Sunday, February 3, 2013

@TeamVirtus #SuperCentury

Team Virtus never lets me down when I need a little motivation to get in a big workout.  Apparently Casey is the originator of the crazy idea of doing a metric century virtual trainer group ride on Super Bowl Sunday.  I wasn't in on the first one (last year), but decided I'd jump in when I got up and moving this morning (regretably a little on the late side). 

I had no real hope (desire?) of doing the full 62 miles, but I figured as long as others were suffering with me, I would try to gut it out.  I don't have a bike computer so my mileage is really a guess based on the fact that I ride somewhere between 13-14 mph on the road.  I kept the resistance about average - not too easy, not to tough.  Same with cadence.

And to join in on the social media fun, I finally joined Twitter so I could tweet my progress to the gang.  If you want to follow me, I'm @TriMOEngr.  Simple enough!  I'm not sure how much tweeting I'll do, but it is fun to follow friends and a few celebrities.  Need to read up on Twitter for Dummies though.  I have no idea what I am doing.

Tweeted this pic of myself (hard to take without forward facing
camera and while riding) at about 24 miles in -
Luke later tweeted that I looked too happy here.
Tweeted my not-so-awesome view along the way -
definitely way nicer scenery in "Ride the Divide"

There wasn't a lot of Twitter traffic during my three hours on the bike, but it was enough to keep me mildly entertained from time to time.  Gotta love hashtags like "thissucks" and "mytainthurtsready" (already?).  But otherwise, I passed the time watching two movies - the documentary "Ride the Divide" about the mountain bike race from Banff to the U.S./Mexico border (2700+ miles of insanity) followed by most of "Horrible Bosses".  The former was much better than the latter. 

Three hours (approximately 40 miles - almost as much as I rode altogether in Jan!) later, my lady parts were a little chafed and on the verge of numb, the area just above my knees was starting to complain and most of Team Virtus had to either leave for work (Luke) or was finished with their 62 miles.  They are all rock stars in my book - in case you couldn't tell.

Have a great Super Bowl everyone.  I might try to sneak in a short nap before guests get here.  We're expecting 25-30.  Good times.

Swimming = 1900 yds = 1.08 mi
Biking = 88.0 miles
Running = 44.4 miles


  1. Super Century is one of those things I remember as gloriously terrible but in reality is mostly terrible. Thanks for playing along!

  2. WHAT! A virtual 100km... there is no way I could stay on the trainer that long. You have my utmost respect. Even though you may not have gone the entire 62 miles, just the fact that you stayed on there for 3 hours is amazing.

  3. Mertic Century outdoors is my favorite distance to ride

    I did 3 hours indoors during the superbowl as well, made the ride go by quick, nice work, 3 hours is tough on a trainer

  4. I also did a 3 hour trainer ride once! Good mental toughness exercise! Nice work!

  5. Nice job on the ride! I stuck with my only running theme and had a nice trail run in the snow.