Friday, November 23, 2012

Not a Black Friday Shopper

OK, so today was a wonderful day.  We had nearly no obligations, but lots of things to be done on whatever time table we desired.  My sister took her family and my daughter to the local nature center's "anti-black friday" event which was a fun series of activities all about bears.  Son went to his cousin's house to play video games and whatever else.  My husband needed to get some shopping done for the food/paper products for tomorrow night's shindig so a trip to the grocery store was in order after he got up and browned 7 x 1.5 lb bags of ground beef for the monster batch of chili he is making.  We were done with that by 11:15. 

Then, I had found a used basketball goal on Craigslist for $20 that was like 1/2 mi from the grocery store and we went and picked that up.  It has definitely been used, but it was in pretty good condition considering it is probably 10 years old or so.  We got it loaded/unloaded and added some sand/water to the base for weight.  The net was stiff and the ball would stick a bit in it so my husband and I shot hoops for probably 30-45 minutes once it was all set up and in place.  The wind was cold so I wussed out and headed inside.  Had a quick lunch of leftovers and bundled up and went for a brisk walk (at 6'3", husband walks briskly compared to me no matter what).  We did all the ins and outs of the neighborhood streets for 2.9 miles.  Cool wind was a bit much, but better with hat and gloves.

Goofed around until all the family returned a little later and the kids were busy shooting hoops (cousins brought two more balls over and we had 5 kids sharing them - note to self: need another basketball for less fighting).  Younger nephew, sis and bro-in-law napped for a long while.  Husband got restless so we went for a drive.  We've been expecting the monument company to finally set dad's headstone and wanted to check.  Of course it wasn't done, so I called and raised a minor stink about it and asked for some follow up next week.  We'll see.  I guess since it took me 2 years to finally order it, I shouldn't worry about a few more weeks.  Just annoyed as I'd been assured it'd be done by Thanksgiving when sis came to visit from WI.

Got home and everyone was playing and having a good time (more basketball plus Wii and general goofiness).  Decided to hit a steakhouse for dinner.  Daughter wasn't feeling well and ended up throwing up while there.  Needless to say, dinner didn't seem too appetizing at that point.  I ate about half a burger and called it good.  Probably about the right portion actually.  I hope she feels better tomorrow.  She seemed better before bed.  Sis's family had the stomach bug over last weekend - so nice of her to share her germs by driving to MO. 

Chilled in front of the TV with a bunch of Christmas specials and ran the kids through the shower.  Did a little online shopping tonight (scored on a gift for my son and figured out something about what I was going to buy my daughter).  Now I need to head to bed to rest up for tomorrow's festivities.  I hope I don't have to skip out on the big party for a sick kid though - fingers crossed.

Breakfast: Pink grapefruit, hard boiled egg/mayo/mustard/slice of bread, water
Lunch: taco meat, sprinkle of cheese, whole tomato, half avocado, salsa, sour cream, water
Dinner: half bacon cheeseburger w/ tomato/lettuce, a few steak fries, 2 warm dinner rolls (YUM), coke (the reason I'm still awake - oops)
Probably a little weak on the evening meal produce to call that 7 full servings of produce

HBBC Points: 2.9 for walk + 2 for basketball

Watch for tomorrow's post on a BIG decision for 2013.  I hope a few of you will want to join in on the fun!


  1. Sounds like a busy and interesting day...and pretty good...except for the puking part. Hope she is feeling well soon!

    Looking forward to hearing the BIG decision!

  2. I actually had to go into a Mall today. Not only the first time I've been in one on a black friday for awhile, but the first time I've been in a mall at all for awhile. My skin was crawling. Thank whoever deserves it for online shopping.

  3. I'm totally not a black friday shopper!! Nice find on the hoop!