get to the pool tomorrow.  Lord knows I am long overdue a swim.

I had planned on doing some kind of Jingle Bell Hell, but unless you count this half ass trail run with a good fall in the middle - I didn't quite get it done.  Trail running is more fun in some ways, but it definitely is more dangerous in some ways too.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000
Run: 334.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 166

HBBC Points = 3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Easing Back In

I'm still getting over the last of this nasty sickness, but it had been weeks since Susan and I had gotten out for one of our long slow runs.   I was hoping that we could ease back in with something short and sweet.  She got a head start on me, but let me catch the tail end of her outing on the greenway and then added a little walking/jogging for a couple miles with me.  Then we did some Christmas shopping and hung out at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble catching up with each other.  Then she split off to do some grocery shopping and I continued on with chipping away at my Christmas shopping. 

I got home shortly before the kids got out of school.  Once they got home, I took off to run to the bank and make a deposit.  That made for about 5 miles total today.  Not bad considering I'm coming off of almost two weeks without exercise. 

Weather is supposed to continue to be unseasonably warm so I might be able to squeeze in a ride this weekend.  I thought I was going to be on mom duty and told Walter I probably couldn't go, but now it looks like my daughter is going hunting with her dad.  I need to text him and see if it will work out to squeeze it in between running my son to/from his scout service work in the morning and his band concert in the evening.  Fingers crossed!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000
Run: 331.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 170

HBBC Points = 5

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 In Review (Miss Zippy ?'s)

The kids are back at school (finally) and I'm slowly feeling somewhat human again (though fighting residual congestion and a few digestive issues).  I had the most amazing MMNW yesterday - holy crap!  I weighed 156.6!  I've lost like 10 lbs since the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I know it won't last when I can start eating again.  I've been living on a fraction of my normal calorie intake (though I haven't exercised in over a week).  Yesterday I tried to get some work done (spending about half the day on the phone with clients and contractors), but couldn't stray too far from the bathroom so I stayed home except for one brief meeting in the late afternoon.

So with no workouts to discuss, I wouldn't normally have much to post about.  I'm pretty sure no one cares that I rewatched three seasons of Vampire Diaries while sick.  But then Miss Zippy posted her annual questions to reflect on the previous year of running (or whatever you do).  So thanks to her, I get to crawl out from my flu hibernation and share some thoughts.
  • Best race experience? Pewaukee Triathlon (Wisconsin in July) - I struggled a bit on the swim, but still only came out faster than last year on what everyone seemed to agree was a long course, had a good T1, a solid bike, a good T2 and held it together on the run to shave a ton of time off my first triathlon (same race 2011) and beat my sister by 5 min.  It was such a moral victory for me - such a sign of how far I'd come. 
  • Best run? Just about any of my runs with Susan on the Katy Trail.  The first time she "accidentally" made me go 8.4 miles - but later we did that distance more regularly (and on purpose) and it got easier.  It was gorgeous in the fall with the leaves changing in the cool air and sunshine.  The turnaround is a gorgeous overlook of the Missouri River that regularly reminds me how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful part of the country with a wonderful friend who helps me get out the door for long, slow ass runs (aka "therapy").
  • Best new piece of gear? My "new to me" road bike - I've almost mastered clipping in and out (still occassionally fall).  But I've LOVED riding it this year.  I think 2012 may be the year I fell in love with cycling and this bike definitely played a part in that.
  • Best piece of running advice you received? Can't think of something specific.  I feel like I get a lot of good advice and support in general from my online friends.
  • Most inspirational runner? Sister Madonna Buder (aka "Iron Nun") who completed IM Canada at age 82 in 16:32!
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Progress.
I had a lot of ups and downs this year, but I feel like progress was made even when I struggled.  I am looking forward to seeing what 2013 will bring (besides a new age group).  I'll be doing some thinking over the next month or so and trying to figure out what races I'll do in addition to tackling my first century in June. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Death on a Cracker

So a week ago Wednesday, I got the call my son had a fever and needed to be picked up from school.  He suffered with the fever and nasty cough/congestion through Sunday though still has some sniffles.  When my daughter came home from church on Sunday, she didn't even take off her jacket and crawled in bed.  Yep - flu struck her too.  She missed the whole week of school with a fever, crazy cough and a little vomiting.  Still fighting it tonight.  And, of course, starting Tuesday evening - I joined in on the flu fun.  I feel like death on a cracker - like I've been beaten up or in a car accident.  Ugh!

The bad news is that I haven't gotten any exercise this week.  The up side is that I saw a very low (for me) number on the scale this morning because I haven't really felt like eating much.  We are probably going to miss out on running the Jingle Bell Run on Saturday.  This totally sucks!  Fingers crossed we can all go back to school/work next week because I have clients that are not all that happy right now and I am running seriously behind.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Hopefully one with less aches and normal temps.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sick Kids/Quick Evening Run

By the time we got home from mass this morning, my daughter was looking all worn out and sure enough she was running a fever.  She tucked herself into bed without even taking off her jacket and promptly zonked out.  She got up and we made the executive decision to keep her home for the day.  So no basketball game and no trip to the farm and no parish fall supper.  Instead, she rested a bunch more and then we had a Christmas movie marathon.

In the meantime, my husband and I finished adding some Christmas lights/decorations outside (sweating in the 70° temps).  Then he left for the farm and I did some laundry.  Pretty low key day here.  The kids took some medicine and were feeling a bit better (the curse of medicine for children because they don't think they are sick anymore when the symptoms have abated and seem shocked when they come back) - so they called dad to bring takeout from the fall supper.  By 7 PM, they ate a little of the food brought home, but there will be plenty for tomorrow.  In all likelihood, I'll be home with one or both of them - depending on the fevers.  Ugh.

But just as I sat digesting the 2.5 pieces of fried chicken I'd had for dinner, Stacy called and asked if I wanted to "Just Dance".  I try to save that type of workout for the nasty weather days and at 8:00 PM, it was still in the 60s!  So we decided to go for a short run after a small arm twist (her getting me out the door - not so much skipping the video game).  I really wasn't feeling it, but I slogged through.  We ran to Walmart (top of hill) and back for 3.3 miles.

I did better on veggies today at lunch (squash/mushroom stir fry), but I don't consider the corn and mashed potatoes for dinner a "good" thing.  And donuts for breakfast wasn't a good one either.  So I still consider it a freggie fail.  Tomorrow is a new day though.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000
Run: 326.0 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 181

HBBC Points = 3.3

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kick Ass Bike Ride

Otherwise known as "The Ride that Kicked My ASS!"  Holy. Freakin'. Crap! Walter, Brie and I met late this morning and knocked out 31 miles.  Boy am I feeling it!

First - the temperatures:  I thought it was supposed to be sunny and warm.  It was overcast and super windy.  It felt cool when I was getting my stuff together so I thought I'd try out my new bike jacket (came FedEx yesterday - yay!).  I also wore tights.  And full-fingered gloves.  Oh yes - have I mentioned that I have no idea how to dress for biking this time of year.  And then, it snuck up to almost 70°!  Can you say "Overdressed"?  The up side was that my new jacket wicked all that sweaty nastiness away.  But the whole inside felt damp when I took it off almost three hours later!  And my face was crusted with salt.

Second - the wind:  There was one section that was actually a slight downgrade and then flat that I was pedaling my ass off just to maintain going forward.  It was crazy how awful having that in my face felt on my legs.  The good news is that the wind was from the south and that overall the loop was mostly east/west.  But there were also a few times that the cross-wind felt like it was going to push me right over.  And you absolutely could tell anytime we were going south.

Third - the hills:  Oh, the hills!!  Jefferson City is actually known around here for its crazy hills.  I remember when I first started working at the City in 2002, I asked what the maximum street grade allowed was and the public works review engineer said that they had to take a specific number out of the standards, but that they were pretty happy with anything under 20%.  But of course, what fun would it be if we didn't include some doozies on our ride.  Walter says they build "character". 

First, we took "Seven Hills Road" from the Ellis parking lot - so right off we had to climb a few crazy steep ones.  Then we may have broken the 30 MPH speed limit going down Eastland.  Then up and over through the East McCarty rock cut.  Then up the High Street hill.  Later we did the East Capitol hill with a loop-de-loo around the state archives building.  But the real boogers were around Binder Lake - I'm not sure which was worse, the never-ending uphill or the terrifying downhill with a sharp turn to the left at the bottom.  Then climbed more hills coming out of the park heading towards St. Martins.  And down/up, down/up, down/up, down up, all the way back to the start.  One lady putting out her wreaths on Old Lohman Road saw me at one of my huffing/puffing moments towards the top of a hill and said that there was only one more "bad" hill - little did she know how much further we had to go.  Because then we turned on "Rolling Hills Road" and there was more "character building" to be done.  By the time I was cranking up the last big hill on Hwy C, I was so freaking sick of the wind and the hills.

The bad thing is that I start to not enjoy the long downhills because all I can think about is having to crank back up the other side.  But I just keep cranking away.  That's all you can do.  But I'm feeling it tonight.  Oh how will I ever build up to 100 miles?  Probably the same way - just keep cranking away.

Eating is still crap.  Going to try to plan out a menu (I seem to do better that way) tomorrow afternoon while my husband sets out his hunting blind for muzzleloader season that starts in two weeks.  We are all heading to the farm and then to the parish fall supper down there.  Nothing like the Catholics and their fried chicken to fatten a girl up.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm again.  Maybe I can get a short ride in after church and before the basketball game - that is, if I can get out of bed and walk without gimping tomorrow.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 804.9 mi / 1000 (WAHOO - over 800 miles!)
Run: 322.7 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 182

HBBC Points = 10.3

P.S.  FedEx man also brought my new bike trainer and riser block.  Yay!  As soon as this crazy warm weather is over, I'm totally setting that baby up.  So what if it was supposed to be from "Santa" - kids saw the package so now it is just a gift to myself.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick Mileage Update

Still failing at getting in the fruit and veggies.  Will try to come up with a plan of attack for next week - you know, the whole "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" crap and all.  I have plenty of stuff to choose from in the fridge - just gotta figure out how to get it all in. 

Went to my daughter's basketball practice last night and actually got a couple of the other moms to walk briskly with me for just under an hour.  For the last ten minutes, they went to watch the girls finish their scrimmage.  I turned on my tunes and ran a half mile trying to keep up with this lady that looked about 5-10 years older than me that didn't seem to be working hard, but was much faster than I had figured.  I really don't enjoy the 1/16 mile track around the upper deck of the Y basketball courts though.  But it was fine while chatting and for only 8 laps.  I'm calling it 4 miles though I didn't track bazillion laps walking and talking.  Pretty hard for me to not walk 3.5 mph though.  No bike time though.  HBBC Points for Thursday = 4

Today, work is really busy and then I'm taking my surveyors out for happy hour to thank them for all they do to keep my business alive.  I won a gift card to Outback at a conference recently and my husband had one from a company Christmas party (like 2 years ago) and told me that is what I should do with them.  Doubting I'll feel like workout after that plus the drive home in the dark.  Kids will be home alone for a couple hours so I don't really want to ditch them again right after getting home.  Poor boy is still home with a fever, but he is old enough to manage without mom today.

But tomorrow the weather is supposed to be lovely and Walter has already organized a bike ride around town.  He has another planned for Sunday, but it is during my daughter's basketball game so maybe I can go alone afterwards since the weather is supposed to be in the 60's (yay!).

Forgot to update my yearly totals the other night so this is as of today: 

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000 (gee, what does a pool look like?)
Bike: 773.9 mi / 1000 (if all goes well, I cross 800 miles tomorrow!)
Run: 322.7 mi / 350 (closing in on this one!)

Days until Tour De Cure: 183

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Freggie" Fail haven't had a good week.  Monday - total fail.  Ate no produce (fruit + veggies = freggies) and got in no workout.  I think the FB participation points are stupid so I am not tracking those so HBBC points = 0 for Monday.  And don't even bring up MMNW.  UGH!  Not a pretty number.

Tuesday was another freggie fail, but at least basketball practice gave me about an hour to get in a mile on the treadmill (broken into two 0.5 mi because I had to pee as soon as I started running - what's up with that?).  I then realized I had failed to change bras and the one I had on was not going to work with running.  So I switched it up to the stationary bike and sweated for 30 min (7.6 miles).  HBBC points = 3.5 for Tuesday.

Wednesday, I barely ate because work was getting the better of me and then I got a call that son was sick at school (fever).  Ugh.  Self-soothed with ice cream on the way home and then shared a dinner of chicken strips with the kids all while trying to pull everything together to lead a group of Brownies (scouts) through learning the "Wonders of Water" (a multi-session deal - how do I get myself signed up for this shit?).  I did some more "escaping" into the TV last night and, no - not while doing the "Workout of the Week".  HBBC points = ZERO for Wed.

Home with sick boy today.  I'm feeling down and out myself though mentally, not physically.  I was touched by Deb's post about soothing with food because I've been feeling like that a bit today.  I did manage to restock my fridge, but instead of cooking up something good for me - I tried to finish off the last of the leftover chili for lunch (blech) and topped it off with a Coke and a handful of Cheetos.  At least there is basketball practice tonight - maybe another quick run/bike session will make me hate the world a little less.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to "Normal"

After six days of not working, tomorrow it is time to get back to "normal" - otherwise known as the "controlled chaos" that is life with busy children and two working parents.  I'm sure my clients will appreciate it too.  All of our visitors have come and gone - which is good because our living room looked like a fraternity house with all the sleeping bags last night.  But after breakfast, everyone took off for home and we were left to clean up and rest up after being out late last night.

Before long, it was time to get ready to meet my friend Walter for a bike ride.  Since it was in the mid-50's, we decided we should get in some miles.  Bruce showed up too and we headed north from Holts Summit up past New Bloomfield on Old Hwy 54.  Then crazy Walter had us jog our bikes across Hwy 54 through some weeds and onto the outer road on the other side and head back like we usually do on the end of the Fulton loop.  We ended up back at the plaza with only having done a little over 15 miles so Walter wanted to go further, but Bruce wanted to get going so we did a quick 3 mile loop down to the fire station for a final total of 18.3 miles.  I should have pushed for the longer loop as I felt like I had more in me.  I came home and shot hoops with the kids for 30-45 minutes (call it 1 point since I did a lot of passing off to the kids).

Now the family is chilling out watching "Elf".  The Christmas season has officially started.  My husband and kids got the lights on the house while I was gone.  Guess I'd better get out of denial and figure out a plan of attack for the season.  I hope Santa brings me some nice gear (I've been shopping for a trainer and a convertible cycling jacket).

Last night's "dinner": chili, hot dog and lots of other snacks, a few margaritas
Last night's "exercise": based on how sore my feet/legs (and everything else) were when I went to bed, I definitely got my sweat on while dancing at the birthday party.  I'm going to call it 2 points since it was a lot of dance hard and then rest, snack, visit, etc.

Breakfast today: peanut butter & banana sandwich
Lunch today: leftover chili with cheese; half cup grape juice
During bike ride: bottle of Gatorade
Dinner today: Culver's bacon deluxe cheeseburger, fries and Mountain Dew (can you say "undo")
Yep - no produce point today.

HBBC: 2 for dancing last night, 6.1 for bike ride, 1 for basketball = 9.1

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 766.3 mi / 1000
Run: 317.7 mi / 350

Days until Tour De Cure: 188

Saturday, November 24, 2012

"What Did I Just Do?" = 2013 BHAG

I recently chuckled to myself as I read this post on a blog I follow called Daily Trainings.  It is about how a lot of times you can guess the general content of a post by the title and how we often try to come up with something "catchy" folks will want to read.  As I clicked the "Register" button yesterday for next year's Big Hairy Ass Goal, I chuckled again and decided I would use one of his first "obvious titles" = "What did I just do?"

A little backstory:  in 2010, I lost my dad to an awful disease.  He was 66.  He was diagnosed in the mid-1950's (age 10 I think) with Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent).  He was told to live his life the best he could, but that he'd likely not live a long time.  I think early on, he lived like any day could be his last.  He told me one time, that is what made him a great cop.  He figured he didn't need to fear death because he was already living longer than expected.  I think he married my mother and had his 2 kids because he figured it was his chance to leave something behind.  He became an attorney in 1979 because he figured he could do that job from a wheelchair if his health became too bad, but he could still feel like he was on the "right side of the law".

But after 19 years in a bad marriage, he couldn't take it any longer and left.  It was also when he had some of his first major kidney problems (1986) and he remarried later that year.  Then, when I was in college (1993), he had his first stroke.  Somewhere in there, he also developed neuropathy (loss of topical feeling) and retinopathy (eye issues).  He also had some heart trouble.  In 2007, his kidneys weren't functional enough to avoid dialysis.  A stint was put in and he started treatment 2-3 days/week.  In May 2009, he went completely blind.  This disease took the man I adored slowly away from me.  I lost him in what felt like pieces being cruelly cut away. 

Dad and Stepmom: taken Jan 2009, shortly before she was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Can see his port bandage sticking out of his shirt.
When his wife passed away in Dec 2009, I think he gave up.  His moments of lucidity were fewer and further between as the kidney disease ravaged his once incredibly gifted mind.  And when his nephrologist finally said "We give people dialysis so they can live, not make them live so we can give them dialysis" - my sister and I finally decided it was time to let go.  We discontinued treatment and by the next day he was in a coma and the following day he was gone.  And part of me was thankful because I couldn't stand to lose any more small pieces.

I looked into doing the Tour De Cure last year, but in the end felt like the time wasn't right.  I've had a pretty good year of cycling and know that with some training I can conquer my first century (100 miles on a bike) on June 1, 2013.  I will raise money for the American Diabetes Association and ride in honor of my father and everyone else that is affected by this horrible disease. So there it is.  My BHAG for 2013 - train for, fundraise and execute my first 100 mile bike ride.  I'll be so blessed by those around me working towards the same goal - to raise a half million dollars for diabetes research and programs. 

More information will come soon about how you can help.  But if you want to join in on the fun, I'm doing the Tour De Cure St. Louis (there are other event locations around the country and at different times).  It actually starts on the IL side of the line in Alton and I think stays on the IL side.  Riders/volunteers also get a pass to Raging Rivers Water Park.  There are shorter rides to choose from, but I figured it was time to go big - have a giant stretch goal.  Registration is really cheap (early bird $15, but score - I got it FREE for Black Friday) and the fundraising minimum is very reasonable (though I hope to blow mine out of the water - I already gave my personal donation of over half the minimum).  If you are from that area, there are a lot of other training events leading up to the event.  It will be a crap shoot with other family obligations as to whether I make any of those or just train close to home.

So I'm a good mixture of scared and excited.  My furthest ride to date is 39 miles.  I need to more than double that in the next 7 months.  I also still need to think about the other two sports and if I am going to add a 2nd triathlon-related BHAG to 2013 (tentatively the answer will be yes).  But that is what the off season is for - dreaming big and preparing for the next big thing.

On the more "normal" post front: ran to make my deposit at the bank today (3.1 miles).  Haven't eaten any produce yet.  Not holding out much hope for that.  Plan on shaking my tail feather pretty good tonight (DJ is sure to have sufficient dancing music) so hopefully I can get a point or two for that.  I'll judge that based on the amount of crazy sweating I do.  Daughter seems all good this morning - fingers crossed no one else starts puking.  Will have a houseful of company tonight, but all should be gone in time tomorrow for a bike ride!  YAY!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 748.0 mi / 1000
Run: 317.7 mi / 350

HBBC points so far: 3.1 for the run

Days until Tour De Cure: 189

Friday, November 23, 2012

Not a Black Friday Shopper

OK, so today was a wonderful day.  We had nearly no obligations, but lots of things to be done on whatever time table we desired.  My sister took her family and my daughter to the local nature center's "anti-black friday" event which was a fun series of activities all about bears.  Son went to his cousin's house to play video games and whatever else.  My husband needed to get some shopping done for the food/paper products for tomorrow night's shindig so a trip to the grocery store was in order after he got up and browned 7 x 1.5 lb bags of ground beef for the monster batch of chili he is making.  We were done with that by 11:15. 

Then, I had found a used basketball goal on Craigslist for $20 that was like 1/2 mi from the grocery store and we went and picked that up.  It has definitely been used, but it was in pretty good condition considering it is probably 10 years old or so.  We got it loaded/unloaded and added some sand/water to the base for weight.  The net was stiff and the ball would stick a bit in it so my husband and I shot hoops for probably 30-45 minutes once it was all set up and in place.  The wind was cold so I wussed out and headed inside.  Had a quick lunch of leftovers and bundled up and went for a brisk walk (at 6'3", husband walks briskly compared to me no matter what).  We did all the ins and outs of the neighborhood streets for 2.9 miles.  Cool wind was a bit much, but better with hat and gloves.

Goofed around until all the family returned a little later and the kids were busy shooting hoops (cousins brought two more balls over and we had 5 kids sharing them - note to self: need another basketball for less fighting).  Younger nephew, sis and bro-in-law napped for a long while.  Husband got restless so we went for a drive.  We've been expecting the monument company to finally set dad's headstone and wanted to check.  Of course it wasn't done, so I called and raised a minor stink about it and asked for some follow up next week.  We'll see.  I guess since it took me 2 years to finally order it, I shouldn't worry about a few more weeks.  Just annoyed as I'd been assured it'd be done by Thanksgiving when sis came to visit from WI.

Got home and everyone was playing and having a good time (more basketball plus Wii and general goofiness).  Decided to hit a steakhouse for dinner.  Daughter wasn't feeling well and ended up throwing up while there.  Needless to say, dinner didn't seem too appetizing at that point.  I ate about half a burger and called it good.  Probably about the right portion actually.  I hope she feels better tomorrow.  She seemed better before bed.  Sis's family had the stomach bug over last weekend - so nice of her to share her germs by driving to MO. 

Chilled in front of the TV with a bunch of Christmas specials and ran the kids through the shower.  Did a little online shopping tonight (scored on a gift for my son and figured out something about what I was going to buy my daughter).  Now I need to head to bed to rest up for tomorrow's festivities.  I hope I don't have to skip out on the big party for a sick kid though - fingers crossed.

Breakfast: Pink grapefruit, hard boiled egg/mayo/mustard/slice of bread, water
Lunch: taco meat, sprinkle of cheese, whole tomato, half avocado, salsa, sour cream, water
Dinner: half bacon cheeseburger w/ tomato/lettuce, a few steak fries, 2 warm dinner rolls (YUM), coke (the reason I'm still awake - oops)
Probably a little weak on the evening meal produce to call that 7 full servings of produce

HBBC Points: 2.9 for walk + 2 for basketball

Watch for tomorrow's post on a BIG decision for 2013.  I hope a few of you will want to join in on the fun!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pie Run, but no Pie

Woke up to lovely running weather and was stoked to hit the Jefferson City Road Runners Club annual Thanksgiving Day Pie Run.  All of the age group prizes are pies donated by a local bakery.  Race started at 8:30 which is a great start time - early enough to have plenty of time to get your race done and on to the other family obligations, but late enough that it is easy to get yourself over there (plus the race was like 10 min from home).

After running pretty strong at the Mud Run in September, my husband decided to see what he could do at a stand alone 5K now that he is turning 40 on Monday.  He ran cross country in high school, but hasn't run for exercise since (just walking).  He decided to go out hard (TWSS) and hang on for dear life.  As expected, he took off ahead of me and I never saw him again until I crossed the finish and he handed me a bottle of water having finished a solid 7 min and one donut ahead of me.  Bastard!

When we got to the race, we ran into several folks we know.  Not really a surprise at a local race, but sometimes interesting to find out who is a "runner" and not.  Several families from our parish were there plus some other acquaintances.  Even Luke from Team Virtus was warming up for his 10K.  They let the 10K'ers go about 5 min ahead of the 5K'ers and before long it was time to head out. 

Had to dodge people quite a bit the first 1/4 mile or so, but it spread out pretty quickly.  I managed to mostly run (ok, jog) the whole time save just a couple of very short walk breaks.  I roughly looked at my watch at the mile markers.  I think the first mile was 10:17, second was 21 something (total watch time) and the third was 33 something.  The printout said I did it in about 34:26 which disappointed me because I did a course in October with more hills in 34:47.  But in all likelihood, it is a PR - even if by a very small margin.  The wind was in our face a lot the last half.  But when the faster 10K'ers were passing me (and you could tell - they were FAST), it was a little disheartening.  Kind of like finding out my "non-runner" husband did it in 27:xx. 

I ran my own race though.  My sis was with her family and they finished together (with double jogger) in about 38 min.  We visited with some friends and then headed home.  I managed to skip the finish line donuts.  Got home, threw my fruit salad together and we headed out for the big family get together.  Husband's extended family puts on a pretty good shindig.  I kept to my plan to only get one plate of food from the dinner buffet line and one "dessert".  I decided I'd rather have more mashed potatoes than pie so that is what I did.

Now I get a few more days of Christmas denial while we prep for my husband's big party (Sat night).  Might order a few gifts online tonight/tomorrow, but I'm not brave enough to get crushed at any of the big mob sales. 

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 748.0 mi / 1000
Run: 314.6 mi / 350

HBBC Points: 3.1 for the 5K + 2 bonus points for moving with my family; think I was too heavy on the carbs/meat today to get the produce point; I always wait to clean until AFTER all the guests leave and they are staying for the birthday party so I won't get any big cleaning bonus points this week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Squeezed It In

Kids were off school today and the morning started out cold and foggy.  The weather forecast indicated it would make it into the 60's so I told myself all morning that I would wait for it to warm up a little and then head out.  Unfortunately it took until 2:30 this afternoon to climb to 59°.  In the meantime, I baked an apple pie and did some chillaxing.  Then my sis came in from WI with her family.  I hated to bail on her, but I knew I wasn't going to be getting any HBBC points any other way so it was time to squeeze in a workout.

I jumped on my bike and turns out I didn't need to wait so long as I was totally overdressed.  I just had a light jacket and tights, but I was pretty warm.  My husband wanted to leave on an errand as soon as he got home from work so I just had an hour.  I took 1:02.  I came in to map it for a lousy 12.9 miles.  Grr...I thought it was further than that (home to Taos interchange then Scholastic loop).  Oh well - still better to squeeze in a workout than not.  Couple of the hills were kicking my ass, but I got it done.  He came home early so I had to bust a move to shower and change.

Dropped off our registrations tonight for the Pie Run tomorrow so it will be nice to get my workout done early (5K plus warmup).  Sis, bro-in-law, husband and I are doing it.  It is a nice flat course - new PR maybe?  It's my husband's first running race since high school.  I already am expecting to be completely annoyed when he beats me.  He outran me at the Mud Run in September -  bastard.  He walks a couple miles most days and he's got nice long legs.  And he ran cross country in high school (though he wasn't crazy fast).  He's hoping for 30 min.  That would be a massive PR for me, but we've agreed to "run our own race".  We'll see.  Stay tuned.

Breakfast: hard boiled egg/mayo/mustard/slice of bread; banana/PB
Lunch: sliced beef, half avocado, handful of tortilla chips
Dinner: Steak quesadilla, tons of chips/salsa/cheese, margarita (can you say "Undo Workout"?)
Um...yeah...not nearly enough produce today for a point.

HBBC Points = 4.3 for bike ride

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 748.0 mi / 1000
Run: 311.5 mi / 350

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HBBC Day 2

Breakfast: Banana and PB
Lunch: Hard boiled egg/mustard/mayo + one slice bread + 2 servings baby carrots
Dinner: Broccoli beef (lots and lots of broccoli - 2 big crowns)

Enough produce to get 1 pt. Didn't make it out on my bike.  Shame, shame.

HBBC points for the day = 1

Monday, November 19, 2012

Reset...HBBC Kickoff

Last week was a wash.  I got in one lousy workout on a hotel treadmill (3.1 miles at 9:30 at night).  I did pass on the copious amounts of alcohol that others kept offering me.  I ate a light dinner when I wasn't much hungry after a pretty big lunch at the conference (even when at the best bbq place in KC).  So all was not lost.  But Saturday, it was difficult to tell the difference between me and most root vegetables.  And no good reason - just pure laziness.  Kids and husband gone hunting (button buck killed by son).  Weather was gorgeous (though I didn't check the wind, it was sunny and relatively warm for Nov).  I just sat on my ass.

So thankfully, Amanda at Run to the Finish kicked off her Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge this week which I signed up for a few weeks ago.  She has an active group of folks already sharing on FB and Instagram, etc.  I'm not sure I can keep up with these people, but I'm going to hit the health and wellness reset button and give it my all.  Let's see if I can lose weight over the holidays like last year!  Let me know if you decide to join in because I can get referral points.  Yay!  The up side is that I'll be forced to blog more to keep track of how awesome I'm eating and exercising.  I'll try to remember to take some pics here and there so this isn't too insanely boring.

MMNW = 162.0  (kind of amazing as I somewhat carbo loaded yesterday)

Barely got my 7 servings of fruits and vegetables - you might have to squint a bit to come up with enough:
Breakfast - Banana, Nature Valley Oats/Honey granola bars, 1/2 cup grape juice
Lunch - Chipotle Burrito bowl (brown rice, black beans, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream)
Dinner - BBQ pork, 1/2 avocado, apple, baby carrots w/ a little dressing/dip, half dozen tortilla chips, bite size (not fun size) Baby Ruth
Only water to drink other than the little bit of grape juice - have been backsliding on the soda front so this "reset" is a good excuse to try to knock that back again
I really need some ideas of how to get in more veggies.  I just don't seem to include them in enough of my meals/snacks.

3.3 mile run with Stacy tonight at 8:30 PM.  It felt hard.  She drug me along even though it was initially my idea.  But adds to my total mileage and gives me a few HBBC points for the day.  Hoping to bike tomorrow.

HBBC points = 4.3

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000
Run: 311.5 mi / 350

Monday, November 12, 2012

Over 300!

Let's just say that last week was an insane workweek - though that is at least partly an excuse.  I did blow off work Thursday and get in a nice LSAR (long slow ass run) with Susan on a beautiful, sunny (if a bit cold) Thursday morning.  Susan and I did our "standard" Katy Trail 8.4 miles (trailhead to Lewis and Clark marker at the river overlook and back). 

Not sure why in my complete laziness of Thursday (workwise) that I didn't write this blog post then.  Must have been the Halloween candy coma.  Yeah, the eating hasn't been stellar.  But the good news is that I passed the 300 miles run for the year mark.  This is pretty huge for me because a year ago, I wasn't really running at all.  Ok, so not ALL of those miles were "running", but mixtures of jogging/walking.  Still - huge for me. 

Had scheduled about a 30 mile bike ride with Walter for Saturday morning, but didn't count on a childcare snafu (both grandparents busy and I didn't have a backup plan).  It was a warm and sunny day (though crazy windy).  I had a couple hours of freedom in the afternoon while daughter was at a scout event and son was deer hunting with dad.  I just didn't drag my ass out the door to get in the workout I should have.  So the bike and swim distances are stagnant this week.  With only 8 weeks to go, it is going to be tough to hit these goals.  Maybe even impossible.  But we'll see.  The HBBC kicks off next week and might be just what is needed to get me moving.  This week I'm out of town for a couple days and the kids have early release tomorrow. 

MMNW = 162.8 (down 0.2 which is a freaking miracle given how crappy I ate)

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000
Run: 305.1 mi / 350

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Exercising" My Right to Vote!

Haven't been working out nearly enough lately.  Really should have gone for a run last night instead of plopping on the couch because I had the day from hell work-wise and slept poorly thinking about it.  My eating has remained decent enough - though last night I dove into a few fun size Snickers to soothe my weary soul.

MMNW = 163.8 (down from 166.0 last week, but I had seen gradually lower numbers all week from eating healthy and skipping soda and was expecting something more like 161-162 so I was a little annoyed - not helped by the stressful day that followed and the raging hormones given us women every 28 days)

Another day fighting a project battle, but I think I'm over the hump and left the office this afternoon feeling like I just need to pull together the paperwork, but that the design challenge was almost behind me.  Cost me my first soda in a week - but 12 oz in one week isn't bad considering the backslide in this habit of late.

Picked up the kids from school and came home to change into workout clothes.  I mean, after hearing everyone talking about "exercising their right to vote", I figured that was a hint I needed to run to the polling place.  It is only about 1.36 mi round trip.  Daughter wanted to tag along and I encourage the kids to understand the value of voting so I told her to ride her scooter while I ran.  This worked out well as it kept our paces/efforts about the same (she is 8). 

Got to the polling location and their computers were acting up, but we got through pretty quickly considering (though the line got long behind us).  I did my civic duty and we started the run home (though the first hill out of the parking lot was kicking my butt).  Got home and mapped it and decided I had more in me so I ran to the end of the sidewalk and back to tack on just under another 2 miles (3.3 total).  Yay!

So now it is time to wait and see how it all turns out.  There were definitely some races where I didn't really care for either candidate.  I tended to go with "my" party on those though I seriously considered a couple of 3rd party options.  Fingers crossed.

Off to finish making dinner.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000
Run: 296.7 mi / 350

Friday, November 2, 2012

Eating Better/BB/Bike Ride

Superkate and some of her friends (and their friends, etc) are doing a paleo diet challenge thing on FB.  I don't know that any of us are particularly 100% die hard on the idea, but I decided to join in for the accountability aspect of reporting what I eat.  One of the guys mentioned he had a piece of Halloween candy in his hand, but just didn't want to have to write it down for everyone to see so he put it back.  That is EXACTLY why I joined in.  I have gone without soda since joining.  I had been a bit of a Coke addict lately sliding back into some bad habits (32 oz fountain Coke - not diet).  I need to focus on healthier options and this keeps my hands at least mostly out of the processed carbs.  And even if it wasn't really all that "paleo", my diet has been full of much better choices this week.  I'll take the victories where I can.  Hoping for a much better MMNW.  I also like seeing what everyone else eats because it gives me ideas for my own diet. 

There were no workouts Mon, Tue or Wed - at least my daughter's basketball practice was Thur evening at the Y again.  Reversed the brick a bit doing all of the "running" first.  I started on the track because another mom acted like she wanted to walk.  She maybe did like five laps (of 1/16 mi) and then left to get her daughter's water bottle out of the car and never came back.  So I started doing more jogging with a little walking and listened to music.  I had completely lost track of laps so I'm going to estimate that in the 30 min workout, I did at least 2 miles.  Then I went to the stationary bike that was thankfully by a fan.  But I continue to battle the fact that it is NOTHING like riding on the road.  I set the "level" to "6" again and could barely crack 10-11 mph on that machine while the bike at the other Y gave me around 14-15 mph for the same setting.  And who knows if the heart monitor thingy was at all accurate with it telling me I was over 160 bpm most of the workout.  I was sweating like the proverbial whore in church so I guess all is ok.  According to the stupid machine output, I did 4.3 mi.  We'll call that good enough.  First game on Sunday afternoon - Go Angels!

Today, through a ton of effort related to my work and mom obligations, I managed to hook up with Walter and his coworker for a long bike ride on the road.  It had been warmer yesterday, but the sun was shining and it was about 55°-60°.  I dressed for the temps and did fine (even sweated a fair bit).  We did the extended Holts Summit-Fulton loop from a while ago.  Fought the wind again.  Fought the hills again.  Very early in the ride I was wishing I was somewhere else.  Then we hit the hills and I was struggling to keep up and got dropped (sad in a group of 3!) and I was annoyed - actually a little pissed.  On the last big ass hill before a quick stop to regroup and get a drink I was nearing tears.  I was dreading the fact that we still had so far to go (this was only about 16 miles in).  But as we neared Fulton (approx half way), I started feeling more hopeful and I managed to go a bit faster and before I knew it, we were on the other side of town and stopping for a snack/drink at the C-store.  Client called right as I pulled up.  I took care of that and also checked on kids that were just getting home from school.  Bless them, they were getting their homework done so they could just enjoy their weekend of hunting (youth deer hunt). 

On the way back, I still had a few cussing moments on hills.  I also resorted to my standby way of getting through hills (prayers - "...pray for and at the hour of our death..." rings a bit too true).  But as we started getting closer to done, I just pedaled my ass off to get home.  Dropped my chain once and managed to fix it quickly and catch back up.  Our average speed wasn't anything to write home about, but with the conditions I was happy enough just to finish.  Walter claimed it was 38 miles, but I am going w/ Kelly's bike computer from the last time (38.9!).

My sis asked me why I like to do these long workouts.  I think part of it is the challenge - to see if I can.  Part of it is that once you've cleared your schedule to do the workout, you can just keep going.  Although I must note here that out and backs/big loops where there is no option to quit mid-workout is the only way I can do it.  In general, it's the "getting out there" part that I find so hard.  And yes, a part is being able to brag a little - sounds way more epic than shorter rides.  That said, I think I'm going to try to get out for a short run or something to shake out the soreness I fear will face me in the morning.  I stiffened up pretty good on the way home in the car.  I took some ibuprofen to get through the evening.

Going to move the laundry along and make my to do list for tomorrow.  I'm kid and husband free all day and I have a lot to get done (including more work since I blew off half of today).  Fingers crossed one or both of the kids has some luck in the woods.  Mama could use more venison for her diet!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000 (no, I haven't forgotten - schedule just hasn't jived)
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000 (Yay - over 700!!)
Run: 293.4 mi / 350 (chipping away at it)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Check out all those acronyms!

BB = Basketball (practice) Brick = Too much going on with my work lately + some slacking + Susan having to go to the hospital on her day off to deal with critically ill baby (so many prayers sent) + rescheduled basketball practice at YMCA = 1 hour bike/run brick workout on Friday afternoon while Coach Terry tried to keep the girls interested in his confusing defense strategy. 

Forgot my music (boo!).  I warmed up on the track with a quick 0.5 mi.  Then, I decided I should cut myself a little slack so I put the stationary bike on a random workout with an average level of "6".  Was able to get closer to the 14ish mph that I can do on my bike.  I went 6.3 miles.  Decided to knock out a mile on the treadmill (1% incline - variable pace though I tried to keep 5 mph which is tough for me).  That was it - practice was about over.

MMNW = Monday Morning Naked Weight = 166.0 = UGH!  I have been dancing all around the low-ish 160's for ages.  I haven't been consistent with my healthy eating (ha ha ha - what is that?) and have indulged in too many cokes, etc, etc.  And now it is catching up to me as I trip back up past 165 for the first time since last spring.  Grrr....which brings us to:

HBBC12 = Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2012 = Amanda at Run to the Finish is hosting this event once again.  This year, she is charging a nominal fee, but is packing the HBBC with more opportunities to share, connect and win prizes.  Truthfully, the prizes are a nice touch, but what made me sign up is that if it weren't for HBBC11, I wouldn't have lost 7 lbs between last Thanksgiving and New Years last year!  I think having a challenge (silly as it might be) out there will help motivate me to get in more produce (man, my body has nearly forgotten what a vegetable is!) and more exercise.  I'm totally up for friendly competition so if you want to join me, check out the info on it HERE.  If you decided to sign up, use the coupon code RTTFFAN and get $10 off.  Then come and share with me this journey towards a healthy holiday season.

My weekend was full of mom duties and not much exercise.  Today was crazy with work and I'm worn out.  It is cold and dark and I am wishing I would've made it to the pool today like I had planned before work got the better of me.  Oh well, at least we got our jack-o-lantern carved.  Too bad the girls don't have basketball practice tomorrow. 

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 691.9 mi / 1000
Run: 291.4 mi / 350

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Basketball Brick

As usual - life can't ever go according to plan.  Some kind of major equipment failure at the water treatment plant in town left about 75% of Jeff City without water (thankfully, not our house) and they called off school at 11 AM.  I was planning on working while the kids were in school and sneaking in a swim before coming back to town.  Thankfully, a neighbor brought them home, but I didn't want to leave them unattended for too long lest the all out war begin.  So I headed home.

Then had to take my daughter to a Scout thing and then to basketball practice.  Here is where I did luck out.  Basketball practice is at 7:30 for an hour at the YMCA.  We signed in that we were there for practice, but no one looked twice when I (a non-member) snuck off to do a workout while the Superdad that is our coach took on 8 girls (with other parents there to help so no worries of me shirking my duties). 

I started with a 0.5 mi warmup on the insanely short track (1/14 mi per loop at this facility).  Then I went and found a stationary bike to knock out 6.3 miles on.  I remember having this issue during CTER's Ironman last year - not really knowing what "level" to put the bike on to try to mimic riding outdoors.  I put it on a "random" workout averaging between "Level 7" and "Level 10" (out of possible 25?).  I felt like I pedaled hard, sweated a lot and had a decently elevated heartrate so it was annoying for the machine to tell me I was averaging 11-12 mph and that it took me over 30 min to get in the miles.  I really prefer outdoor riding!

Went back to the track so I could watch the end of basketball practice (track is above the courts) and knocked out another 1.5 miles before they were huddled up for their end of practice "Go Angles!"  Our schedule continues to be completely fubar'd by school crap going on this week so who knows what I'll be able to get to tomorrow or Thur, but at least I know there is another hour set aside at the YMCA on Friday afternoon when we have another practice!

I saw all sorts of pics this weekend of my friends' kids going off to homecoming and it occurred to me how soon my son will be in high school (3 years) and so quickly behind him his sister (another 3 after that) and I know I will *BLINK* and they will be off to live their own lives.  So while being a mom makes being an athlete a bit more of a challenge - I will really try not to wish these years away and be so thankful that they are with me every day.  Had a friend post on FB yesterday a video with what I think needs to be my new parenting mantra: "The days are long, but the years are short!" 

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 685.6 mi / 1000
Run: 289.9 mi / 350

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Powering Through

I may have overestimated my abilities yesterday.  By the time I sat on the cold metal bleachers (well - not that cold, it was nice at the game), I was stiffening up pretty good.  The hike up and over the hill at the stadium back to the car made me wince a little.  By the time I was in bed trying to sleep, I was really regretting the extra running.  Every time I'd change positions, the various spots of soreness were fussing at me.  It made for a bit of a long night.

The boys headed to the gun range to sight in rifles for deer season so we (the girls) slept in and hung out with the newspaper and such this morning.  We went to mass when they got back and then out to pick up some pumpkins and gourds for our fall decor.  Struck out at our usual patch so just went to the grocery store.  The down side of 11:30 mass is that half the day is gone before you even really get started.

Came home and really wanted to take a nap, but there wasn't time.  I laid down for about 10 min, but was afraid of sleeping for too long so I got up and dressed for my bike ride and assembled my water bottles before loading my bike into my car.  I got out to Summit Plaza about 2:45 and waited until almost 3 before Bruce showed up.  We waited a little longer and Walter, Brie, Eric and another lady that Bruce and Walter work with showed up.  So we started a little late. 

Then Brie led us astray at a Y intersection.  I wasn't sure of the route, but wondered if it had been wrong.  No biggie - we decided to double back.  After we were back on the road we had meant to take, Eric's tire blew.  The cloud cover was coming back in and it was a bit windy (not as bad as last week though).  I visited with Brie while the other guys got the tire changed.  But then we got going again and flew down the hill to Hwy 94.  Traffic was heavier than usual so we stuck pretty close together and powered through towards Hwy 54.  No one was too keen about getting on the highway, but we got back onto the side roads pretty quickly.  The hill by the winery was kicking my ass and by the top I was totally sure I was not doing another loop.  Bruce needed to get home too and by the time we bailed, I think the motivation to go further was draining from the group. 

We had planned on doing two - 11 mile loops, but with the backtracking on the first, it ended up being closer to one - 18 mi loop.  I got home in time to put everything away, shower and sit down for a bit before my husband put dinner on the table.  It wasn't very fun, but I powered through and got it done.  Not quite the 22 I was shooting for, but all in all - I'll take it.  I just hope that sleeping comes a little easier tonight and I can get my butt to the pool tomorrow.  Will take some ibuprofen in a little bit with hopes of it kicking in about bedtime.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 679.3 mi / 1000
Run: 287.9 mi / 350

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homecoming 5K + Bank 5K = 10K!

So this week totally got away from me.  I had quite a bit of work to do so that was part of it.  It remained pretty windy with rain coming in to the mix too.  But mostly I just wasn't getting out there to get it done.  Thursday I totally had the opportunity around lunchtime, but just put it off and put it off until it was too late.  I lucked out that my daughter's basketball practice was at the YMCA that evening though.  I saw another mom do a quick warmup on the short track that goes around the basketball courts (1/16 mi) so I went up to join her, but she'd already left to hit the elliptical.  I did about a half mile and then went to find her and did a couple miles on the elliptical while watching the Cardinals game.  She had to leave to get her other kids so I went back down to watch the end of practice, but I'll put it in the "partial win" column.  I'll only count the 0.5 mi of track running towards my running goal though.  I'm not sure the elliptical counts.

Friday was an early release day so I didn't get much of anything done because kids had to be picked up at 1 PM so the teachers could have the rest of the afternoon to work on grade cards which come out next week.  They are off part of next week for parent/teacher conferences too.  Ugh.  Then we headed out to the homecoming parade in the evening.    My mother-in-law went with us and I convinced my daughter to go spend the night with her so I could have the morning free to head out to the Helias Foundation Homecoming 5K. 

So technically, this isn't MY homecoming.  I went to the public high school here in Jefferson City, but my husband went to the Catholic high school as will my children.  The foundation helps support the high school and its activities which in turn helps keep the tuition as reasonable as possible (still about what I paid for college in the 90's, but I try to think of it as less than I paid for daycare when my kids were infants).  Since my son will start there in 3 more years, I figure I have a vested interest in supporting the foundation and it was a good excuse to get a few running miles ticked off my goal. 

Since the race didn't start until 9:00, I slept in a bit and then got dressed and read the paper before going over to register and get ready to go.  I saw a ton of people I knew (some from our parish and some others including one family that we used to go to daycare with - their 11 year old finished in 22 min!).  It was fun to chat with everyone before the race and before long it was time to take off.  We started in front of the high school (oh, and so nice to be able to use the school bathrooms instead of port-o-potties!) and then went east on Swifts to Jefferson to Stadium (up a hill that doesn't look so long/steep in a car) to Southwest and back to Swifts to loop again, but then finished on the track.  I held on to Julie from our parish (a little older, but a very consistent runner) for the first mile and I was pleased with that, but she dropped me on the hill.  I tried not to walk too much, but it was hard.  I think I might have PR'd.  I will have to wait for the official time, but I saw 34:17 as I was almost at the finish and I think my PR is in the 35's. 

Had half a chocolate chip muffin afterwards, but it was too rich so I tossed the rest and had a little grape juice and a bottle of water.  Visited with more people I knew and then headed home.  I was toying with the idea of running to the Walmart branch of our bank because I had two big checks that needed to be deposited.  My son said I should definitely do it and I had time before I had told my daughter I'd pick her up from grandma's (half block from our house and on the way back).  So I put my music on and headed back out.  My hip flexors protested a bit, but the sunny and cool morning was really ideal for a run.  I made decent time there, got a cup of water from their Culligan cooler while I did my deposits and then did ok getting back.  Got to my mother-in-law's as they were heading out to lunch.  My son joined them and I am catching up here.

Now I need to face the giant pile of laundry and get cleaned up myself while my husband is at work and the farm and before we head out to dinner and the football game tonight.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to hit the road in the afternoon for a bike ride with Walter and whoever else he conned into joining us.  He mentioned a "Heartbreak Hill" so I hope my granny gear can handle it.  Then it will be time to come home and see if the Cardinals can come back from last night's loss and put the NLCS behind them.  Fingers crossed.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000  (have got to get to the pool this week!)
Bike: 661.3 mi / 1000 (going to struggle to hit this goal)
Run: 287.9 mi / 350 (am not feeling worried about this one - hope it is still a "stretch" goal)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gutsy...I mean gusty...Ride

Weather was crazy this weekend.  Warm front came in and gave us 2" of rain (made my yard happy, but the MU Tiger and Alabama fans not so much).  I did some work on Friday and picked up kids and spent the evening shuttling them around to an activity.  Saturday was overcast and the usual Saturday laundry called for more of a chillax inside day. 

Was scheduled to hit the road with Walter this afternoon, but he texted at lunch about 25+ mph wind gusts and voted to cancel our outing.  It was clouding up and looked like another storm so I figured it was for the best.  It also saved me from juggling chauffeuring duties for afternoon basketball practice for my daughter.  But by 3 PM, the sun was back out and the rain looked to be past and I figured I'd brave the wind to knock out some more bike miles.  I took my phone in case I needed a pussy pickup though.

Felt pretty good aside from my choice of jacket (it was in the upper 60's, but the wind was cool so I didn't know - though I like having the bigger pockets).  I had my usual struggle on the hills, but kept plugging along.  I kept changing my mind about how far to go.  First I was just going to stay close to home and do some flat loops, but then I thought it would be mentally hard to keep going unless I did more of an "out and back".  Then I thought I'd go out to the Y/M intersection in Taos which would give me 17 miles.  Then I thought it is so nice and I am not needed back by a certain time so I'll just go out to the other end of Bode Ferry.  Oh, what the heck - out to Kleffner Ridge.  That last climb past the ballfields was a bit tough, but I made it out there in 55 min. 

Headed back and toyed with the idea to stop and take pictures of the pretty leaves, but didn't want to ding my pace calculation.  Let's just say that I am very blessed to live in such a pretty area this time of year.  The good news related to that is that I rode mostly along a ridge (roller hills) and could look out over the Osage River valley treetops that were beautiful in the sunshine.  The bad news is that through most of the "ridge riding", I didn't have much protection from the wind.  A few gusts were pretty scary, but I powered on.  I was running low on fluids (didn't really initially plan to go out for so long - note to self: take an extra bottle anyways!) so once I got back to the flats by Scholastic I didn't plan on adding a whole lot - just a loop or two. 

It didn't matter though - because when I turned onto Algoa by the Guard, I was pedaling with all my might in my middle front ring just to make forward progress on a relatively FLAT section.   Yikes that wind was brutal!!  So I swung behind Scholastic to see if the trees back there would provide a break, but it was more like a FUNNEL for the wind!  I swear that last 3 miles or so to get home was the WORST!  And my music crapped out on the Wavco hill so I didn't have anything to distract me from the pain of the last hill and the wind in my face.

Got home and mapped the ride for a total of 24 miles!  Yay!!  Took me a stupid 1 hr 53 min for a wretched pace of under 13 mph, but with the wicked wind and some hills mixed in - plus a brief stop to drink twice (hard to drink on the bike when getting blown around) - I'll take it.  Still way behind on the miles towards the goal, but that helps a lot!  Why can't warm weather ever come without all that wind??

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 661.3 mi / 1000
Run: 281.2 mi / 350

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday LSAR

Well, Tue and Wed were a bust.  I got a lot of work done yesterday, but barely got dinner made/ate before Brownies (scouts not dessert) and then got home just in time to sign a few things from the bookbags and settle in for a TV show that I wanted to see (plus one that I watched because I was settled in).  Tue wasn't much different other than I did more homework supervision and hoped to squeeze in a short bike ride after piano, but it clouded up and I didn't want to ride badly enough to risk getting drenched.

But my friend Susan came to the rescue.  I was a little worried because yesterday at a school function she asked if I was going to "make" her run today.  I told her it depended on how much work I got done Wed.  But yesterday afternoon I texted her to ask where and when and how far.  She said she needed some good "therapy" time on the Katy Trail so we headed out.  Neither of us were really feeling it (that is the Long Slow Ass Run = LSAR), but we sucked it up for the full 8.4 miles.  Here we are at the turn around:

Christina + Missouri River

Susan + Missouri River
The sun had been out when I took the kids to school at 7:30, but it had clouded up quite a bit while I made my soup and waited to meet Susan at 9.  It is a shame because I STILL didn't get the picture to do the pretty leaves justice. It also made the 55° or so feel plenty cool.

I drive by the bluff behind me every time I go to the survey office in Columbia and this always has the nicest color. 
I was worried the trees wouldn't be pretty this year with the awful drought last summer.
Came home and ate my soup (Sante Fe Corn Tortilla) and showered up.  Read some blogs and now am trying to figure out what I can get done before I have to pick kids up from school.  Have a deadline on Monday that I should be chipping away at.  It is supposed to warm up this weekend so hopefully there will be some biking!  I'm thinking I may have overestimated my ability to get that mileage done, but underestimated the running.  Guess we'll see!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 637.3 mi / 1000
Run: 281.2 mi / 350

Monday, October 8, 2012

A few more miles...

This weekend was pretty busy - laundry, fire dept 100th anniversary parade, more laundry, fixing a toilet (ok, well - my husband and father-in-law did this), church, stuffing myself with pizza (ugh) plus all day ATV ride for charity in the cool fall air with bright sunny, blue skies.  That works for you though because I get to put off boring non-picture posts one more day.  My husband and I did go for a nice walk before it got dark last night.

Husband drove one with daughter on back
Son drove our other ATV with me on the back
This was at a nice break on the Gasconade River

A self-pic of me and my boy
There were almost 100 machines and the wrapped around this field and
went up the hill behind us with several in front of us too. 
Needless to say, with kids home all day today - it was hard to get much done today that didn't involve them (though I helped my daughter knock out part of a big project for school - yay).  Stuff ourselves at lunch with daddy today too.  Ugh. 

The boys took off right after he got home from work for a Scouts/Knights of Columbus project at church.  I couldn't convince daughter to go to grandma's so I could get on my bike and kind of lost the desire once they got home and time was getting short.  Thankfully, Stacy came through dragging me along for a 3.54 mi jog (ok, with some walking). So a few more miles down, but I am going to have to get with it on the bike mileage.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 637.3 mi / 1000
Run: 272.8 mi / 350

Tomorrow is early release and daughter's piano lesson, but maybe I can squeeze in a short bike ride somewhere after getting my sewer plans submitted and some work on my site plan that is due on Friday and supervising homework after school.   Deep breath....

Friday, October 5, 2012

Prison Break Race Report

I still think that Superkate had the best race report for this event.  It can be found here.  I also thought I had taken more pictures than I did, but such as it is - here is my race report.  I went the night before the race and picked up my shirt.  They were pretty cute gray technical t's.  Check it out:
Slipped this on with my jeans and that weird bump in front is my belt buckle.  LOL
Oh, and when do children learn to take pictures in focus?  Oh well.
They weren't very organized and I had to kind of bug them to get my stuff.  They had grilled some hot dogs and were having kind of a gathering, but again - not very organized (ie. I was almost done eating my hot dog when someone realized that they hadn't handed out the chips.)  And while I got my shirt, they didn't hand out race numbers so I still had to get that in the morning.

This being the inaugeral running of this race, it was a pretty small event.  I heard 150 people registered.  Since I had already turned in my waiver and gotten my shirt, all I needed to do was pick up my number and get my "mug shot" taken.  I may or may not have butted in line.
They emailed these to us a couple weeks later.  Nice touch!
While we waited around in the prison yard of the historic (no longer in use) Missouri State Penitentiary, I visited with Eric and Bree (former co-worker and bike friends).  Before long, Superkate and her crew showed up after their early morning drive from the St. Louis area.  Later they told us to go down to one of the old housing units.  Some people got to put on old prisoner shirts, but there weren't enough to go around and it seemed like more hassle than it was worth.  And after corraling us there, it was time for us "maggots" to march with the fake correction officer down to the dungeon in housing unit 4.

We waited down in what must have been solitary confinement and we joked for quite a while about what sorts of things prisoners must have done in there to pass the time.  Let's just say that I am glad there were no black lights (though the strobe started driving a few of us a little bonkers).  After what seemed like forever in the stuffy dungeon, we saw folks start moving out.  Never did hear any kind of official starting "horn" or whatever.  And while this was, in theory, a "timed" event - there was no starting time mat so it was just your total time from whenever they "started" the clock.  Odd.

We ran past the old showers and up the steep dungeon stairs and through the housing unit.  It is hard to believe that people lived in here as little as a decade ago.  We ran out into the fresh air and around the end of Layfayette Ave.  Since Kate and a couple of her friends stopped to pee on the way out of the prison yard, I got ahead of her and snapped this pic after I hit the turnaround.  It was also the only time I was running with Bob and Luke (Kate's fellow Team Virtus members).  Luke ran with TP that had been thrown around the housing unit dangling behind him.
Front of the historic MSP with Superkate running down to the turnaround before heading out
We ran down Capitol Ave and back into the prison yard.  One big loop around what is now a big parking lot and then back out to head towards Riverside Park.  I started running with Kate's friend David in here somewhere and we walked the steep ass hill together, but I tried to get him to do some jogging along while we chatted.  Turned out that he works for an aerial mapping company that I am familiar with so we talked a few min of shop. 

Pretty soon we got to a water stop and what was supposed to also be a fence climb.  I wasn't broken up that they didn't make us do this.  Then we had to crawl through a 20' length of storm culvert (30" HDPE) and then another that was smaller (24" I think) that was running uphill.  Not quite big enough to crawl fully on your hands and knees.  These were TOUGH - and I had bruises on my knees from it.  Not fun on the kneelers at mass the next day!  Funny to admit that I've done this kind of obstacle MANY times in my actual job - just never in shorts!

As we ran around the park on the trail, there were a few poorly marked turns - seriously people, a couple pieces of chalk could have fixed this.  But I could see Bob and Kate and most of her crew ahead of us so I had an idea where to go and we didn't cut the course short like some people we saw.  We ran around the park, around the pool and up the ampitheatre stairs to the first slide.  It wasn't quite wide enough nor angled correctly and as you slid off the edge into the grass it hurt and was very muddy.  I snapped this shot of David heading down - didn't really intend it to be such a butt shot.  Oops.

Note the busy parking lot from the flag football families. 
Also note the big muddy area to the right of the bottom of the slide where you went off and got "grass burn". 
Not cool!

Then it was time for this bit of fun.  There were little strings you had to crawl under (had to kind of lift them).  Then at the far end, you dug out a map with the rest of the running directions.  I gave my camera to a lady who offered to take a pic of me crawling, but apparently a $10 disposable water/mudproof camera was too difficult for her to operate even with me coaching her.  Oh well - you get the idea.

Then we ran up a hill and had a chance to hose off a bit - I mostly just did my shoes that were caked with mud.  I figured less mud would be nice to run with.  But some people were trying to make it a finish line shower!  The final slide was even more of a disaster as far as width/angle.  You can kind of see it on the hill in the right of the above pic.  I rolled off and ran the last third of the hill.  Ouch on the "grass burn". 

But then we ran across the driveway (dodging the flag football families coming and going) through a patch of grass  in the background of the mud pit pic and headed out on the hilly run back to Prison Brews.  There were no other obstacles other than the steep roads.  This was just a lot of tough running.  Taylor Street was the worst hill, but I've run parts of some of the other streets and knew it wouldn't be too bad after that.  David and I walked and jogged and talked about how neither of us were really "runners" (guess he's more of a bike guy).  But before long we were at the final turn and could see the finish line.  David ran ahead of me and finished a few seconds in front of me, but it got me to run a little harder at the end.  Then we took some nice group pictures and talked with the Superkate/Virtus gang. 

My new race friend - David.  Glad Kate conned him into coming as he was the only one of her "group" that ran my pace.

Sarah, David, me, Bob (Virtus), Lukas (Virtus), Kate (Virtus) and Lindsay
Prison Brews pub outdoor patio/bocce ball area to the left of this pic where everyone stood around and froze post-race

When I got into the finish area, there was no water left in the jugs.  They got that fixed pretty quickly.  I heard that the "free appetizer" we were given a coupon for (and which I had left in my car) was actually just free pizza (and not much of that).  I got a couple small slices and ate with a guy I used to work with (Andy - survey tech).  Once standing still, it was pretty cold out so we hugged the outdoor heaters after the last few people came in.   They handed out the awards (growlers) and there was some confusion when the guy who they said got first said that another guy came in ahead of him.  No worries that I was jipped out of a prize with my slow five miles.  A bunch of us piled into the Team Virtus van (thanks Luke!) and got dropped off back at our cars.  He was very brave to let this bunch of dirty bodies into his family vehicle (though yes, his gaggle of kids obviously don't keep it spot free).  I tried to take a pic of my dirty leg, but the mud has dried a bit and its hard to see with the crappy camera (or was I trying to show off my wicked blister which is even harder to see):

Check out my sexy leg!

Later, after a bit of a bath in my garage mop sink (so nice when a race is literally like 5 min from your house), I changed clothes and arranged to meet Kate and some of the gang for lunch in Holts Summit at a mexican joint.  We had a nice visit and lunch (with one margarita).  It was a pretty great day with friends - definitely more of a "party than a race"! 

Kate, Lindsay, David and Sarah (forgot to do this before Bob left for work - doh)
If they do this next year and if all the fun people want to do it again, I'd be up for it.  I do hope they take some constructive criticism and put it to use.  But it was a solid first try.  And what a neat venue - lots of history at that prison!

Four days in row now.  I knocked out 1500 yards at the pool today at "lunch".  I struggle with counting especially when a wierd old guy stops to talk when I am stretching out a cramp in my foot.  But I was there 45 min or so and I got at least that many yards in.  Yay me!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 637.3 mi / 1000
Run: 269.3 mi / 350

Now back to your regular boring blog posts without tons of pictures.  However, I've started looking hard for a waterproof digital camera because I fear film going the way of the dinosaurs and the pics I got were pretty crappy anyway.  Any suggestions?  I'd like to spend $150 give or take.  Are any at that level worth a damn?