Monday, January 22, 2018

It's Never Easy

I think this is just something I need to learn to accept.  Losing and/or maintaining my weight will never be easy.  There will always be something!  I've still managed to drink more water, way less soda (though I've fallen off the wagon here and there).  I've managed to eat out significantly less by continuing to try some new recipes in the instant pot and eating more from home (but happens and this isn't always possible).  I have met with the personal trainer a few more times and suffered for it, but know that I probably wouldn't have pushed myself anywhere nearly as hard without his encouragement.  I think this week is our last session so I might have to invest in some more.  I haven't increased my exercise as much as I should, but I am working on it. 

The depression persists and wasn't helped by an extremely stressful week after losing my mother-in-law while facing deadlines and then a busy weekend in Kansas City watching daughter play volleyball (though managed to eat cheaper and healthier out of a cooler and snack bag we took than I have in the past - only two dinners out though I had a margarita and a little wine both nights).  Came back just in time to scramble to get daughter out the door again for the March for Life trip, but did take advantage of her being gone to catch up with my Society of Women Engineers group Thursday (always a plus for my mental status).  Work continues to kick my ass, but I'm slowly chipping away at the pile.

Spent Saturday morning while daughter was on bus back from Washington D.C. cooking away with my Instant Pot and made chipotle lime cauliflower "rice", crack chicken (minus the bacon as I didn't have any), a dozen hard boiled eggs and bbq pulled pork.  All turned out relatively well.  Hit the gym yesterday when I really just wanted to lay on my butt.  Need to sweet talk hubs into setting up the bike trainer.  That was on a to do list a couple weeks ago before everything else blew up.

MMNW (Monday Morning Naked Weight): 198.4  - Lowest I've seen this year, but there was some bouncing back up during the funeral week.  Deep breath...didn't get fat overnight...not gonna get thin overnight.

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