Friday, February 1, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy

After a long day of battling my way through my work, I was very tempted to blow off my planned pool workout.  But how can I be such a pussy when there are rock stars like IronDiva out there (pregnant even!) who are knocking out their workouts - sometimes two a day!  So I put on my big girl panties and drove to the ARC instead of going home.  And while my family waited an extra hour for me to come home and head out to dinner, I got it done. 

My first trip back to the pool in weeks.  Couldn't wuss out and go short so I tried to do the yards to mile math and rounded up.  By the way, I'm an engineer who is bad at mental math.  I came up with needing to knock out 38 laps at 50 yards each.  Boo-yah!  That is 1900 yards or 1.08 mile cause I'm an overachiever like that.  Can't say it didn't suck.  Can't say I didn't seriously think about lopping a few laps off.  Can't say I didn't wish there was music in my ears to make the black line boredom go by faster.  And can't say I won't feel it in my upper body tomorrow.  But can say I was really happy to be able to finally add to my YTD swim total.  Suck that Mr. Total Ticker!

Swimming = 1900 yds = 1.08 mi
Biking = 48.0 miles
Running = 44.4 miles


  1. 1737.36 meters. I would go insane swimming in a 25 yard pool.
    This was my story yesterday. Thinking I should swim in the morning when I got up. Not really wanting. Not that I wanted to stay in bed, no, I was awake. So I went to work instead, getting there at 6:15. The upside of that was being able to leave as everyone else was getting lunch, and I had a perfectly nice afternoon swim.

    You can get waterproof MP3 players, though I don't get the need. For whatever reason, I've never, ever been bored swimming. Too much to think about. Once I started doing flip turns, thinking about them coming up at the end of the lap makes them go buy quicker. And you swim quicker too, probably a few seconds a lap at least.

  2. Nice job on getting your swim done! I have a waterproof iPod and it bugs me more than the "black line boredom"!

  3. Mental math... I am lucky if I count the laps correctly. Somewhere during the swim my brain zones out and I miscount. I had to trade up to a garmin 910xt so it could count laps for me.

  4. Impossible... can I see your degree
    We all can zip out any number even when drunk.
    You must be a civil engineer....

  5. Nice job getting your swim in! I usually lose track of laps and calculate how far I went based on my total time and lap speed.