Monday, November 12, 2012

Over 300!

Let's just say that last week was an insane workweek - though that is at least partly an excuse.  I did blow off work Thursday and get in a nice LSAR (long slow ass run) with Susan on a beautiful, sunny (if a bit cold) Thursday morning.  Susan and I did our "standard" Katy Trail 8.4 miles (trailhead to Lewis and Clark marker at the river overlook and back). 

Not sure why in my complete laziness of Thursday (workwise) that I didn't write this blog post then.  Must have been the Halloween candy coma.  Yeah, the eating hasn't been stellar.  But the good news is that I passed the 300 miles run for the year mark.  This is pretty huge for me because a year ago, I wasn't really running at all.  Ok, so not ALL of those miles were "running", but mixtures of jogging/walking.  Still - huge for me. 

Had scheduled about a 30 mile bike ride with Walter for Saturday morning, but didn't count on a childcare snafu (both grandparents busy and I didn't have a backup plan).  It was a warm and sunny day (though crazy windy).  I had a couple hours of freedom in the afternoon while daughter was at a scout event and son was deer hunting with dad.  I just didn't drag my ass out the door to get in the workout I should have.  So the bike and swim distances are stagnant this week.  With only 8 weeks to go, it is going to be tough to hit these goals.  Maybe even impossible.  But we'll see.  The HBBC kicks off next week and might be just what is needed to get me moving.  This week I'm out of town for a couple days and the kids have early release tomorrow. 

MMNW = 162.8 (down 0.2 which is a freaking miracle given how crappy I ate)

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000
Run: 305.1 mi / 350


  1. Congrats on your run miles! That is awesome!

  2. Nice job on the running! Good luck with finding the time to work on the bike/swim distances. 8 weeks is a long if only life will cooperate with your goals! :)

  3. I hear you on the eating - Halloween ruined me ;) I've been eating horrible. I think your workouts YTD are incredible!!!!

  4. Good job on the 300. I need to start keeping track... I used to through blog posting but gave that up a year or so back...

  5. Don't dwell on the candy. It happened, address it, and move along. Nothing to see there, keep moving, keep moving. Sometimes workouts don't happen, and that's ok too. You aren't a machine. I don't have the faintest idea how many miles I do in a year. Don't give up on your goals till they give up on you.

  6. And how do you know when they've given up? They magically change to lower numbers that you've already accomplished.

  7. Congrats on the 300 miles! So awesome to see improvements like that. And just look at your post, "we did our standard 8.4 miles" that's an impressive distance that use to be out of reach not to long ago. You've made huge progress, if you don't hit all your goals I wouldn't worry about it to much.

  8. Congrats on 300! Yeah, I'm about to toss all the Halloween candy, especially since I'll be buying candy canes in about a week!

    Thanks for your insight regarding my job loss. My husband actually lost his job as well (we work at the same company) Luckily his last day is in January. This is definitely going to be a change for our family, but I know there are so many other people facing bigger struggles, so I know we'll be okay.

    And nope, that wasn't me in KC! I'm still in NY : )