Friday, November 2, 2012

Eating Better/BB/Bike Ride

Superkate and some of her friends (and their friends, etc) are doing a paleo diet challenge thing on FB.  I don't know that any of us are particularly 100% die hard on the idea, but I decided to join in for the accountability aspect of reporting what I eat.  One of the guys mentioned he had a piece of Halloween candy in his hand, but just didn't want to have to write it down for everyone to see so he put it back.  That is EXACTLY why I joined in.  I have gone without soda since joining.  I had been a bit of a Coke addict lately sliding back into some bad habits (32 oz fountain Coke - not diet).  I need to focus on healthier options and this keeps my hands at least mostly out of the processed carbs.  And even if it wasn't really all that "paleo", my diet has been full of much better choices this week.  I'll take the victories where I can.  Hoping for a much better MMNW.  I also like seeing what everyone else eats because it gives me ideas for my own diet. 

There were no workouts Mon, Tue or Wed - at least my daughter's basketball practice was Thur evening at the Y again.  Reversed the brick a bit doing all of the "running" first.  I started on the track because another mom acted like she wanted to walk.  She maybe did like five laps (of 1/16 mi) and then left to get her daughter's water bottle out of the car and never came back.  So I started doing more jogging with a little walking and listened to music.  I had completely lost track of laps so I'm going to estimate that in the 30 min workout, I did at least 2 miles.  Then I went to the stationary bike that was thankfully by a fan.  But I continue to battle the fact that it is NOTHING like riding on the road.  I set the "level" to "6" again and could barely crack 10-11 mph on that machine while the bike at the other Y gave me around 14-15 mph for the same setting.  And who knows if the heart monitor thingy was at all accurate with it telling me I was over 160 bpm most of the workout.  I was sweating like the proverbial whore in church so I guess all is ok.  According to the stupid machine output, I did 4.3 mi.  We'll call that good enough.  First game on Sunday afternoon - Go Angels!

Today, through a ton of effort related to my work and mom obligations, I managed to hook up with Walter and his coworker for a long bike ride on the road.  It had been warmer yesterday, but the sun was shining and it was about 55°-60°.  I dressed for the temps and did fine (even sweated a fair bit).  We did the extended Holts Summit-Fulton loop from a while ago.  Fought the wind again.  Fought the hills again.  Very early in the ride I was wishing I was somewhere else.  Then we hit the hills and I was struggling to keep up and got dropped (sad in a group of 3!) and I was annoyed - actually a little pissed.  On the last big ass hill before a quick stop to regroup and get a drink I was nearing tears.  I was dreading the fact that we still had so far to go (this was only about 16 miles in).  But as we neared Fulton (approx half way), I started feeling more hopeful and I managed to go a bit faster and before I knew it, we were on the other side of town and stopping for a snack/drink at the C-store.  Client called right as I pulled up.  I took care of that and also checked on kids that were just getting home from school.  Bless them, they were getting their homework done so they could just enjoy their weekend of hunting (youth deer hunt). 

On the way back, I still had a few cussing moments on hills.  I also resorted to my standby way of getting through hills (prayers - "...pray for and at the hour of our death..." rings a bit too true).  But as we started getting closer to done, I just pedaled my ass off to get home.  Dropped my chain once and managed to fix it quickly and catch back up.  Our average speed wasn't anything to write home about, but with the conditions I was happy enough just to finish.  Walter claimed it was 38 miles, but I am going w/ Kelly's bike computer from the last time (38.9!).

My sis asked me why I like to do these long workouts.  I think part of it is the challenge - to see if I can.  Part of it is that once you've cleared your schedule to do the workout, you can just keep going.  Although I must note here that out and backs/big loops where there is no option to quit mid-workout is the only way I can do it.  In general, it's the "getting out there" part that I find so hard.  And yes, a part is being able to brag a little - sounds way more epic than shorter rides.  That said, I think I'm going to try to get out for a short run or something to shake out the soreness I fear will face me in the morning.  I stiffened up pretty good on the way home in the car.  I took some ibuprofen to get through the evening.

Going to move the laundry along and make my to do list for tomorrow.  I'm kid and husband free all day and I have a lot to get done (including more work since I blew off half of today).  Fingers crossed one or both of the kids has some luck in the woods.  Mama could use more venison for her diet!

Swim: 14,700 yds / 25,000 (no, I haven't forgotten - schedule just hasn't jived)
Bike: 735.1 mi / 1000 (Yay - over 700!!)
Run: 293.4 mi / 350 (chipping away at it)


  1. Nice job on that long ride! Hopefully the MMNW shows your better food choices, too...that's always reinforcing fir me, though I've got a ways further to go than you. It's definitely helpful to see what everyone else is eating, though I tend to be a little picky and often think ew. :)

  2. Nice long ride! It is pretty cool telling people what you did on long workouts.

    Good job giving up soda. Love deer sausage. Hope your boys get one.