Friday, February 15, 2013

Quasi-Lazy Week

Monday - Worked all day, blew off the evening while boys were at Boy Scouts

Tuesday - Worked all day, Society of Women Engineers dinner meeting in evening. Bedtime when I got home.

Wednesday - Full intention to run to the bank.  Ran out of time for no good reason.  Was getting a little desperate for Valentine purchases (hubs, kids, kids parties, Girl Scouts, etc) - made mad dash to Walmart in car instead of on foot so dropped off deposit then and let a perfectly sunny and warmish afternoon pass without a run.  Did make several trips to load over $500 worth of Girl Scout cookies into the car and dashed through grocery store and back in time to pick up said Brownie from her meeting.  Hardly a real workout though.

Thursday - Thank God for Thursdays!  I blew off most of my work (save a 9 AM conference call and some emails) and ran with Susan for 1 hr 20 min - ok, so there was a lot of walking as the wind was kind of not awesome.  We covered 5.6 miles on the Katy Trail.  Better than nothing and at least it was sunny.  Had enough time to shower and change for the Valentine parties at school.  6th graders just aren't cute anymore and I really hope there is none of this party crap next year.  Missed out on most of the 3rd grade cuteness though I dropped off the cookies I purchased on the aforementioned grocery store dash.  Ate severeal Hershey Kisses that came with my Valentine from my sweet baboo.

Friday - Kids off school, but promised daughter we'd hit the ARC in the afternoon.  In the morning we set up and completed part of her Science Fair experiments - testing how color affects survival of critters from predators.  There were pipe cleaners involved.  No live creatures were injured - though it was bitterly cold this morning as I stood in my jeans and bathrobe in the front yard supervising.  Later at the ARC, I knocked out 1000 yards and then stopped to check on my girl and chat with my friend and her kids that were there.  Knocked out another 1000 and then got ready to go home after playing with my daughter a little more.  She wishes we could go every Friday together. So sweet!  I'm glad she held me to it as it would have been easy to bail.

Lenten fish fry at the Knights hall for dinner.  Ate way too much.  Scale will be angry tomorrow though it was down yesterday after a light Ash Wed dinner.  I'm the only non-Catholic in the house so I observe Lent with them.  My daughter decided to give up all soda for 40 days.  I told her I'd join her so that we could be strong for each other and I could work on my ridiculous Coke habit.  Can't say it will be easy, but it is good to have someone to keep me focused on it.  She was so bummed that they had Sprite at the Girl Scout Valentine party and she couldn't have any.  Caprisun wasn't the same!  If I can eat a little healthier and not go so hog wild at the fish fries - maybe I can drop a few lbs during this season of preparation. 

And since I didn't do a Mid-MO Monday the last couple of weeks, I'll take a moment to point out that our county is about 50% Catholic - with no less than a half dozen parish fish fries to choose from on any given Lenten Friday.  A heckuva deal at usually $8-$10 to stuff yourself.  These folks know how to feed you!  Tonight I had a huge pile of boiled shrimp, several pieces of fried fish, hushpuppies, baked potato, cole slaw and a dixie cup of ice cream for dessert plus ice tea for $10.  They also had french fries (instead of potato) and baked beans (not a fan).  And everything is all you can eat except the shrimp.  One year we gave up (as a family) eating out during Lent, but provided a caveat that parish fish fries didn't count.  We figured that they are charitable so God would understand. 

But that big ass dinner means that tomorrow will HAVE to be a bike trainer day.  Son is headed down to MS&T with Boy Scouts to work on a merit badge (Electronics).  They are leaving at the ass crack of dawn so he'll be gone most of the day.  Not sure what my girl will be up to, but we might work a bit on Science Fair crap again.  And the dreaded cookie deliveries.  Plus usual laundry and such.  I have a DVD from Netflix to watch though - so shouldn't be too hard to get a hour or so in. 

Swimming = 5800 yds = 3.3 mi
Biking = 104.5 miles
Running = 56.3 miles


  1. Bad workout week for me too... damn you work!
    30 minutes on a stationary bike
    5.2 mile run

  2. It's amazing how one run with a good friend can rejuvenate you! I had to swim today....legs were plain worn out after only 2 runs from the torture plan ;)

  3. Giving up coke will make a huge difference!

  4. Crazy life!!! Hard to fit in fitness with kids and that busy schedule! So jealous of all the seafood you've had though. Not fair!