Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot Run for Broken Car

Yesterday we went to the water park and walked up a fair bit of a hills from the bottom of all the water slides.  Nothing like four hours in crazy heat (100°+).

Then today, my husband's car had some stabilizer arm thing crap out and needed it dropped off at the mechanic.  He told me to find someone to take me home, but since it was 2.7 miles from our house (even though it has significant hills) and I hadn't gotten a workout in - I figured I'd better just run back.  Unfortunately it was crazy hot already at 8:45 this morning (mid-90's with insane humidity).  Nothing like spending half the day trying to cool off after a not-that-long hot run.  Oh well.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fri & Sat workouts

Don't ask why.  I know that taper is supposed to be the week before your race - not a few weeks before.  But yes, I went nearly a week without a workout.  I'd like to say that I was busy, but truthfully I just have been in a bit of a mental funk.  I haven't swam in a few weeks.  My running has been spotty at best.  And while I have knocked out a handful of long bike rides in recent times, I haven't been getting out there often enough.

But thanks to my friend Susan, I got myself back into gear on Friday.  She was off work and agreeable to coming to me since I was home with my daughter while the boys were down at the Lake at scout camp.  So we ran in my neighborhood.  It was fairly warm, but not as hot as it has been.  We went 3.21 miles.

Then, thanks to a mother-in-law who was game for an overnight guest (my daughter) - I was free to do a bike/run brick this morning before the boys returned from camp and needed to be picked up at church.  They ended up leaving early so I didn't get to shower until after getting them home.  But I did my Liberty Road/Scholastic loop on the bike and then end of the sidewalk/both Wakodas for the run.  The 13.26 mi bike ride took about an hour.  Then I took a very brief transition in my basement bathroom before knocking out a 2.63 mi on the run in about 30-35 min.  Nice to get another brick in the wall of tri prep.

Only two weeks to go to my first race of the season.  I know I'll do better than last year, but am a bit ashamed at how my preparation has fallen apart this last several weeks.  I was much more consistent about getting in at least one of each workout over the winter.  I guess I've kind of misplaced my mojo.  Better find it in the next couple of weeks, eh?  I figure that at least the race should be better this year with 30+ less pounds and a road bike.  Right?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

MIA, but Back on Bike

This was a crazy week.  The good news is that I got more work done than I have in ages, but the bad news is that I hardly got anything ELSE done.  And most of it was scutmonkey work for others on top of everything.  I had a friend who was majorly behind on a structural building plan so I did a crap-ton of drafting for him and then my surveyor friend asked if I could also do some drafting on a survey for him (which was much more involved than I had imagined, but we got it done).  I worked through lunch on two or three days and worked late one night before a SWE meeting at six (where I stuffed myself with Shakespeares Pizza - ugh).  Not a good week for workouts!

I did take my daughter to her first ever open track meet.  My daughter came in 5th on the 200 m, 2nd (out of 2 in her age group) in the 800 m and got a participant ribbon for trying the high jump which she wasn't coordinated enough to figure out.  She kind of fell apart on the 2nd lap of the 800.  It was sort of an ugly finish with hyperventilation, sobbing and tears.  She wants to stick to the shorter distance next time.  She picked these events because her friend was doing them (the one that came in 2nd and 1st on the 200 and 800 respectively).  But it was an interesting evening and they got a little popcicle at the end.  They have 2 more meets next week (they are like an hour each) and two the following week so we'll probably try it again.  I'll try not to be a loser mom and get pics next time.

I had the house mostly to myself last night while the boys were working a charity fish fry and my daughter had been picked up by a friend.  But I wussed out and plopped down to catch up on some TV.  So this morning it was time to suck it up.  I had organized a meetup with Walter from the CMC ride a couple weeks back.  He asked if I wanted to do 30, 40, or 50 miles.  Umm....if those are my options I pick "30".  I hated to tell him that I'd never done more than 34!  And it was supposed to get hot so we agreed to go at 7 from my house after a few texts back and forth.  He apparently rides with a group here in town a lot and this was mostly one of their "regular" routes.  Right down to being able to tell me when to ride around some upcoming broken glass!  But it was pretty FAR for me (and that is even without all the blasted HILLS)! 

We got sunscreened up and headed out.  He had to make a quick pit stop at a gas station to drop off his morning coffee just like 2 miles in.  Next time I'll tell him it is ok to pee at my house!  But I waited at the top of the rock cut hill for him and it wasn't very long until he was back.  On out my normal cross-town route until we turned to go out Rainbow past Binder Lake (and back up the wicked hill) to St. Martins.  We cut off a short out and back because of adding the miles on the beginning and end from my house.  So we rode out towards Lohman and back around to the SW side of town and then Ellis/Seven Hills/Eastland toward home.  The Doehla hill was an ass kicker after about 28 miles behind us.  But shortly we were coasting onto my street and the fun was over for a total of 30.3 mi according to his bike computer.  I bought one of those and need to get it on my bike as I usually don't know how far I am until I come home and map it.

I got him some cold water while he loaded up, we high-5'd and then I went back in the house to cool off myself.  Totally forgot to get a picture!  Surfed some blogs and then it was time to pick up my girl from her sleepover.  The house she was at is new (a former neighbor down the street that now lives about 15 min away) so I took the grand tour and visited and before long we were late to get back to the house in order to leave for a birthday party at the swimming pool across town.  Chauffer duties never cease!  I did ask the mom to bring her home as I just didn't want to get out again today.  Lazy mom!  So I'm enjoying some more down time today while I finish the last load of laundry. 

This coming week my son will be at Scout camp (sleepaway) so it will just be me and my girl.  I have a couple of meetings to go to so I'll see if my father-in-law can keep her for part of a day or two.  Somewhere in there I hope to get in a swim or a run as I am woefully not following my workout plans.  Hopefully today counts as like 2 or something.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missing Running Partners

Didn't have anyone to kick me in the ass tonight.  Didn't have anyone to chat with (which is bad and good as I tend to slow my pace to allow more chatting).  Didn't have anyone to tell me not to quit.  So it was all up to me.  Stacy is on vacation.  Susan was busy on this day off supervising a gaggle of cub scouts at day camp.  Sister is back Wisconsin.  I tried to hit up my neighbor, but she had been drinking and said no.  So I was all alone and it was up to me to suck it up and git'r done.

The training plan said yesterday was a rest day.  I didn't have much to rest up from, but it was also crazy busy for me with work stuff and kid stuff so I took it.  Today was supposed to be a swim and strength training day, but that didn't work out either.  Will try to get in a swim tomorrow - maybe the OWS I did last week if it works out.  So I looked to other workouts on tap for this week according to the plan and it had a 30 min run and a 45 min bike listed for tomorrow.  I didn't have that much time (procrastination got the better of me this evening) so I just did the run.  Will have to get on the bike another time.

I did most of my standard neighborhood route.  It took me 31:46 and mapped out as 2.63 miles.  I know that it is good that my min/mi have dropped since last year, but I get annoyed with how long it has taken me to get this far.  Oh well, running isn't my passion.  Just a necessary evil of triathlon.  It sucks less with training partners though.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Better than nothing

My busy life continues to get in the way, but along the lines of "better than nothing", my sis and I went for a short run on Saturday in the 90°+ heat/humidity.  I wasn't feeling it, but I never really am when it comes to running so time to just suck it up.  She doesn't like to stop and walk so I didn't do as much walking as I probably would have without her.  But 2.5 miles is still on the books that wouldn't have been without a little nudge from her.

Last night we enjoyed mass and a dinner/dance in honor of the 50th anniversary of my husband's uncle and aunt.  It was quite the affair with a live country band and the usual fried chicken fare found at any central Missouri Catholic gathering.  I don't think his uncle sat out one dance - not bad for a 70+ year old guy!  He has five children and a number of grandchildren and I think each female (daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter) was given at least one spin around the floor (whether they wanted to or not!).  But I ate too much as usual.  Mashed potatoes get me every time.

Today my sis went back to WI and we hung around the house most of the day.  This afternoon/evening, we went to a parish picnic in Loose Creek for some more evil fried chicken and potatoes (oh, and pecan pie this time too - geez, that clean diet bandwagon isn't even visible from here).  My husband challenged our son to a bike ride so I took him on about a 2.6 mile ride down the hill and back.  I barely got warmed up, but again - better than nothing.

My sister kind of kicked me in the pants over not following any kind of training plan for the sprint we are doing in July (four weeks from today) so I'm going to try the plan from the book I followed last year.  It is a six-week plan and I have enough base that I'm not worried about skipping the first couple of weeks.  Will be a busy week with trying to get a ton of work done while my daughter is in day camp plus trying to get in some workouts as well as the usual softball game, piano, softball practice, etc.  There is also an open track meet for kids that I heard about on Tue/Thur this month at the high school our kids will go to (Helias Catholic HS) that I want to take at least my daughter over to.  Because we aren't quite busy enough in the evenings. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twilight Ride & Roadkill

I was going to say "In honor of my recent one-week fetish with the four Twilight books..." - but in reality it is:  I worked a  helluva long day (more productive than I've been in weeks) and got caught up on a few things workwise.  Got home kinda late and snuck out for a bike ride as the sun was getting pretty low in the sky, but my guys were nowhere to be seen (out and about in the neighborhood). 

I rode for 45 min and got in 10.15 mi.  I'm pretty tickled with that.  I had thought it was closer to 9.  Got to smell a very rotten deer as I scared off like 8 turkey buzzards from it and rode past one almost unrecognizable skunk that had been flattened (smelled last night on our run, but not so much today).  Ah, the joys of living on the edge of town.

This week I've found a few more bruises from the bike spill the other day.  My husband pointed one more on my right arm that I hadn't noticed.  He's like "Yeah, don't go wearing anything to revealing or someone might come to question me about beating you up."  LOL  I managed to ride tonight without incident. 

Tomorrow will be another day of insane driving - 3 hours there and then 3 hours back for what is likely to be less than an hour in between (burying grandpa's ashes at family plot in timbucktu Missouri).  Looking forward to seeing my girl - don't like being home without being able to kiss her goodnight.  She's been having a ball with my aunt - totally getting spoiled and crafting up a storm I'm sure.  We'll see if we can get in any kind of workout before or after all that time in the car (or both).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Bullets

When I brought up the Blogger dashboard, the first thing in my reading list (which I didn't have time for tonight), was Keith's blog post by the same title as this.  I thought given how tired I am and the late hour with a full day of stuff to crank out tomorrow, I'd better stick with something quick like bullets (not that I'm ever that brief):
  • Not going to even discuss MMNW.  Apparently my scale didn't get the memo that I had worked out this weekend, just that I had eaten like a hog.  Ugh.  I'm still on a downward trend overall, but annoyed that I tend to undo progress about as fast as I make it.
  • Monday was a pretty low key day at home with the kids.  Not much else got done though I picked up some more books at the library because I read all four Twilight books in one week.  Oops.  Got a wide selection this time - back to nonfiction.  No evening workout due to late softball game for my girl.
  • Tuesday was half eaten up by traveling to Leawood, KS (KC metro) in the afternoon, but I had also slept in so it was generally an unproductive day as well.  Took my daughter to stay with my aunt and spent the night.
  • Up this morning after a rough night of sleep (or lack thereof - shared bed with daughter who takes up a lot of room for such a small person).  Off to business meeting on opposite side of metro - Excelsior Springs.  Was there until just before four.
  • Busted major move to get down I-70 to Columbia in time for 5:45 OWS at Hulen Lake with CMC crowd.  The lady that normally runs it wasn't there and I got away with having forgotten my swim cap.  I just swam four laps to the island and back which is about 100 yards from the dock for about 800 yards.  My sighting was shit for most of the time and I could tell my form was suffering as I got tired.  I was trying to go too fast because I got there a few min late and people seemed to be getting ready to leave while I was finishing up.  Throat felt dry towards the end which didn't help either.  Didn't drink water today (soda) - ugh.
  • Jumped in car to get back to JC before my sister got here with her family from WI.  Had to run quick errand to Walmart once home (in car) and they were here when I got back.  Shortly after that, Stacy showed up to run and sis asked to join us.  Jogged 4.38 mi with Stacy and Julie (aka "sis") tonight (Walmart 5K + 1st Wakoda).
  • Happy Running Day!  I decided against doing the Rock-n-Roll Half in October in St. Louis.  If I had registered today, I could have gotten $20 off (the coupon I had from MapMyRide was only $10 off).  Susan decided to do a different one that is on the same weekend as club nationals.  While I haven't committed to anything yet (you might see a theme there), I decided I didn't want to do the half alone because frankly - I just don't like running that much.  My neighbor across the street told me the other night that she was probably going to sign up for it, but I couldn't keep up with her either.  Maybe someday.  Stacy thought I was nuts to even consider it. 
Th-th-th-That's All Folks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mitigating Damage

Apparently my body didn't notice I did a big ass bike ride yesterday.  The scale was up ever so slightly this morning (like a few tenths).  I guess I only mitigated the damage from the yummy lunch and semi-late dinner (which had its share of sodium = hot dog and chips).  And today was hardly any better.  Just this time I ate first and had to mitigate the damage after hoping that my MMNW will be a smidge better than last week after the fish fry.

After mass this morning, dh got the kids (and us) donuts.  I had one sugar twist - ugh.  Then my daughter and I went shopping for some birthday presents and a graduation card while slurping on a soda - another ugh.  Then we went to my niece's graduation party/cookout.  My husband's awesome grilling skills led to cheeseburgers too delicious to resist.  Then I had a hot dog (no bun) with my baked beans and pasta salad.  There may have been some chips in there too plus lemonade and a small piece of awesome chocolate cake.  UGH!  Felt very full!

So dinner wasn't necessary tonight - just the tiniest of snacks (don't ask - ugh again).  But when my husband asked about going on a walk, I decided to go.  It was muggy, but we kept a decent pace though very conversational.  Walked 2.19 miles according to mapmyride.  I'm calling it 2.2.  Later, when Stacy hit me up for a run - I sighed heavily not really wanting to go, but deciding I needed to mitigate some damage.  We ran to Walmart and back and then to the end of Wakoda and back for 4.49 mi according to mapmyride.  I'm calling it 4.5!  See a pattern here?  LOL 

I've really got to start eating better.  I'm hovering at the 49 lb loss mark.  I've gotten so close to the 50 lb mark I can taste it and I just would like to not have to round when I tell folks I've lost "about" 50 lbs.  We'll see what the scale says.  I know not to be a slave to it.  Obviously I'm not or I wouldn't eat the crap I did this weekend.  But it makes me focus a little on skipping some of the junk.   Here's to a new week.  Better get some rest so I can face it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zoo, Run, & CMC Group Ride

Forgot to post about my trip to the St. Louis Zoo on Thursday with the kids (had intended to download pics and am having phone issues - emailed myself this one). 

My son gave the giraffes and ostriches two thumbs up,
but my daughter's smile says she loves them too.
It rained a bit when we got there, but then turned into a really nice day - decent temps, even a tiny bit of sunshine.  There was lots of walking (plus 2.25 hour drive each way), seeing cool animals, touching stingrays/sharks, spending time with a friend and her young daughter (forgot how tough toddlers are!).  I also did a shortish (3.5 mi) run with Stacy that night.  Guess that catches us up as I didn't workout yesterday.  Skipping on to today:

I haven't done a lot of group bike rides.  First, I kind of like going on my own in some ways because then I don't have to feel bad for holding people up.  I don't have to worry about getting lost because I map out my own way and tend to stay either close to home or on roads I know well.  And I don't constantly end up staring at others' behinds.  On the flip side, I don't tend to go on roads I don't know well (which can get tediously boring).  I don't have anyone there to help if I need them to (or act as a witness - I have some deep fears about cars smacking me off the pavement).  And I don't have the company that can sometimes make boring sections more tolerable or to commiserate over the painful parts.

But stars aligned today and a group ride with the Columbia Multisport Club that I joined last summer was going to be comparatively close to me (15 min away instead of 40).  My husband was taking the kids squirrel hunting down at the farm leaving me FREE to go.  It was going to start and stop at a winery across the river and take a route that had a good mixture of flat and rolling terrain.  The route was 29 miles on pretty decent pavement for Callaway County - ie. NO GRAVEL.  Geez, I wasn't ready to tackle that again.  I knew the general area and figured it would be a nice workout followed by some great lunch and chatting.

There were two routes - one that took you up more towards Fulton and was 60ish miles and one that stayed more around Holts Summit and Tebbetts that was just under 30.  The first route left earlier in the morning so we'd all finish around the same time.  We left at 10 and, as I suspected, I was bringing up the rear (or hanging with someone that was tolerant of my pace) the whole way.  My knowledge of the area helped the lady that hung with me til the end get back so I hoped my navigation offset the speed (though she is nursing a hamstring injury and didn't want to push the pace too much).  I still pedaled hard (for me) to keep close to the 13 mph average. 

It took me about 2 hr 13 min.  Not too awful for my 2nd longest ride ever.  They didn't stop much - although usually I would just catch up to them and they'd take off again at the major turns in the route.  Paula (lady that I rode the 2nd half alone with) stopped once and I stopped to see why and proceeded to fall over clipped in (almost into the path of a truck) -  leaving a nasty little burning cut and what later turned into a nice purple bruise on my knee.  Not even sure what I hit (as the bruise is on the inside of my knee)...Grrr....I stopped one more time towards the end at a busier intersection after a long hill to catch my breath and get a drink before navigating the turn and another oncoming long hill.  Picked up a shiny dime in the dirt there too.  I was up for whatever luck fate could bring.

Got back and a lot of the longer riders were filtering in there too.  A couple of guys I had talked to early on were getting ready to leave as one had a pretty good gash on his leg.  They are more "local" to me and I gave them my card to try to set up another time to ride.  Turned out we knew a few people in common which shouldn't surprise me since the dad was an engineer and the son was an engineering student.  I got a text from the dad later with his contact info and a request to do an east end ride soon.  So score on that.  Though I think I'd enjoy the smaller groups.

There was a lot of wind on the ride (suckitude), but that made for a nice breeze sitting on the patio at the winery on top of a big bluff.  Some people were actually kind of cool putting on arm warmers or light sweatshirts.  I was fine in the warm sun.  I snarfed up a chicken wrap with this incredible artichoke dip rolled up in it plus a small bowl of cucumber/onion salad - YUM!.  I passed on the wine as my tolerance lately has gone to crap now that I rarely drink at all.  I still had to drive home and do laundry after all.  Hung out and chatted though didn't get as many of the names as I had hoped.  Many acted like they knew each other well and I felt a bit of an outsider (thus why smaller groups are sometimes a bit more fun).  By the time everyone rolled in (and I think only a couple had left), I snapped a pic for the blog:

Gorgeous day at Summit Lake Winery, Holts Summit, MO with CMC crew

Friday, June 1, 2012

A few more book reviews

I continue to really enjoy reading inspiring stories about runners, triathletes, etc.  I'm starting to run out of titles at the libraries.  I am praying one of the libraries I frequent will get Chrissie's new book.  Might have to take a break at some point and read something completely different like the Hunger Games series or that naughty shades of gray book.  But here are two more that I recently enjoyed thanks to the Daniel Boone Regional Library (and one I couldn't quite get into):

Becoming an Ironman was basically a collection of race reports similar to what I really enjoy reading on blogs (some had a bit more back story and some had less detail than most race reports, but you get the idea).  Each story is all about the person's first time doing the distance.  It was broken down into sections based on "like" factors - people who did their first Ironman in the early years (some good laughs here about how much it has really changed - LOL, one guy talks about putting his kickstand down when meeting his support crew b/c there were no aid stations then); some stories of pro triathletes; some stories about people who did their first Ironman after age 50; some who had a really fast first Ironman; some who did it physically challenged; etc.  Occassionally, the stories got slightly repetitive as some of these "like" factors made for similar stories.  But overall, it was a quick and easy read and I enjoyed it. 

Running with Angels was the personal story of a woman that spent well over a decade trapped in an obese body before finally making the decision to start moving after the loss of two children (one as an infant with birth defect and one in utero) and the diagnosis of two other children with debilitating diseases.  She grieves and copes with loss and struggles through getting moving.  Meanwhile, she decides that it is worth spending the money on Weight Watchers to add accountability to her diet that she had struggled with for so long.  Finally, she takes time for her and focuses on a slow, healthy weight loss (over 100 lbs in total) and fulfilling a life-long dream to run a marathon.  The story (and backstory) is told while reflecting on each section of that first marathon - letting the reader know how she was feeling at the various mile markers, but also how that correlated to feelings from her painful past.  This book had some gut-wrenching moments, but overall is a story of hope and faith in both God and herself.  While not all parts were applicable to me and my journey, I could definitely relate to many of the self-abusive habits of an obese person and the pain that it inflicts and the feeling of triumph from moving on and away from those thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Picked this up as I figured it would be fun to read.  I read the first chapter which was a bit about how he got to where he was when the book starts and then the rest of the book turns into reading more like a Daily Mile log - pretty dry though truthfully, I gave up pretty quick.  Maybe I'll try again another time, but it wasn't really my thing.

I know I'm about 12 years behind the times here, but I finally read Lance Armstrong's book "It's not about the bike".  I knocked it out in about a day.  I found the story interesting and generally an easy read.  It's a bit odd since it stops after his first Tour win and just after his first child was born.  Kind of makes me want the rest of the story (besides what you read in magazines or web sites).  I liked the backstory of his childhood and his relationship with his mom; his own thoughts about how he raced before and after his battle with cancer; the frustration when no one believed he could come back from the brink of depth and compete as a pro again. The indepth story about his cancer battle was interesting too in its own way.  Say what you want about him - whether you are glad he is back to his tri roots or not - he's a fighter and his story was inspirational.

Decided it was time for some brain candy so I have read the first three Twilight books this week and have Breaking Dawn here ready to read over the weekend.  Interesting to note how much they are like the movies and how much they skipped or rearranged scene-wise.  I forgot that a while back I also read Jane Lynch's autobiography.  Generally I like her as an actress, but her book was so-so.  It was interesting enough to read, but she focuses a lot on her struggle with being a lesbian and not really thinking much of herself as an actress.  The low self esteem just didn't make for a thread I wanted to follow throughout a book.  I'd much rather read about someone who just fought and clawed their way to the top because they knew they deserved to be there.  But someone's life lessons are their own and not for me to judge.

Had a nice "summer vacation" day yesterday and will try to get some pics uploaded and a post about it later.  Really am behind on work so I need to get going on that.