Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catch Up

So my workouts have been kind of here and there (when not MIA entirely), but my blogging has been even worse.  Need to rededicate myself to both as well as try to get more focus on my workload because it is all about to hit the fan if I don't.  So I'll catch up here and try to do better going forward.

Post-triathlon there wasn't much to mention.  Had a great time at Summerfest, but didn't do a ton of walking around.  The next morning, we were up early and out the door to head back to Missouri from Wisconsin because my daughter had a softball game and my son had judo (same time of course - Murphy's Law of Motherhood).  Nearly 8 hours on the road and it was back to home sweet home.  Unpacked and shuttled kids and Monday was shot.  A little tightness in the lower legs, but I wasn't feeling too awful.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was a couch potato though I got some work done.  Thursday, Stacy called for the first time in like a month after I had worked a super long day.  I guess between her vacation and mine and the hot weather and general apathy to working out, time just got away from us.  It was pretty warm when she came over at her usual 8:30 (though still light this time of year).  We only ran down to the first Wakoda and back for like 1.2 mi.  It was just too hot still and there was NO breeze.  So then we did Just Dance for quite a while and tried out some new songs (my daughter got the first JD for her birthday and we hadn't done it yet).  I'll chalk it up as a "better than nothing" workout.  Still nice to renew our fitness friendship though.

Friday was just a short walk with my husband.  Two miles at his brisk (long leg) pace, but chatting the whole way.  It was super muggy out and I was glad to get back home and have a cool drink and visit on the front porch since the breeze was pretty decent by then.  I'm such a hot weather wuss.

Saturday was filled with the usual laundry and household stuff.  We went to mass at 5 and then out to dinner.  This allowed for today's early morning adventure (ie. skipping 8:30 mass).  I had gotten a couple of texts from Walter (CMC friend from the winery ride and our 30 mi ride a few weeks ago).  He wanted to know if I wanted to get in 25-30 miles early on Sunday.  I decided it was a great idea regardless of being a week out from my next sprint tri.  I really do enjoy biking and he is a super decent guy who tries to watch out for this relative newbie (must be the dad in him).

Road construction has snagged up my usual long route direction so I played with some ideas on MapMyRide and decided to do an out and back from a shorter loop that I wanted to try (had only driven to verify there wasn't gravel).  So we left at 6:30 and rode from my house, to Taos, to Wardsville, back to Taos, but then took Shamrock (including a wicked downhill and some gnarly uphills that kicked my ass), and back around Scholastic before heading home.  Had one close call with a truck that rolled through a stop sign and ran me into the oncoming lane (where thankfully there was no one coming).  I had the right-of-way, but his one ton truck begged to differ.  I also nearly crashed into poor Walter on one turn I didn't warn him was a left and he was about to swing around me to go right.  Oops.  I thought he knew where we were and which way my house was - my bad.  Being done by around 8:30 allowed Walter to get home and head to church with his wife (which he says helps him stay married) and allowed me to have time to write this as my husband took the kids out to the gun range this morning. 

So I need to figure out what to do with my workouts this week as I taper to the Show Me Games.  I looked up my time from last year and it was about what my Pewaukee time was last year so I am hoping I can shave 40+ min off like I did my Pewaukee time.  Maybe I can avoid last place this time.  A little nervous about the swim, but stoked to get back on the bike.  Hopefully I can get to the pool or an OWS practice this week to ease that worry.  Then will come the big decision - do I sign up for anything else this season?  Stay tuned!


  1. We have fun with rock trucks here in Austin. Big shoulders on the roads but occasional storm drains that force us to pull right next to the road. It is interesting when a storm drain comes up when a truck passes at 60mph

    Go do a few OWS if you can... embrass your fears

  2. Your taper should have you practicing race intensity and pace but at a much interval shorter. Give it a try!

    Before you sign up for something else (and somehow I'm sure you will), figure out what you want to get out of the event. It will guide you as to which event. Perhaps a longer bike event?

  3. I've had a hard time staying on it this summer, too, and without doing much there's nothing much to write about. Boo.

    Fitness friends are awesome. Good luck at the Show-Me games and picking out something new!

  4. Don't you love what a year of training can do to our performances...cannot wait to read about your progress.

  5. Tapering seems to always be the hardest part about training. So is this your "A" race?

  6. Trucks always have the right of way! :)