Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missing Running Partners

Didn't have anyone to kick me in the ass tonight.  Didn't have anyone to chat with (which is bad and good as I tend to slow my pace to allow more chatting).  Didn't have anyone to tell me not to quit.  So it was all up to me.  Stacy is on vacation.  Susan was busy on this day off supervising a gaggle of cub scouts at day camp.  Sister is back Wisconsin.  I tried to hit up my neighbor, but she had been drinking and said no.  So I was all alone and it was up to me to suck it up and git'r done.

The training plan said yesterday was a rest day.  I didn't have much to rest up from, but it was also crazy busy for me with work stuff and kid stuff so I took it.  Today was supposed to be a swim and strength training day, but that didn't work out either.  Will try to get in a swim tomorrow - maybe the OWS I did last week if it works out.  So I looked to other workouts on tap for this week according to the plan and it had a 30 min run and a 45 min bike listed for tomorrow.  I didn't have that much time (procrastination got the better of me this evening) so I just did the run.  Will have to get on the bike another time.

I did most of my standard neighborhood route.  It took me 31:46 and mapped out as 2.63 miles.  I know that it is good that my min/mi have dropped since last year, but I get annoyed with how long it has taken me to get this far.  Oh well, running isn't my passion.  Just a necessary evil of triathlon.  It sucks less with training partners though.


  1. See, the biggest thing in my way with a triathlon is the swimming. I can do it, but I hate it.

    Way to get out there, even if it was on your own! That speed will come.

  2. Last year I trained with a group and I have admit that I miss training with them. Training alone kinda sucks.

  3. It does suck less with training partners. Hard to get motivated for sure. Sorry! I do have the add - for me it's the swimming that gets in the way of completing a tri.

  4. Although it sucks training alone, it helps build mental toughness and inner strength to get it done alone

  5. Way to get it done! Getting out the door can be a huge mental challenge.