Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Exercising" My Right to Vote!

Haven't been working out nearly enough lately.  Really should have gone for a run last night instead of plopping on the couch because I had the day from hell work-wise and slept poorly thinking about it.  My eating has remained decent enough - though last night I dove into a few fun size Snickers to soothe my weary soul.

MMNW = 163.8 (down from 166.0 last week, but I had seen gradually lower numbers all week from eating healthy and skipping soda and was expecting something more like 161-162 so I was a little annoyed - not helped by the stressful day that followed and the raging hormones given us women every 28 days)

Another day fighting a project battle, but I think I'm over the hump and left the office this afternoon feeling like I just need to pull together the paperwork, but that the design challenge was almost behind me.  Cost me my first soda in a week - but 12 oz in one week isn't bad considering the backslide in this habit of late.

Picked up the kids from school and came home to change into workout clothes.  I mean, after hearing everyone talking about "exercising their right to vote", I figured that was a hint I needed to run to the polling place.  It is only about 1.36 mi round trip.  Daughter wanted to tag along and I encourage the kids to understand the value of voting so I told her to ride her scooter while I ran.  This worked out well as it kept our paces/efforts about the same (she is 8). 

Got to the polling location and their computers were acting up, but we got through pretty quickly considering (though the line got long behind us).  I did my civic duty and we started the run home (though the first hill out of the parking lot was kicking my butt).  Got home and mapped it and decided I had more in me so I ran to the end of the sidewalk and back to tack on just under another 2 miles (3.3 total).  Yay!

So now it is time to wait and see how it all turns out.  There were definitely some races where I didn't really care for either candidate.  I tended to go with "my" party on those though I seriously considered a couple of 3rd party options.  Fingers crossed.

Off to finish making dinner.

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000
Run: 296.7 mi / 350


  1. You are really close on some of those miles--you can get there!

    We were lucky here to have very short lines, although turnout was in the 60-plus % range.

  2. Love the phrase "ran to the end of the sidewalk and back!"

  3. Nice job getting the run in. Sometimes it works really well to multitask on these things!