Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick Mileage Update

Still failing at getting in the fruit and veggies.  Will try to come up with a plan of attack for next week - you know, the whole "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" crap and all.  I have plenty of stuff to choose from in the fridge - just gotta figure out how to get it all in. 

Went to my daughter's basketball practice last night and actually got a couple of the other moms to walk briskly with me for just under an hour.  For the last ten minutes, they went to watch the girls finish their scrimmage.  I turned on my tunes and ran a half mile trying to keep up with this lady that looked about 5-10 years older than me that didn't seem to be working hard, but was much faster than I had figured.  I really don't enjoy the 1/16 mile track around the upper deck of the Y basketball courts though.  But it was fine while chatting and for only 8 laps.  I'm calling it 4 miles though I didn't track bazillion laps walking and talking.  Pretty hard for me to not walk 3.5 mph though.  No bike time though.  HBBC Points for Thursday = 4

Today, work is really busy and then I'm taking my surveyors out for happy hour to thank them for all they do to keep my business alive.  I won a gift card to Outback at a conference recently and my husband had one from a company Christmas party (like 2 years ago) and told me that is what I should do with them.  Doubting I'll feel like workout after that plus the drive home in the dark.  Kids will be home alone for a couple hours so I don't really want to ditch them again right after getting home.  Poor boy is still home with a fever, but he is old enough to manage without mom today.

But tomorrow the weather is supposed to be lovely and Walter has already organized a bike ride around town.  He has another planned for Sunday, but it is during my daughter's basketball game so maybe I can go alone afterwards since the weather is supposed to be in the 60's (yay!).

Forgot to update my yearly totals the other night so this is as of today: 

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000 (gee, what does a pool look like?)
Bike: 773.9 mi / 1000 (if all goes well, I cross 800 miles tomorrow!)
Run: 322.7 mi / 350 (closing in on this one!)

Days until Tour De Cure: 183


  1. And I thought my 1/12th track was bad at my gym

    Out back sounds good to me

    Your yearly totals are solid, congrats on the year

  2. Jealous of your bike plans! I'll actually be on my bike for at least a little tomorrow, but only to ride to my volunteer station for the adventure race.

    You're definitely going to hit your run goal, and you still have time to hit the bike one pretty hard...especially if this crazy great weather keeps up! Nice job!

  3. A 1/16 track sounds rough. Our community center has a 1/12 track and that one is bad enough. It looks like you're going to hit your run and bike goal for the year!