Monday, February 11, 2013

Running to Remember, etc.

Should have written this last night, but you know how life can get in the way - or just regular old procrastination.  My busy Saturday got in the way of my planned run to the bank.  But it was also supposed to be my run to remember Sherry Arnold - the lovely soul that left this earth in a violent way just over a year ago while out on an otherwise peaceful morning run.  So yesterday afternoon, as the sun was just about to go to bed - I pushed myself out the door for a few miles. 

I have to admit that I thought about the parts of my running that are less safe - I still usually have a pony tail (too easy to grab); I often run when it is dark or getting dark-ish; I run some of the same routes over and over though I'm otherwise less predictable (some say not consistent, I say less predictable); I run alone sometimes (though not as much as I have in the past); and I run in areas without a lot of traffic (sometimes, but not always).  A few times I caught myself looking over my shoulder and wondering how awful and scary it would be to see someone jump out of a vehicle and come after me.  It was a painful thought.  One part I just hate about being a woman.  And while I know that a man could be attacked as well, the plain fact is that women are at a decided disadvantage in the crime victim department.

But I also remembered that part of the purpose of this run is to not let the evil in this world keep us from our time out on the road.  So I fought my way back in a wind that would have made that Montana girl proud.  Lost about a min/mile on my pace on the return trip due to the wind and the big hill.  But finished 3.4 miles and called it good.  Many continued prayers to the friends and family of Sherry who will always have a hole in the hearts from their loss.

In other randomness:
  • MMNW = 160.8 - not stellar, but way better than last Monday (Super Bowl super snacks)
  • Dropped plans and specs off to plan room/printer today for big street job; now to play catch up on all the other projects/clients I've been putting off
  • I kind of hate when it is sunny outside and seems like it should be nice only to walk outside and find a cold wind blowing.
  • I'm tried to talk myself into getting on the trainer this evening.  But got snagged up on a photo book project under a Groupon coupon expiration date.  Doh!
Swimming = 3800 yds = 2.16 mi
Biking = 104.5 miles
Running = 50.7 miles


  1. Nice way to remember Sherry. I am with you--I haven't really changed anything to be honest. I really struggle with whether or not there is anything we can really, truly do to be 100% safe. I don't think so.

  2. I'm with Amanda. I'm not overly safety conscious, either, though hopefully my big dog is a pretty good deterrent. Not much you can do about ponytail/braids, etc, unless you cut your hair short, and I'm not changing my hairdo because of what could possibly happen.

    I hate those days that look warm right until you walk outside, too!

  3. Nice of you to do a memorial run for Sherry. You know, I think carrying a small shot of pepper spray is not out of the question.

  4. I'm with Kepa. If you are worried about it, get one of those amphipod belts and pepper spray. I carry my phone in my amphipod belt and don't even notice I'm wearing it.

    Way to get out there and run for Sherry. Such a tragic story that makes you wonder how people can do such sick things.