Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tue Bike Session/Reading

Took Monday as a rest day.  Some because I was tired from the weekend workouts and some because I was being a lazy ass.  Had a relatively full day at the office while kids were off school with their dad for President's Day. 

Got called in to help my surveyor get a drawing out the door quickly yesterday, but ended up kind of puttering the afternoon away until it was time to head back to pick up kids.  Then I read a bit until it was time for daughter's piano lesson.  Puttered away the evening until dinner led into TV time.  But I got my butt moving finally about 8 PM. 

Husband needed some help finishing a few things for his online class on the laptop and then I took it to watch a show on Netflix while getting in a 40 min workout on the trainer.  Better than nothing.  I got a bit of a sweat on and then jumped in the shower before heading to bed a little early to read for quite a while. 

I'm working on Kristin Armstrong's book "Mile Markers".  I like her writing style and this book is speaking to me where I am right now.  I'd like to think we'd be friends if I lived in her neck of the woods - we are about the same age (I "get" some of her pop-culture references), have kids around the same ages, similar views on things (so far as I can tell by her writing).  It makes for a nice daydream.  And while I still teeter on being a Lance fan, that wasn't a factor in me picking up this book nor continuing to read it. 

Tonight's "workout" will likely be housework - surely pushing a vacuum for an hour should count for something, right?  Although I did pick up a check today from a client that could necessitate a bank run.  Just not sure if I am going to be up for the crazy cold wind.  Supposed to get a big winter storm tonight.  Yuck.  Spoiled by the generally mild winter we've had so far.

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 137.1 miles
Running = 59.6 miles


  1. We are suppose to get some nasty weather too this weekend, starting with freezing rain tonight, followed by snow, that combonation is the worse

  2. I have to say, get me to 8 p.m. and there would be no getting the workout in! Kudos to you.

    I'd like to read that book, too. She is a really good writer and seems very "human" when you read her columns.

  3. Nice job getting onto the trainer. That was my plan for Tues also, but I opted for finish blog post/senior citizen bedtime over the trainer. Hence my early morning ride.

    Stay warm!

  4. So did you brave the wind or vacuum? I would vac and call it good. I hate brutal winter winds!!! ;)

    1. Didn't brave the cold. I know I'll wish I had when the snow and ice hits tomorrow. Did vacuum my 1600 sq ft upstairs, clean two toilets, sinks and mirrors and then had a lovely (and long) phone call with long lost friend.

  5. Glad you are enjoying Mile Markers! It's always nice to feel like you have a connection to the author.

  6. The trainer comes in handy when the motivation is low. At least its easy to get on and knock out a bike session. Especially when you have something to watch on TV.

  7. My year to date swimming miles are a big fat 0, but I'm getting back in the pool next week. I promise myself.

    Hope things are slowing down for you!