Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Bullets

When I brought up the Blogger dashboard, the first thing in my reading list (which I didn't have time for tonight), was Keith's blog post by the same title as this.  I thought given how tired I am and the late hour with a full day of stuff to crank out tomorrow, I'd better stick with something quick like bullets (not that I'm ever that brief):
  • Not going to even discuss MMNW.  Apparently my scale didn't get the memo that I had worked out this weekend, just that I had eaten like a hog.  Ugh.  I'm still on a downward trend overall, but annoyed that I tend to undo progress about as fast as I make it.
  • Monday was a pretty low key day at home with the kids.  Not much else got done though I picked up some more books at the library because I read all four Twilight books in one week.  Oops.  Got a wide selection this time - back to nonfiction.  No evening workout due to late softball game for my girl.
  • Tuesday was half eaten up by traveling to Leawood, KS (KC metro) in the afternoon, but I had also slept in so it was generally an unproductive day as well.  Took my daughter to stay with my aunt and spent the night.
  • Up this morning after a rough night of sleep (or lack thereof - shared bed with daughter who takes up a lot of room for such a small person).  Off to business meeting on opposite side of metro - Excelsior Springs.  Was there until just before four.
  • Busted major move to get down I-70 to Columbia in time for 5:45 OWS at Hulen Lake with CMC crowd.  The lady that normally runs it wasn't there and I got away with having forgotten my swim cap.  I just swam four laps to the island and back which is about 100 yards from the dock for about 800 yards.  My sighting was shit for most of the time and I could tell my form was suffering as I got tired.  I was trying to go too fast because I got there a few min late and people seemed to be getting ready to leave while I was finishing up.  Throat felt dry towards the end which didn't help either.  Didn't drink water today (soda) - ugh.
  • Jumped in car to get back to JC before my sister got here with her family from WI.  Had to run quick errand to Walmart once home (in car) and they were here when I got back.  Shortly after that, Stacy showed up to run and sis asked to join us.  Jogged 4.38 mi with Stacy and Julie (aka "sis") tonight (Walmart 5K + 1st Wakoda).
  • Happy Running Day!  I decided against doing the Rock-n-Roll Half in October in St. Louis.  If I had registered today, I could have gotten $20 off (the coupon I had from MapMyRide was only $10 off).  Susan decided to do a different one that is on the same weekend as club nationals.  While I haven't committed to anything yet (you might see a theme there), I decided I didn't want to do the half alone because frankly - I just don't like running that much.  My neighbor across the street told me the other night that she was probably going to sign up for it, but I couldn't keep up with her either.  Maybe someday.  Stacy thought I was nuts to even consider it. 
Th-th-th-That's All Folks!


  1. I can relate to your OWS. For some reason, when I do ocean swims my form goes south too. Even though I try to hold it together, it just falls apart. I also get a dry throat too. I think it is because I breath in too heavily.

  2. Wow, that is some crazy running around. Great job on your open swim. I am on a swimming kick right now and I am loving it. I guess I should update my blog. Whoops!

    Have a great time with your sis!

  3. Busy Busy! Way to get your workouts in~!

  4. I love bullet points! :)

    Sounds like you have been super busy! Welcome to summer, right?

  5. I didn't have much time for reading either.
    My bullets were shorter than your bullets.