Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fri & Sat workouts

Don't ask why.  I know that taper is supposed to be the week before your race - not a few weeks before.  But yes, I went nearly a week without a workout.  I'd like to say that I was busy, but truthfully I just have been in a bit of a mental funk.  I haven't swam in a few weeks.  My running has been spotty at best.  And while I have knocked out a handful of long bike rides in recent times, I haven't been getting out there often enough.

But thanks to my friend Susan, I got myself back into gear on Friday.  She was off work and agreeable to coming to me since I was home with my daughter while the boys were down at the Lake at scout camp.  So we ran in my neighborhood.  It was fairly warm, but not as hot as it has been.  We went 3.21 miles.

Then, thanks to a mother-in-law who was game for an overnight guest (my daughter) - I was free to do a bike/run brick this morning before the boys returned from camp and needed to be picked up at church.  They ended up leaving early so I didn't get to shower until after getting them home.  But I did my Liberty Road/Scholastic loop on the bike and then end of the sidewalk/both Wakodas for the run.  The 13.26 mi bike ride took about an hour.  Then I took a very brief transition in my basement bathroom before knocking out a 2.63 mi on the run in about 30-35 min.  Nice to get another brick in the wall of tri prep.

Only two weeks to go to my first race of the season.  I know I'll do better than last year, but am a bit ashamed at how my preparation has fallen apart this last several weeks.  I was much more consistent about getting in at least one of each workout over the winter.  I guess I've kind of misplaced my mojo.  Better find it in the next couple of weeks, eh?  I figure that at least the race should be better this year with 30+ less pounds and a road bike.  Right?


  1. Its easy to get into a mental funk especially when life happens. There is always a pull between training and family time.... especially since we love our family so much.

  2. You'll do great. I think we all go through cycles with the consistency of our training. It's a constant struggle to find balance.

  3. You will crush your time from last year. Just think about how much easier the same distances are this year. Everyone gets in a funk on in a while. Sometimes when you aren't feeling it, a break is the best thing to recharge the batteries. This is supposed to be fun after all. Looking forward to your race report in a couple weeks!