Saturday, November 24, 2012

"What Did I Just Do?" = 2013 BHAG

I recently chuckled to myself as I read this post on a blog I follow called Daily Trainings.  It is about how a lot of times you can guess the general content of a post by the title and how we often try to come up with something "catchy" folks will want to read.  As I clicked the "Register" button yesterday for next year's Big Hairy Ass Goal, I chuckled again and decided I would use one of his first "obvious titles" = "What did I just do?"

A little backstory:  in 2010, I lost my dad to an awful disease.  He was 66.  He was diagnosed in the mid-1950's (age 10 I think) with Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent).  He was told to live his life the best he could, but that he'd likely not live a long time.  I think early on, he lived like any day could be his last.  He told me one time, that is what made him a great cop.  He figured he didn't need to fear death because he was already living longer than expected.  I think he married my mother and had his 2 kids because he figured it was his chance to leave something behind.  He became an attorney in 1979 because he figured he could do that job from a wheelchair if his health became too bad, but he could still feel like he was on the "right side of the law".

But after 19 years in a bad marriage, he couldn't take it any longer and left.  It was also when he had some of his first major kidney problems (1986) and he remarried later that year.  Then, when I was in college (1993), he had his first stroke.  Somewhere in there, he also developed neuropathy (loss of topical feeling) and retinopathy (eye issues).  He also had some heart trouble.  In 2007, his kidneys weren't functional enough to avoid dialysis.  A stint was put in and he started treatment 2-3 days/week.  In May 2009, he went completely blind.  This disease took the man I adored slowly away from me.  I lost him in what felt like pieces being cruelly cut away. 

Dad and Stepmom: taken Jan 2009, shortly before she was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Can see his port bandage sticking out of his shirt.
When his wife passed away in Dec 2009, I think he gave up.  His moments of lucidity were fewer and further between as the kidney disease ravaged his once incredibly gifted mind.  And when his nephrologist finally said "We give people dialysis so they can live, not make them live so we can give them dialysis" - my sister and I finally decided it was time to let go.  We discontinued treatment and by the next day he was in a coma and the following day he was gone.  And part of me was thankful because I couldn't stand to lose any more small pieces.

I looked into doing the Tour De Cure last year, but in the end felt like the time wasn't right.  I've had a pretty good year of cycling and know that with some training I can conquer my first century (100 miles on a bike) on June 1, 2013.  I will raise money for the American Diabetes Association and ride in honor of my father and everyone else that is affected by this horrible disease. So there it is.  My BHAG for 2013 - train for, fundraise and execute my first 100 mile bike ride.  I'll be so blessed by those around me working towards the same goal - to raise a half million dollars for diabetes research and programs. 

More information will come soon about how you can help.  But if you want to join in on the fun, I'm doing the Tour De Cure St. Louis (there are other event locations around the country and at different times).  It actually starts on the IL side of the line in Alton and I think stays on the IL side.  Riders/volunteers also get a pass to Raging Rivers Water Park.  There are shorter rides to choose from, but I figured it was time to go big - have a giant stretch goal.  Registration is really cheap (early bird $15, but score - I got it FREE for Black Friday) and the fundraising minimum is very reasonable (though I hope to blow mine out of the water - I already gave my personal donation of over half the minimum).  If you are from that area, there are a lot of other training events leading up to the event.  It will be a crap shoot with other family obligations as to whether I make any of those or just train close to home.

So I'm a good mixture of scared and excited.  My furthest ride to date is 39 miles.  I need to more than double that in the next 7 months.  I also still need to think about the other two sports and if I am going to add a 2nd triathlon-related BHAG to 2013 (tentatively the answer will be yes).  But that is what the off season is for - dreaming big and preparing for the next big thing.

On the more "normal" post front: ran to make my deposit at the bank today (3.1 miles).  Haven't eaten any produce yet.  Not holding out much hope for that.  Plan on shaking my tail feather pretty good tonight (DJ is sure to have sufficient dancing music) so hopefully I can get a point or two for that.  I'll judge that based on the amount of crazy sweating I do.  Daughter seems all good this morning - fingers crossed no one else starts puking.  Will have a houseful of company tonight, but all should be gone in time tomorrow for a bike ride!  YAY!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 748.0 mi / 1000
Run: 317.7 mi / 350

HBBC points so far: 3.1 for the run

Days until Tour De Cure: 189


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I just started laughing at the title and was thrilled to read about your goal! Good luck, can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Great goal! I KNOW you can do this but still can't wait to hear all about your training.

  3. I think that's a fantastic goal, like the perfect event for you to put into your sights, train for and then execute all while having both a special personal and global meaning. You could not have picked better!

    A lot of TdC riders around here, all good committed folks. You'll be in great company.

  4. Like I said on Facebook, I know you'll be able to do this, especially knowing more about the reasoning behind your choice of event.

  5. Awesome goal for a great cause! If you don't have a trainer, it might be time to get one. Riding for an hour 3x a week until you can get outside providesa nice base to start your build.

    P.S. you are off blog roll again for whatever blogger malfunctioning reason.

  6. That's a great goal for 2013. Good luck with your training!

  7. That sounds like a great goal with a great reason to motivate you. You can easily build cycling distance in that time! Good luck!

  8. I love love love that you are doing the Century Ride to raise money for a disease you have so much invested in. It makes the race and process for training even more meaningful! So proud of you!