Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mitigating Damage

Apparently my body didn't notice I did a big ass bike ride yesterday.  The scale was up ever so slightly this morning (like a few tenths).  I guess I only mitigated the damage from the yummy lunch and semi-late dinner (which had its share of sodium = hot dog and chips).  And today was hardly any better.  Just this time I ate first and had to mitigate the damage after hoping that my MMNW will be a smidge better than last week after the fish fry.

After mass this morning, dh got the kids (and us) donuts.  I had one sugar twist - ugh.  Then my daughter and I went shopping for some birthday presents and a graduation card while slurping on a soda - another ugh.  Then we went to my niece's graduation party/cookout.  My husband's awesome grilling skills led to cheeseburgers too delicious to resist.  Then I had a hot dog (no bun) with my baked beans and pasta salad.  There may have been some chips in there too plus lemonade and a small piece of awesome chocolate cake.  UGH!  Felt very full!

So dinner wasn't necessary tonight - just the tiniest of snacks (don't ask - ugh again).  But when my husband asked about going on a walk, I decided to go.  It was muggy, but we kept a decent pace though very conversational.  Walked 2.19 miles according to mapmyride.  I'm calling it 2.2.  Later, when Stacy hit me up for a run - I sighed heavily not really wanting to go, but deciding I needed to mitigate some damage.  We ran to Walmart and back and then to the end of Wakoda and back for 4.49 mi according to mapmyride.  I'm calling it 4.5!  See a pattern here?  LOL 

I've really got to start eating better.  I'm hovering at the 49 lb loss mark.  I've gotten so close to the 50 lb mark I can taste it and I just would like to not have to round when I tell folks I've lost "about" 50 lbs.  We'll see what the scale says.  I know not to be a slave to it.  Obviously I'm not or I wouldn't eat the crap I did this weekend.  But it makes me focus a little on skipping some of the junk.   Here's to a new week.  Better get some rest so I can face it.


  1. Just a few tenths. Go for the big sufferage this week and "git er done"! Good luck, we are rooting for you.

  2. Everyone slips--you're ok! Keep up the training and stay consistent 90% of the time and you'll get there.

  3. I know you can do this! Have a great week and all will be good!